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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Empty Slogans of 'Love' & 'Unity' from Dems Full of Hate

~ Yes, here's 5 reasons liberal losers hate Trump:  1) He's Successful; 2) He Wins; 3) America comes first; 4) He's white and of European descent, and 5) He treats Democrats with open disdain which they deserve

Last night yours truly watched the Pittsburgh Penguins game even though I'm not from there and don't root for that team so I could see how they did the pre-game ceremony honoring those who were killed this past Saturday

On one hand I found it very touching.. They honored the dead along with those in local law enforcement who were injured by the attack..

The Penguins even had a Star of David badge on the shoulders of their uniforms honoring the occasion which I found touching
But I also noticed how quickly the city had developed taglines ('Stronger than Hate' with a Jewish star representing the 'O') and logos and T-shirts made for the occasion

Everything was as professional looking as the anti-Kavanaugh signs and T-shirts that protesters displayed in early July, mere seconds after Trump nominated him to the Court.

As an aside, notice how since the Boston Marathon tragedy, every time a community deals with something terrible, they refer to themselves as '#Strong'?' 

Be nice if one slogan was actually truthful, something like '#Not Strong Yet But Slowly Getting There'
Anyways, prior to the ceremony, there was a video shown where different civic leaders of various backgrounds were saying 'love over hate' and things that normally I could readily embrace if not for the fact I was picking up this vibe that no one who spoke had voted for the President and it felt so much like the 'love Trumps hate' slogan by the insincere left

Being that this was a tragedy, I tried to put my skepticism aside an tried to block out the irony that if you hate Trump then your love didn't trump anything, and was going with the good vibe mood; thought how nice it is to see people come together in love and talk on unity and togetherness, etc...

Then a couple minutes after I went on a magazine app I look at on my iPad and saw the rot rotten liberal New Yorker's most recent cover
It was Trump carrying a couple buckets of Halloween candy as he's walking down the street and everyone running in sheer terror

This of course being the same liberal shit magazine that a month or so ago depicted the President dead after tripping down an escalator with blood around his head

Not too loving is it?

Then I saw the most recent cover of a news magazine called 'The Week' depicting Trump as a diabolical pumpkin with his trademark haircut
And as I am glancing at these various covers by liberal rags, I listen in the background to political campaign ads on network TV, one by one tearing down the President; lie after lie after lie...

And very soon my positive karma evaporated and what came back was the same hatred I have for Democrats as a party and as people that I've felt for many years, especially the last two

No one ever seems to call out these deeply despicable bastard and bitch liberals - they can Not have it both ways

If they sincerely want a nation that is loving and tolerant and free of hatred and anger, then they Must accept and embrace the President as their leader and not this mindless stupidity of 'Not my President' and 'Resist'
Conservatives quietly put up with a deeply putrid man in office prior to Trump and kept our dignity about it

Those emotional retards could not even retain theirs for 24 hours before mass protests and wailing as if the Apocalypse was occurring before their collective Democrat donkey faces

Liberals enjoy being sanctimonious almost as much as they love being disingenuous

As we wrote yesterday, liberals can not sincerely express they are tolerant of others then shit on any black person who dares to think outside the slave plantation mentality of the Democrat party to support Trump
Liberals can not sincerely say they embrace love when the hatred of Trump and by extension his supporters is so deep that people on the left still have mental breakdowns talking about the 2016 election

I still have piece of shit neighbors with 'Hate has no home here' signs on their front yard in reference to Trump two full Years since the fad started post-election

Also hard to stomach liberals pretending they're good people then mocking Trump at every turn the last couple days, daring to blame him for the tragedy just to make political points and some expressing he was not welcome in Pittsburgh to honor the victims
How much love did Robert DeNiro express a while back when he said 'Fuck Trump' at the Tony Awards to passionate applause from a predominately gay audience or brillo pad head Maxine Waters telling people to get in the faces of those who support Trump when in public places, even when they're dining

And these rats think they're going to heaven when they pass away?

