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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Good Ol' Fashioned Venting At Democrats

When we think of Trump's decision making, overall we have found agreement and been pretty pleased with the end results

But we will always believe it was a stupid decision to give consent to allow the FBI to investigate something 36 years ago that is decades beyond any statute of limitations if a crime did indeed occur

Now we understand do why
Some fuck establishment moderate Republican Senator named 'Flake' (how apropos) who is a lame duck (another accurate description) requested it though he stated later wouldn't have if his Senate career was not ending in a couple months   (Huh?!)

So between him, that honk nosed moderate Republican Susan Collins (the one who sold her soul to the mulatto devil by agreeing to support Obamacare in exchange for a bribe to her state) and some other wishy-washy female GOP Senator, the President was forced to agree to it

Anyone with half a brain can see what a farce this is, just like the rest of the past few weeks
Let's quickly run through the scenarios:

Everything gets wrapped up in a few days?  -  "No no.. we need more time" the despicable Democrats will say

FBI focuses on that coke bottle glasses wearing fugly bitch Christine Ford -  "No No.. You must focus on All accusers, even those who come forward today or tomorrow..  Everyone must be heard", the God Damn to Hell liberals will cry
FBI finds Kavanaugh did nothing wrong - "No No.. They're biased.. Process tainted.. Want new investigation", the soulless will respond

Etc.. Etc.. Etc..

Whatever happens, it allows those damn people on the left to create the impression of unfairness toward women

Investigations do not solve political arguments; they just create holes to keep it going
In short, you don't give enemies any openings, especially when the goal is not fact finding or whatever 'truth' may be, but instead to stall and delay

None of this would be occurring if those piece of shit Democrats in the Senate still possessed the power of the filibuster which was a political tool where Senators try to block something by endlessly speaking on the Senate floor about nothing and one needed 60 senators to override it

They forced Senate Republicans to permanently rescind it after their childish attempts to block now Justice Neil Gorsuch
We get so angry at all this that we can't even pretend to be phony detached from it all

Just gotten to the point we hate Democrats so much - as a party, as politicians and as individual people

They're just not worth knowing and interacting with anymore.. Deeply disgusting, disingenuous, horrible people
They can never admit they are wrong on anything.. Never can concede a point..  If/when you concede anything, the gesture is not appreciated

And when you make great points, notice how liberal Losers always try to shoot you down and dismiss you as nothing more than regurgitating Fox News talking points

Yours truly used to be close friends with a rancid cunt like that..  Just a most deeply unpleasant experience that I am grateful never to have to repeat
Liberals are 100% wrong on every single belief, value and overall worldview; No matter the education level, when a liberal speaks, she/he shows themselves to be deeply ignorant people

The only difference between a moderate and an extreme parasite is whether they are income producing i.e. benefit from tax cuts or are the mongrels who live among us and collect welfare so they can afford to be socialist-Communists.

The long and short of this posting like so many others is to wake you the reader up to the reality that we are not just a deeply divided nation but its worse than you think because they are a genuine threat to everything you hold dear
Think of it like this.. if the life of a baby inside a mother's womb means absolutely nothing to liberals, why would your life be looked upon as anything more?

We can't tell you what to do about it.. We're not galvanizers and organizers

A&G has always been meant to serve as the Paul Revere to the issues of the day that are genuinely important
We present the information and perspectives not talked about in mainstream, try to stimulate thought and allow you the reader to decide to agree or disagree; act or not act

One thing we can advise is this coming November, please get out there and vote for your local Republican Senators and Congresspeople

The Democrats are such despicable rot, Trump will need all the help he can get