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Friday, October 12, 2018

10/12/18 Mailbag Q&A

Well its the end of another week and time for something we do from time to time when we have the time .. answer your Q's.. 

Here we go..

Q:  'Recently Kanye West along with Jim Brown visited the White House for lunch with Trump..  CNN had black panelists referred to him as a 'token negro' and other put downs while the host Don Lemon, also black laughed..    Think there will be any repercussions?'

Nope..  Nothing..  Even if Lemon was not black, he's homosexual so that's another untouchable group.

Even the two liberal black fucks who said their Kanye comments - if they were white, because they're liberal and Kanye supports Trump, nothing would happen

To best understand this mentality which completely poisons liberal America including the media, you need to think of it terms of a group, pack or gang that is kept in line only by fear and intimidation
The fear being if one person questions the leader or seeks to leave, others will follow so you have to do everything you can to prevent it

In Communist or Fascist countries like how Democrats seek America to become, you dissuade rebellion through physical torture and at worst gruesome death i.e. 'See what happens to traitors?''

In America, the tools of control are more verbal degradation and humiliation - putting down someone's color or their masculinity (or femininity in the case of Feminist Nazis), sexuality, etc..
So here's how it goes in the black community regarding anyone who supports Trump or the Republican party:

'X supports Obama and always votes Democrat and keeps all the blacks' skeletons and faults as a people quiet from white America - OK, he's cool.. 

'Wait, he likes Trump?   G-D house-nigger Oreo-cookie (black on outside, white on inside) race traitor Uncle Tom motherfucker...!'

'What's that.. X is liberal again?  Alright my brother!'
That's how Colin Powell was looked at by the black community when he served under W Bush and how opinion changed when he supported Obama in 2008..

That's how they treat anyone who steps out of line.. Too much to lose.. welfare checks especially.

Malcolm X and MLK, Jr both HATED and DESPISED white liberals.. Both saw right through them as using blacks for their own ulterior motives while keeping their people on a political plantation

Difference is MLK, Jr kept his thoughts on this mostly to himself so he's beloved by those rotten white Democrat fuckers; Malcolm X expressed open repugnance toward them whenever he could and he's not mentioned much by white liberals except as a negative.
Q:  'The stock market has dropped quite a bit in the last two days.. Is this something I should be concerned about i.e. a repeat of 2008?'

No this is what is called a correction based on stock values being too high since all its done since Trump took over is go up, up, up and at some point it needs to go down

Stock markets ebb n' flow so what usually happens is there's a big drop for a few days and stocks, commodities, etc lose maybe 2% to 3% of their valuation but what quickly follows are investors rushing in to buy at those lower prices i.e. 'buy on the dip'

If you were to see a genuine stock collapse, it would have to be triggered by a specific incident either here or abroad..
Remember what really triggered the full-fledged economic collapse of 2008 was the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns which shocked the financial system..

You need some catalyst to pull the market down to such a point where you should be concerned and while we do believe it will happen again, right now there is none which caused the market drop - this was just typical investor business as usual.

To quote from the 'Oracle' in The Matrix - 'Relax and have a cookie'
Q:  Any thoughts on how midterms will go?  Liberals seem so determined to get out and vote, I am concerned the President could lose Congress

A:  Honestly, no we are not thinking much on midterms because you're talking about worrying on 33 Senate seats (every two years 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election) along with 435 Congressional seats

The media wants to push the narrative that its going to be a glorious election night for Democrats but didn't they do that in 2016 too?
Truth is regardless of affiliation, the party that is in office tends to lose Congressional seats during mid-terms

Then again, for most of the 2nd half of the 20th century, Congress was Democrat and didn't seem affected when Dems were President

And we know that even those Congress has an approval rating around 10%, its turnover rate is even less and either the same people stay in power forever or they move on and the political party that controls that district retains it
Things can always change but based on some projections by Dick Morris, it seems if he is correct Republicans will retain both Houses but lose some congressional seats while perhaps picking up 1-2 Senate seats would be great if it ends up true

This is why Trump is flying around the country giving speech after speech.. He knows its important that his supporters get out and vote in a couple weeks and we fully agree with him.

Quite honestly Trump should be enjoying large victories based on all his successes if not for the fact we allow so many genuinely stupid people the right to vote, most have 'D' on their voting cards
Last question...

Q:  As you point out often, society overall seems to embrace the collective over the individual. I really do not understand why since Americans by and large aren't sheep.   Any thoughts why?

A:  No country, even the beautiful USA wants a nation of individuals who think for themselves and live their lives in alternative ways (we don't mean sexual alternative i.e. gays, trannies,etc) because who in power really seeks informed people challenging them?

Much easier to control people in the way one controls horses - keep them in stables.

We as a society don't know what true individualism is so we express it in the most stupid-idiotic ways..  tattoos which historically only sailors, whores and bottom feeders put on their skin,  piercings on the nose, tongue, tits, clit and anywhere else one can for shock
We are a people that expresses our 'coolness' and 'uniqueness' not in what we say or do but what we consume whether it be a $75 polo shirt because a stupid horsey is on it to proudly displaying a bottle of beer at a party or concert because Bud or Coors represents you

Just too difficult a topic to go into here but understand most of who you are as a person was not formulated by your parents but by the public school system which from K through 12 had possession of you for 2,340 days at 6 hours a day not counting lunch, recess or study hall

That equals 14,040 hours from the time you were 5 until you were 18 years old to mold and shape you and individuality was not a priority..
Mainly it was to prepare you to be productive citizens and employees

It is no secret math and science is so heavily pushed in the curriculum..

They will argue its because of technology and the need for today's young people to be successes in an ever changing world, etc

It is more like you can not question, debate or pontificate alternates to what 6 + 4 is or what molecules make up water...  The system likes people who think in life this way
Individualism has to come from within and no set way for it to burst out of you..

Just know if you struggle to break from the mold, its not an accident because you're fighting years of conditioning for you not to stand out and think for yourself

But be proud you're making the attempt

~ Enjoy your weekend everyone..