You can't keep pushing this absolute God Damn lie of wanting everyone to come together and unify when as a party and people, you've done Everything imaginable to cause the opposite
Even mindless barnyard animal athletes can't respect the flag or keep quiet on Trump venting when their education level and intellect is so inferior, they have no business speaking public on social issues  (LeBron instantly comes to mind)

So many worthless, meaningless slogans the left keeps pushing out into social media because they know their supporters are by and large ignorant people who make no sincere effort to understand what's going on in the world outside of their worldview bubble

But that's how you market and sell.. You use slogans and taglines and hashtags to sell products, ideas, politics, ideologies..
For some reason conservatives aren't good at it.. Or maybe we would be if every aspect of popular culture from movies to TV to news to the advertisers that prop them up and the conniving ad agencies that create the campaigns weren't so disgustingly Democrat

Who knows..

Conservatives unlike liberals are by and large good, sincere people who show genuine caring and compassion when tragedies occur and not seek to manipulate it into political points or social activism
But unfortunately we are only at best 50% of the country so we must share it and interact daily with those so much inferior to us

This nation will never be unified and united because of the utter putridness of those on the political left and their unwillingness to see anything good about our President, and no amount of cheap empty insincere bumper sticker slogans by them of 'love' and 'unity' will make it happen.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Embracing Differences - Individualism Trumps GroupThink

~ Kanye West hugging Trump a week ago - A very nice sight

For the last couple years, there's been this bombardment of bull from the political left that America has suddenly been a nation of hatred, intolerance and divisiveness with the inference being its all because of you-know-who in office

Somehow their memories are blank when it comes to the 8 years previous under their President's regime

Of course truth is America has never been a truly united nation; one that openly accepts and embraces each other's differences and this goes all the way back to its founding (back in the 1790s the group most picked on were the French

It is for two simple reasons: that just is not how people naturally think or act
We meaning human beings are clannish people and no amount of educational indoctrination in school or pop culture will change it

 We can readily accept and embrace individuals who are different but overall people just tend to focus on themselves and their family unit and prefer socializing and procreating with their own kind

You have basically two political parties in this country of any consequence and neither supports hatred, violence certainly no one embraces acts like this past weekend
So what makes the two different in terms of the topic of inclusion and bringing people together as one nation?

The mindset of liberals is basically that one accepts all differences of all people and if you have any problems with it then 'tough shit because you white male pigs no longer run things'

It is a very aggressive hateful mindset they have and when they express words like 'tolerance' and 'coexist' and fight to stop bullying among other social causes, its all basically bumper sticker slogans
Hard to 'coexist' when you see those of Western European descent as basically rapists and murderers of indigenous people and those of color over the span of history and feel the need to get even at every opportunity for perceived wrongs committed hundreds of years ago

Hard to 'tolerate' when one looks are groups of people they don't like - southerners, 'rednecks', Republicans as garbage to spit on

Think about the term 'white trash' and how openly accepted that is.. 

Yet take the same person doing the same classless acts and their skin is dark and no one has the courage to openly say 'black trash'
If we're all equal (we are) and trash is trash, why do liberals feel so emboldened to point out the skin color when its a Caucasian and look the other way when its a minority group?

Are not both terms wrong?

Liberals have no problem with one group being controlled as to their word choice and suffocating opinions they disagree with by that person losing one's livelihood and reputation forever

Ex:  Megyn Kelly getting fired from NBC and her professional career in tatters for daring to defending the freedom of one to wear blackface on Halloween since the purpose is to dress up as something different from yourself (100% agree with her)
So in essence liberals believe we should all come together as one by force and if they could criminalize and put people in prison for saying or doing anything that offended anyone other than a white heterosexual man, they would happily do so

Now lets look at Republicans

They believe we're all equal in the eyes of the law and under God who created all of us and the best way for people to accept one another is by individual interactions with those who are different and for people to to have opportunities to prove their content of character so to others and earn the respect and dignity that is due
Republicans do not believe you can force this or else you create nothing more than a nation of phonies

And if you don't like someone because he/she is black or Hispanic or Jewish or gay, it is a shame and your loss that you would limit yourself, but as long as you don't break the law and hurt others, we as conservatives are not going to try to regulate the thoughts and feelings of individuals

So when you look at the two political parties, this is what you have to focus on more than arguments over tax cuts and healthcare because those issues do not alter the spiritual and moral direction of the nation
There is a constant battle between Individualism and Collectivism in this nation and often you see the contamination of group thinking infect most people due to peer pressure and the need to feel 'cool' and part of the in group

Individuals are leaders and free thinkers; Collectivists are not

One of the main goals of A&G is to basically get into the fight and express a clear unwavering defense of the Individual especially when it comes to choices one makes in their life and how they interact with others
We at A&G hate all 'groups'..  All of them..

