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Monday, September 17, 2018

Will This Plain, Unexceptional Woman Derail the Kavanaugh Hearings?

When President Trump was deciding on his Supreme Court nominee, it was between four individuals.. 3 men including Kavanaugh and 1 woman, Amy Comey Barnett

We strongly felt he should have chosen the female for many reasons

It would have shushed up all the #MeToo idiots (some have sincerely experienced harassment and other pressures; most have not), she was the most true conservative of the four and most important, it completely eliminates any chance of a Clarence Thomas-like "scandal" potentially delaying the final vote to the next year
Because in this more toxic than usual political climate, any man nominated for anything no matter how pure and wholesome on the outside or inside, runs the risk of someone coming out from the woodwork and claiming he did something inappropriate.

Amazing that Trump could not see that; how can someone so successful in business not see the angles and anticipate scenarios?

He's a great President overall but repeatedly has shown to be quite a shitty strategist.
So now because of some plain-Jane nobody-nothing coaxed out of anonymity by liberal operatives, for the first time since Kavanaugh's name was first floated in June, his nomination may be in jeopardy.

On Sunday, they set their plan in motion when the Washington Post published an in-depth interview with Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford detailing a blow-by-blow accounting of Ford's allegations, as well as her explanation for why she neglected to share her experience until decades later.

Tellingly, the story also noted that Democrats have been sitting on the story since July, and that Ford only decided to out herself after some unscrupulous members of the Judiciary Committee shared her identity with the press - or at least that's what that extremely old California Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office alleges.
While the allegations are relatively tame by #MeToo era standards (the incident allegedly unfolded when Kavanaugh was 17), it has apparently been enough for Democrats and a handful of turncoat moderate Republicans to successfully shut down a planned Thursday vote of the Judiciary Committee.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake effectively shut down the vote last night when he revealed that he wanted to hear more from Ford before voting. Without Flake, the Republicans' 11-10 majority on the Judiciary Committee shifts to a 10-11 vote in favor of the Democrats.

Gotta love those fucking Arizona Republican Senators - must be something in their sewer water
So now hearings could be delayed and at worst, you have more theatrical nonsense like with then nominee Justice Thomas and that despicable lying bitch Anita Hill but this time it would be worse

Back then in the late 1980s, Thomas was nominated by Bush 41 who for all his faults was looked upon as a devoted, loyal family man

Trump of course has enjoyed the company of women for a long time and while no supporter of his really cares if he had affairs or said this or that, it just opens things up for a very raucous and sexual-sensationalized back n forth as Kavanaugh tries not only to save his nomination but his dignity

Or he chooses (or is compelled) to step away meaning horrible liberal people deserving of so much bad get to claim victory and we allow as a nation to continue the precedent that one person has the power to topple another in a fingersnap
Honestly, we don't know what happened between them when both were under 18 and really don't care to be honest

And if Kavanaugh ends up removing himself from consideration, we wouldn't care either unless Trump ends up choosing someone to replace him who is an even more watered-down conservative

Let's not kid ourselves here - as conservatives, since Justice Thomas, every Supreme Court nominee by a Republican president has been either moderate or simply an establishment conservative caring about helping business more than social issues
When a Democrat president nominates someone, he/she is very left and have no hesitancy to express he/she is pro-choice

A Republican president has to express his nominee will not be based on any abortion litmus test and that nominee has to repeatedly parrot it

Is that not bullshit or what..
If yours truly were President, every nominee I select would have to be zealously anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage so the dominoes could be put into place to ultimately overturn both

Because really what else matters?

Congress and Presidents have repeatedly shown themselves to be cowards on social issues and the despicable liberals always go through the courts to get their way because it is the easiest math - just sway 5 of 9
So ultimately when it comes to Kavanaugh, we don't care if he sinks or swims; gets confirmed or withdraws because he is not a true conservative

The only outcome we hope does not happen is a straight yea-nay vote on the Senate floor resulting in a loss.. 

That would be very embarrassing for Trump and severely weaken his options for choosing a new nominee; someone who would be even more watered down
Everyone who reads us with any consistency knows we overall fully support Trump but we also are not his Stepford blog and when we disagree we do it as aggressively as we would anyone else

Repeating what we expressed at the beginning, it was a stupid, stupid decision to pick a man to be his Supreme Court nominee in this gender-toxic environment

The smart, strategic decision was to pick a very intelligent, competent and sincerely conservative woman as Barnett
The truly best scenario would have been to choose a black woman with those qualities but none were to be found on Trump's original list of 25

Well we will see what happens but no matter, its just more needless chaos and political gifts to the enemy who wants Trump's head on a pike

Figuratively.. literally.. both.. You choose