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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Some Thoughts on Hurricanes

Hurricanes - how we do hate them

It used to be for obvious reasons - the destruction they cause and potential loss of life

But in the last decade or so since Katrina, hurricanes have now become politicized with worthless State and Federal leaders determined to make sure the response is not just quick (nothing wrong with that) but racially equitable

And the G-D liberal media uses it to promote or attack whoever is in office based on nothing more than political affiliation
When that mulatto pretzel stick was President, every time there was a pending natural disaster, the propagandistic media used it as an opportunity to play up how that bastard was somehow better and more caring about people than W Bush

So if there was any negative aspects, it was blamed on the act of nature and all positives were trumpeted as 'See, we have a Real leader in office' 

This of course is funny considering the only thing Obama did in office when not tossing a football was to racially divide this country in ways we probably will not ever recover
Now with Trump in office, those parasites will blame him for any problems, especially if the new 'superiors' in our country, the black population suffer disproportionately and all credit will be given to state and local agencies.

Katrina was just horrible back in 2005 -  Everyone focused on that damned 'Chocolate City' of New Orleans as their colored mayor at the time proudly called it and practically ignored all those in more white rural communities of inland Louisiana and the Mississippi coast

Just wasn't a good enough sensationalist story to cover the suffering equally and hard for media to create the narrative that Bush didn't care about blacks when the focusing on the suffering of whites
Say it once.. Say it a million times - Black lives do Not matter

Nope.. Not any more than the lives of anyone else no matter how many times they or their Caucasian cuckold guilt/shame ridden  compatriots write or express it.. 

Never.. Ever..

And all those wasted billions of taxpayer dollars to rebuild New Orleans back then just because Bush was jarred with the label so he wanted to prove he wasn't one
So anyways, expect from now until Florence hits especially on local news in the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland constant information provided how to best prepare for it - what one needs to buy, where's the safest spot in the home, etc..

All good information of course

Yet notice how little to nothing was ever expressed as to how to protect oneself prior to the market crash of 2008 which was known was going to happen before it did 
We know this because due to insider trading which was still legal for members of Congress back then, every member of House and Senate knew to pull their investments out Prior to Lehman Brothers collapsing so not a single politician got hurt..

No one on TV or print will ever advise people what to do in the event of an economic collapse or social upheaval 

No one will ever publicly advise people to keep a lot of cash handy, preferably in smaller bills, to stock up on water and canned goods or to buy a gun (maybe 2 or 3) and make sure you have a lot of ammo to keep others at bay if there's a full blown panic
Nope.. Never hear any of it

Yet hurricane..  'Buy lots of batteries and get portable fans and fill up your gas tank and do this and do that..'

Yours truly was in a bad hurricane once - power was out for a full week in an area with a hot climate so it wasn't pleasant

But there were positives too which the media never focuses on
The local neighborhood I lived in which pretty much kept to themselves actually showed a teeny-weeny bit of caring for one another and whether out of Christian charity or just boredom, socialized with each other

That of course disappeared once power was restored

It was also pleasant to experience a week where time just stood still.. 

No rush to go anywhere since everything was pretty much closed and you could look up at the sky at night and actually see beautiful stars since it was as pitch black as if one was standing in an open field in a rural community
Hurricanes are not 100% doom and gloom - just gotta survive its passing first and keep a positive mindset..

So expect Florence to come and go and leave destruction it its path

And expect a truly rotten media composed of liberal men and women without souls to figure every conceivable way into spinning it as Trump's fault