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Thursday, September 27, 2018

The One Q That No One Has Ever Asked Female Democrats

Right now as we write this, a charade of a hearing is going on where someone who is seeking to be Justice in the highest court in the land is put in the terrible position of having to prove his innocence instead of the burden being on Christine Ford and whoever others to prove his guilt

But in a way, that term 'innocent until proven guilty' is always been a sham, for people tend to believe the salacious and the louder the accuser speaks and pushes forward, the more the public tends to embrace that mindset
One question that's been rolling in our minds the last week or so that absolutely no media left or right has addressed to our knowledge is this.

All these bitter, rotten female Democrat women - from politicians to everyday folk who are so quick to condemn and destroy Kavanaugh..  Would they react any different if the accused was their husband?

All this talk they spew of 'how would you react if it was your daughter who came forward?' and forget the other side of the coin i.e. 'how would you react if it was your son who was accused?'
We saw how Hillary reacted to the non-stop barrage of women coming forward to tell their stories of encounters with slimy-scummy Bill

She 'stood by her man' (Tammy Wynette reference to her 1992 interview on 60 minutes where she said she wasn't going to just stand by her man and bake cookies) and she rigorously defended him publicly while privately working to destroy the reputations of all the women

Nothing and No One was going to stop her from being First Lady and ultimately President..

Well one man did stop her cold in her tracks  ~grin
How did Camilla Cosby handle the continued barrage of women coming forward to accuse hubby Bill (just something about that first name) of drugging and raping all those women over decades

Impassioned non-stop public support for her husband and lashing at the accusers whenever given the opportunity.

So how would that geriatric post-menopausal Dianne Feinstein have reacted if her hubby was accused of something 36 years ago and let's say the bitch in question was a Republican operative?

Think she'd say 'my husband could be innocent but who knows.. let the process play out?!

The older we get, the more we see what a double standard society we live in and the more hypocritical and disingenuous people overall are

This whole mindset of defending one's own can be traced to childhood

Remember when you were very young and you would play soccer, football, basketball, etc with friends at the park or court, etc.. And someone called foul or argued something..

Everyone on that accuser's team took his/her side and everyone on the accused's team took the opposite argument, and the complaining got to be so much that the game was stopped?

It starts then.. 
Who knows.. maybe the clannish mindset of knee-jerk defense of someone or something based on some shared mindset or trait is part of our DNA

So many examples of this yours truly has observed from a distance and personally - here's just one

I had a friend a few years back who was from Philly and he just Loved sports so he was very loyal to all the local sports teams.

When the whole Michael Vick torturing and killing dogs thing came out, he was genuinely sickened and filled with rightful hatred for the guy
And when Vick was ultimately sentenced to jail in a Federal prison for his crimes, my friend like any other normal person felt good about it.. well as good as one can be considering what the black fuck did to get arrested in the first place

So a few years later, Vick is released and ready to play football and resume his NFL career

Guess which team signs him? 
The Eagles run then as now by the same low-life liberal owner who disrespected Trump by not making his players attend a ceremony honoring the team and pretending it was a scheduling conflict, chose to sign Vick

So how did my friend react?

Something like 'Ooh, what a great signing and when Vick gets into NFL shape, look out!'

It wasn't those exact corny words but pretty similar
Personally I thought it disgusting and probably the first time in my life I deeply hated professional sports..

His reaction was the popular view upon Eagles fans at the time which I guess shouldn't be surprising considering its a very Democrat city and liberals by and large truly possess no morality or ethics

So there's not a doubt in my mind that any of those worthless Democrat women in the Senate who speak so ill of Kavanaugh and so glowing about that bitch accuser would immediately switch positions if it was their husband or father or son
Such a nauseating topic to keep dealing with

Not Kavanaugh.. This all kabuki show of nothing will be over and he will be confirmed or he won't and everyone will move on

But the absolute Rottenness of liberal women; their dyke-like bitterness toward all things male and the power that for some reason society has given them to emasculate and weaken half the country while they promote their power over their collective pussy..

This horrible contamination of our society will never cease