Hate 'whites'.. Hate 'blacks'..   Groups are so easy to manipulate and control by others - Individuals are difficult which is why those in charge much prefer lumping people together into categories

We have many white friends and we have many black friends in our diverse group at A&G but none of them are liked and embraced because of their skin color

Anyone we interact with who takes silly-stupid pride in their pigment like its an achievement, we brush aside and laugh at; all those who think this way deserve is a good hearty mocking
No one will tell us how to think or act or vote because we're white and we're tired of seeing the black community constantly try to control their people to behave and vote as they tell them because of skin color or be called vile, degrading names that a Caucasian would be shot for if expressing

Tired that society tolerates those damn bullies

And its the same with ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and anything else one embraces and feels pride where it is not achievement based
How ridiculous would one sound if they went around saying 'I have green eyes and I am proud' or 'I am left handed - tolerate me'

No difference... None

Be proud of accomplishment and achievement

And if you encounter someone who is good, kind, caring and all the positive qualities of a decent person, embrace them no matter their background
But as groups, do not allow yourself to blindly accept the notion that one group is better than another or deserving of respect or special perks like Affirmative Action and you should feel bad for not just accepting this

Individuals are special; Groups are worthless

Well time to get off our soapbox and off to lunch..

Monday, October 29, 2018

Lessons From the Pittsburgh Killings Beyond the Obvious

~ A group hug between Trump, a rabbi and a reverend after prayers given at a speech this past Saturday..

Over the weekend an angry and truly lost man who deeply hated Jews opened fire at a synagogue in Pittsburgh killing at least 11 and severely wounding 4 police officers

OK, so those are the facts and over time we may or may not learn why he did what he did and what his motivations were

That is not what we care about.. We always look at bigger picture and this is what we learned over the weekend
1)  The liberal media is even more despicable than we expressed prior

When Trump took some media questions before boarding Air Force One to go to a scheduled speech to celebrate the Young Farmers of America, the very first question he was asked was about gun control as if Trump was at fault for the attack because he supports the 2nd Amendment

What the liberal bitch reporter and so many like her refuse to understand is you can have all the laws in the world, but if someone gets their hands on a weapon illegally and uses it to kill others, what the fuck do anti-gun laws matter?!

What really is the difference between someone charged with 11 counts of murder and possessing a firearm illegally vs 11 counts of homicide and a weapon that is registered?

Also, the guy who sent pipe bombs to at least 13 evil to the core Democrats last week..  How would gun control have played a role in That?
Then later when Trump's plane touched down in Illinois for a political rally, another asshole liberal reporter starts a question by stating that the Pittsburgh killer supported the President..


The killer hated Trump for being what he felt owned by Israel and made it clear in tweets before the shootings that he never voted for Trump and couldn't stomach the red MAGA hat

But truth didn't matter to this Democrat fuck who asked the President a question because the goal is to blame Trump for every bad thing and give absolutely no credit or acknowledgment for any success
At various times at both stops on Saturday, Trump gets criticized in the press questions for not cancelling the events

What was the President supposed to do.. sit shiva?  (That is something Jews do when they mourn the deaths of those they care about - they dress in black, cover every mirror, light candles and just sit in quiet gloom)

We can imagine what that black bastard Obama would do.. How he would have reacted..

