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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Why the Passive Society Exists & Why One Needs to Break

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you feel so burnt out from the news and completely powerless to do anything to change anything or affect the outcomes of what you see and read that's reported?

Well, sorry to say but it is intentional

No one in any position of power or influence want you or we to have any control over anything in our lives outside of basic mundane things like what laundry detergent to buy or where to go to lunch
Maybe the only exception to this is when it is related to natural disasters like hurricanes to which we're glutted with non-stop active participation information

'Get This and buy 'That' and Don't forget to do A, B, C, D...

Only then are you and we given information how to prepare for something or deal with a situation after the fact

Whether its government or the media, we're all supposed to just be passive viewers who sponge up all the negativity and given no outlet to try to remedy the problems
For instance Trump complains a lot in his tweets about how unfairly he's treated by the media (which is true)..    He (rightly) bitches constantly

Now what are we supposed to do about it other than hear someone bemoan and vent?

Does Trump direct others to boycott certain media outlets or tell us which advertisers or such media to target our aggression upon?

Does he give us names of specific reporters to harass with emails, tweets or if need be, face to face confrontation if we're ever in the DC or NY area?

Nope..  Just vents.. Just complains
Trump also is pissed off at his Attorney General and the whole fake Russia meddling investigation of Robert Mueller - expresses incessantly how he is a victim as if he wants us to help him

Let's put aside the fact that Trump is fully capable of dealing with these idiots on his own and has legal authority to do so

Well, what the hell does he want from us?!
Not like you or we have the power to fire a Cabinet member or end an investigation

Are we supposed to march on the Justice Department with pitchforks and demand Sessions' ouster?

Are we supposed to find out where Mueller lives and picket his home and stage sit-ins blocking his ability to get to his car in the morning?

What the hell are we as individuals supposed to do?
Of course the news is the same way, especially local news

'Two gunmen entered a fast food restaurant, stealing $1000 and shooting two employees..'

OK.. now what?

What do these criminals look like so we can try to find them and hunt them down and shoot them?

What if anything should we as citizens do about it?

Nothing..  Nothing.. Nothing
So much crap in the world on a daily basis - abroad and locally and we're just not directed to do anything to be active participants in the control and destiny of our lives and futures

The news reports sensationalism and the President uses Twitter to say 'woe is me' and we're just all there for their benefit

The worst kind of news overall is financial
Dow goes up 200 pts? 

Hooray!  Keep buying..

No context given to how this benefits anyone who does not own stocks

No context expressed that 200 pts rise in a day will benefit professional Investors and corporations greatly but your 401k will go up $1
And when Dow drops 200 pts?

No worries..  Keep buying

And when it Drops 1500 pts?

Keep calm and keep buying.. great bargains available
There isn't a form of news that lies more incessantly and purposely deceives its viewers than financial news

All during the 2008 crash and subsequent recession did any of those bitches and bastards ever say 'This would be a good time to sell...  This would be a smart time to liquidate your investments so you have as much cash handy to ride out this massive financial storm.."

And if/when the next major crash occurs that makes 2008 look like a blip, do not ever expect anyone in financial news to tell you to sell your stocks or withdraw your money from the bank or stock up on canned goods and get a gun or anything even remotely useful

Nope, just keep buying.
The 21st century human being thinks it is free - perhaps when it comes to consumption but that's really about it and even that is based on careful molding of our perceptions of product and the multi-ethnic anti-Caucasian push to sell it

Everywhere you go you are tracked through your credit card purchases or on video cameras hundreds of times each day in stores or driving about..

Every website and keystroke is tracked; information stored somewhere
And as said before, with the exception of over-information (weather emergencies) or mis-information (financial news) no one wants to motivate or guide anyone to do anything constructive and pro-active to problem solve

And if you try to on your own, the System as a way of deterring and/or eventually crushing you.

But that's not to say to give up or quit feeling passionate and angry

We hope you feel either or both emotions because too many conservatives are just dead do-dos inside who allow every aspect of their life and the nation they love to be altered and taken from them
This operant conditioning of 'well what can I do?' goes back to the foundation of our country

It's called representative democracy..

We could have been a direct democracy where we all voted on major issues that impact our lives but the founders were scared of the common person and wanted them to have as little influence on the country as possible
So now you elect someone every so often then basically sit back while supposedly he/she represents your needs and concerns and then a few years later you check back vis a vis another election to see how they're doing

No direct involvement in anything.. No taking upon oneself to fix something..

Nope, just call or write or text or tweet your representative, a staffer will see it then ignore it and you can go back to whatever it is you do

You can vent, complain or just try to block it all out but ultimately if you care about something, whatever it is, you have to get pro-active and aggressive
The target(s) of your ire and how you go about it..  That is completely up to you but whether its to galvanize like-minded others or think outside the box to address concerns, you Must get into the fight, whatever that 'fight' may be to you

For us, its A&G, where for 8 years now, we express a truth about the world and where its devolving that few to no other wishes to and actively seek to motivate our readers to think even if they disagree

If something bothers you strongly, then mobilize..  Be pro-active

Those who are causing the irritation sure are