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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thoughts on 9/11 on 9/12

Yesterday was 9/11..   Obviously.

No, We didn't forget it .. Just chose not to write on it yesterday

This was done because 9/11 has become a day where so many purposely intentionally try their best to forget and block from their minds, especially liberals so we felt it better to talk on 9/11 the day after

The two main catchy slogans which came from the tragedy back 17 years ago were 'Never Forget' and 'Remember'
So why do you see more and more people work so hard in their minds to do the opposite?

1)  9/11 is a patriotic non-official holiday and the symbol most associated with the terrible event outside of the twin towers is the American flag

The same flag so many putrid liberals hate because they really hate America, think its evil and 'racist' and would like to seek it destroyed

The same people with the mindset of those sub-human barnyard animal NFL players who refuse to stand and show respect for the national anthem and protesters who look for every opportunity to burn the flag, especially when media is present
2) We have disgustingly become an over-tolerant society towards Muslims where many are on a hyper-conscious state of alert to make sure no one says or does anything to even remotely offend people who believe in that cult

Every single person involved in 9/11 from the financing to preparing to actual carrying out of the terror attack believed in Islam

Every single one.

So you're starting to see people and entities consciously tone down how they honor 9/11 if now at all out of respect to those who believe in that murder-mindset cloaked as religion
So you take an extremely political correct society that W Bush contributed to by saying the bullshit that 'Islam is Peace' and anyone sought revenge after 9/11 would be dealt with harshly and a deep hate of Trump who unabashedly loves America and openly expresses it everywhere..

Combine these two elements and you have a very toned down, subdued 18th Anniversary

Also for some reason, we're all conditioned to treat anniversaries of events that end in '0' or '5' as more important
Perhaps some media focused on those who died and where loved ones of victims are now but more and more 9/11 has become just this 'thing' where you're not sure how you're supposed to feel or act

Does one still cry?  Does one still feel angry? 

Do we blot it all from our minds and pretend seeing Muslim women with their head scarves walk a step or two behind their culturally backwards men doesn't make us feel sickened and venomous?
Right after 9/11 we were so united, as everyone liked to keep saying yesterday..

It's not said because those who express it really wish we were so..  It is more as another subtle dig at Trump to imply he's the reason we're so fractured as if that colored creep Obama really sought to unify us

Of course the real reason for the divide is one political group is as aggressive as a rabies infested mongrel dog wanting to change every aspect of our society to appease every identity group who has perceived or imagined slights

The other political group is more focused on how their investments are doing in the market and/or assuming the good Lord will just take care of everything for them as they slowly get ostracized and marginalized to where they have no voice to dissent
The one thing we always took from 9/11 more than anything else is how hypocritical and disingenuous phony everyone is both as individuals and entities

Prior to 9/11 Bush was treated as an absolute moron and Daddy's boy who just wanted to hang out with his buddies, drink beer and mispronounce easy words..  That is how deplorable SNL conveyed him

After 9/11, that fucking TV show and the rest of the evil liberal media establishment had to treat Bush with respect and dignity - 90% approval rating has a way of forcing very bad people to keep their true feelings toward someone they hate in check
Every person involved in 9/11 was Saudi Arabian so of course it is only logical we go after Afghanistan and Iraq (sarcastically expressed)

Everyone kept up the extremely untrue mantra that 'Islam is peace' even though its a 'religion' of hatred, violence and unspeakable evil, which its 'holy book' expresses in many passages

We were told the terrorists hate us because of our freedom..   No

They hated us because we incessantly meddle in the Middle East, constantly changing sides
They also hated our extreme secularism which in a nutshell says God and the morals/values that religion is supposed to teach in people, has no place in the governance of a society

Some nations, their official religion is Christianity or Islam or Judaism or Hinduism

In America, our official 'religion' is capitalism which seems to work for us, but we have this bad habit of pushing our 'faith' upon the rest of the world

One day people will forget 9/11 much like no one really gives a shit to 'Remember the Alamo' or 'Remember the (USS) Maine' or even make much a big deal on Pearl Harbor

And while on one hand the thought makes us feel sad to know this is true, we also feel if 9/11 is going to continue to be remembered incorrectly then is it so terrible if ultimately it is forgotten?