Probably would have said something like 'Jews killed huh?..  Uh.. Sad thing', followed by the continuation of his golf game
2)  Conservative Jews are good people..  Liberal Jews are not

We read yesterday that many in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh do not want the President coming to pay respect

Seems they put their politics above their religion and don't want Trump to benefit in any way from this tragedy even though he is coming there for sincere motives

A lot of liberal Jews are not really Jewish at all - they are 100% godless, devoid of faith and only identify with being Jewish because of their last name, family lineage and what happened with the Holocaust

Otherwise they are secular atheist by any other name and unfortunately most non-Jews end up equating all of them by this wretched group of lost souls
Liberal Jews also known as 'Reform' Jews, the most watered down type of Judiasm there is, look at the Bible as fiction; a book whose only purpose is to prop up a wobbly table

Every Jewish law and custom the liberal Jew happily ignores - they never attend services, happily eat the meat from the pig, cover their bodies with tattoos (in Jewish law, it is a sin against their God to do so), embrace homosexuality, inter-faith marry so their children have no religious identity

They basically middle finger their Lord at every opportunity

Their 'God' is secularism
Conservative Jews though are sincere in their faith, beliefs and traditions, are good, principled people with ethics and morality, and overwhelmingly vote Republican because that party best represents their values

Problem is most people think of Jews as the stereotype of a liberal whiny-weak, nasally New York Woody Allen caricature which is a shame that such decent people have to be represented by such absolute scum in the pop culture zeitgeist

That weak cowardly frail caricature represented by so many in Hollywood in no way represents Jews overall and even those most still vote Democrat for some reason we'll never fully understand, there are many who support Trump and get it.

Remember, during the Holocaust there were two types of Jews - those who perished in the Concentration Camps and those who assisted the Nazis in the atrocities and helped compile lists so the Nazis knew who to seek and put into trains, like George Soros did back in the day
3)  Even in Trump's finest hour thus far, the pure evil which are Democrats can cut him no slack

Whether its because they are Desperate to win in the midterms or just a pure black-hearted hatred of a good man who two years previous, defeated a vile woman, their hate for Trump is really scary

They will say anything.. do anything.. connive and plot anything to destroy someone who has done so many great things for this nation all because he's not colored, a woman and/or have a 'D' next to his name

Democrats along with those rotten liberal Jews we mentioned previous are deeply upset Trump would dare to say that synagogues and churches should have armed guards
But that is Exactly what every Jewish place of worship does during their High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and that started after 9/11 when many synagogues received threats of violence upon those who attended service

So for them to act like its sacrilege in some way, its absolute bullshit because its been done around the country every year including this one - an armed police presence and heightened security

Trump also said at one point that schools need armed guards and more of a police presence and those spit-worthy Democrats scoffed at that
Where yours truly resides, there's an elementary school about a mile away - prior to the Parkland, Fl school shootings, there was zero police presence..  Since then, a police car is present every morning when kids are dropped off and comes back when they are let out for the school day

Parents feel safer.. Kids feel safer.. Community feels safer

Trump also correctly said there should be the death penalty for people like the synagogue shooter but liberals hate that..

They only support the outright killing of children inside mothers' wombs.. Not those who take other life first.
We've overall love and supported the President since he first announced his candidacy but in terms of the eloquence and sincerity of his words, this past weekend has been his finest and most 'Presidential' moment to date

And any fair minded person would acknowledge that and he felt deeply bothered by what happened on Saturday

But Democrats by and large are not fair minded - they're as evil as the person who murdered those innocent Jewish people because both the killer and those who align themselves with that political party are cold, empty-soul people
They sincerely would rather see this country be destroyed in every way possible over the next two years even if tens and tens of millions of Americans had to economically suffer or if need be die just to rid the nation of Trump

That's how the ultra liberal thinks

Never in my lifetime have I seen so many possessed with poison minds

You take historic liberal hate for Nixon, Ford, Reagan and both Bushes and even their hatred for God, combine it then multiply by 1000 and that's their mindless animal despisal for an extremely good President and person in Trump
And because we live in a democracy, law enforcement seems powerless to put down this threat from the left because they've yet to cross that thin line into criminality

Not yet anyway

So the terrible event of last Saturday provided as good an example as any as to why this nation can never come together, how much true evil there is in this nation (and we don't even speak of anti-Semites and all that), and how vital it is you get out and vote for your local Republican Senators, Representatives and/or Governors on November 6th

