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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Video: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali's Warn of White Liberals & Multiculturalism

~ You might have to click the video two times to get it to play

Today is a rare weekend edition posting to be short, sweet and succinct

Overall we hate group identity politics because it forces individuals who may think different than the masses to conform and shoves the good with the rotten into the same racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation cattle cars.

Really no group we hate more however than white liberals who are the cause of most of the social ills we deal with today
We found an interesting video (above) where the late Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, two people overall we deeply dislike, actually express points of view we pretty much fully agree with

They both express the evil of the white liberal with X expressing their deep insincerity and patronizing in dealing with black issues of the day (and in the present) and Ali on a British talk show in the 1970s where a truly silly-stupid white man named Parkinson refuses to accept Ali's correct belief that blacks should not be intermarrying whites and having mixed raced children that lose their cultural identity.
More interesting to us than the points of view expressed is:

1) How in X's case, he uses the word 'Negro' to describe himself and his people with pride and respect.. Doesn't say 'black'.. Doesn't create some silly hyphenated term to feel good about himself.. The self-confidence comes from within

2) How liberal media portray these people as they wish and not present the complete person in all his ideological views and complexity.

Watch the video above and have a good weekend..