Friday, October 26, 2018

Putting the Sherlock Holmes Cap in Mothballs

~  Cesar Sayoc, Jr. - the idiot who sent the pipe bombs in the mail

Yes, our detective cap is going into a box and will be placed at the back of the closet

Seems law enforcement found their suspect in the matter of all the exploding devices sent to various high profile Democrats, CNN, etc

A guy named Cesar Sayoc, Jr

Also seems our detective work is quite a bit shoddy since it ends up the complete idiot who did this was a die hard Trump-lover instead of the Democrat operative theory we proposed
We may have been completely wrong on identifying the bomber's political affiliation and thus motives (and when we are, we admit it) but one thing we did get accurate is we knew law enforcement would track the person(s) down and find them 

All which makes doing such acts so completely stupid regardless of politics or motivation

There might be others involved but for now as of the time of this writing, there's just one arrest
The one thing we forgot to take into account when we were using deductive reasoning yesterday is realizing there are people out there who do not possess any; they're just mindless idiots or mentally sick individuals who simply 'do' for no rhyme or reason

Shame on us for forgetting how many drone bees and mental space cadets there are out there that take the stupid political rhetoric as gospel and don't take the time to see the performance constantly played by those in office

Really no different then let's say watching a violent action movie - as believable the acting is and realistic the situation, pretty much 99.9% know its all pretend
So we forgot there's that 0.1% exists that feel they're part of Trump's Army or believe all that crap the liberals spew daily and feel they are the guardians at the gate.

The politicians and those behind the scenes who craft these messages of fear certainly don't worry or care about the nutty nuts; they definitely don't take blame for creating the toxic violent political climate - they figure its law enforcement's responsibility to deal with their mess

But what makes us most like wanting to punch this loser guy in the face is this complete fucking dope destroyed so much positive momentum for the GOP in this upcoming midterms
Trump earlier today tweeted "Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this 'Bomb' stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows - news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!."

Not sure how someone who professes to love the President so much could do something that realistically could hurt him and Republicans for the next two years

Then again, we did enough detecting this week and think we'll let the Sherlock Holmes cap sit on the hat rack when it comes to mental illness
We don't know this person who was arrested and don't wish to, but sometimes its hard to decipher whether someone is genuinely deficient somewhere in the brain or if the desire to do something like send pipe bombs in the mail is a triggered cause/effect

We have felt frustration at times that there is really no outlet to tell these Democrats they're wrong; no way to have any kind of correspondence or debate

They basically sit high up on the clouds and come down to grace our presence with their social-progressive preachiness or the meaningless 'Fuck Trump' vents then disappear back up into the clouds of endless opulence, celebrity and/or power
Even news organizations both left and right make it nearly impossible to comment on articles written, preferring people stay in their ostrich pens called comment sections, and making sure every person who wants to write something the recipients won't read, registers first and provides ample personal information so they can be tracked

At times we've felt exasperated by the true powerlessness we and every normal person has in this technological social network Matrix - not to the point of madness or doing something completely stupid and wrong

But venting.. most definitely 
So guess one will never know what the guy's motivations were deep down in the recesses of his mind

One thing we know is politically speaking, no party ever has the upper hand for long..  

Democrats are probably very happy by this week's events and feel emboldened concerning midterms.. 
Prior to this week's events, Republicans felt good

So with another 10 days or so, plenty of twists n' turns so if you're a Trump supporter, don't feel disheartened

And if you are a Trump hater, don't get too cocky.. 

Most Americans still hate your values and will vote accordingly

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Democrats are Many Things.. Dumb Is Not One of Them

~ 'How'd You like our latest mail trick, Republicans.. We're goin' to Destroy you.. Heh Heh Heh!'

So the big 'news' story yesterday was the various explosive devices targeting all the usual suspects of absolute rottenness.. Obama, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, CNN, etc..

As we said before we don't believe a Conservative or Trump supporter did it and for one simple reason

If someone or a group of people who voted Republican and/or deeply loved the President wanted to commit such an act, they would have waited until after the midterm elections, not before
Only the stupidest of stupid who would support Trump, would hand the enemy such a gift; something Democrats will use as their rallying cry over the next 13 days to try to cry that this act is the direct result of Trump extremism and his tearing down of democracy over the last two years, etc.

That's why we fervently believe a Democrat operative(s) or die-hard liberal zealot(s) were responsible - it fits two patterns

The first is where liberals are continually crossing the lines of decency to do everything to sabotage the President by seeking to destroy Brett Kavanagh and inflict as much emotional pain upon his wife and young children for their greater goal of hurting Trump to funding this cavavan of backwards brown mutt people
The army of ultimate illegals are heavily funded and carefully orchestrated to arrive just before midterms to force a confrontation and Democrats hope, a violent conflict along with graphic pictures of babies crying in their mothers' arms

So orchestrating explosive devices that never actually exploded at key Democrat leaders and media mouthpiece show the goal wasn't to kill or hurt any of the targets; rather to give the impression that lovers of Trump's America were willing to do anything to shut up the opposition

It also fits the historical pattern of far left liberal loons using violence to try to get their way when peaceful means fail
The worthless pieces of shit who vote Democrat from sea to shining sea and especially middle-Tennessee who support scum like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are in historical terms, the children of the losers who comprised the 60's Vietnam protest movement

Most of them were semi-peaceful but the zealots like those in the Weather Underground which Obama admired so much growing up and whose leader Bill Ayers was Obama's mentor, used explosives to target others for purposes of fear, in some cases leading to injuries and death

The scum of the 1960s are the 'children' of the ultra-left Socialist-Communist movement who never met a workers' strike they didn't want to involve themselves in and turn the protesters into a violent, aggressive movement to get their way
This group of filth were the political 'children' of Marxist-Anarchists of the turn of the 20th century who were so violent, they would put pipe bombs in mailboxes of government officials with the intention of them exploding and one of these ultra-left fuckers even assassinated President William McKinley

And every radical violent trick and scheme in the book to kill leaders was learned by the previous generation who were still living in places like Russia where in the 1880s they murdered then Czar Alexander II and sought to overthrow the government and take power

So there's a long family tree of Evil for those who embrace modern liberalism
Peace and Love and Tolerance are bumper sticker slogans; their real mantra is what Malcolm X once expressed..

'By Any Means Necessary'

The real interesting question is once the person or persons responsible are caught and arrested and it is found out they are in fact Democrats financed by George Soros, or some ultra-left Trump-hating globalist entity, will the media ever report it?

It certainly would not serve anyone's agendas in the enemy camp
As stated before, one has to look at the situation as if one was a detective so let's play Sherlock Holmes..

Explosive devices sent and discovered yesterday..  Could have been done last week or last month..  Why today?  Midterm elections coming up perhaps?

As stated before, no devices exploded..  You had some fear and nervousness but no casualties.. no injuries.. no property damage even
How can so many devices be sent to so many locations where nothing detonates and one gets hurt unless the intention was that none of the 'targets' be the slightest bit harmed?

And why would someone conservative or right-wing desire that outcome?

Why go through the trouble of it all if the goal was not to hurt someone or many or all of them when the same reactions could have been achieved with threatening letters

And which political party would have more to gain by such a theatrical display?
Simple my dear Watson..

It was a strategic ploy by someone Democrat to convey a Trump America that is dangerous, full of intolerance, hate and how his supporters are mentally sick backwoods trash ready to kill anyone who disagrees with them and fights for freedom (as liberals see it)

And to do this all to help Democrats gain the upper hand in shaping Trump and his 'rhetoric' as diabolical and a provocateur, so to win as many close Senate and Representative seats as possible in a couple weeks
We hope there are Republicans smarter and more aggressive than that complete utter dum-dum Mike Pence; Republicans who can clearly see through this whole kabuki theater and be just as insidious back at that Democratic party full of truly despicable people.

Democrats are smart.. They're calculating, conniving and they think like every dangerous bottom-feeder from the rat to the snake

Hope to God there's some Republicans in positions of power who don't talk like naive Bible-quoting dopes and know how to fight back properly and viciously.

Or Republicans and Trump's agenda for 2019 + 2020 will be toast..