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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Democrats are Many Things.. Dumb Is Not One of Them

~ 'How'd You like our latest mail trick, Republicans.. We're goin' to Destroy you.. Heh Heh Heh!'

So the big 'news' story yesterday was the various explosive devices targeting all the usual suspects of absolute rottenness.. Obama, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, CNN, etc..

As we said before we don't believe a Conservative or Trump supporter did it and for one simple reason

If someone or a group of people who voted Republican and/or deeply loved the President wanted to commit such an act, they would have waited until after the midterm elections, not before
Only the stupidest of stupid who would support Trump, would hand the enemy such a gift; something Democrats will use as their rallying cry over the next 13 days to try to cry that this act is the direct result of Trump extremism and his tearing down of democracy over the last two years, etc.

That's why we fervently believe a Democrat operative(s) or die-hard liberal zealot(s) were responsible - it fits two patterns

The first is where liberals are continually crossing the lines of decency to do everything to sabotage the President by seeking to destroy Brett Kavanagh and inflict as much emotional pain upon his wife and young children for their greater goal of hurting Trump to funding this cavavan of backwards brown mutt people
The army of ultimate illegals are heavily funded and carefully orchestrated to arrive just before midterms to force a confrontation and Democrats hope, a violent conflict along with graphic pictures of babies crying in their mothers' arms

So orchestrating explosive devices that never actually exploded at key Democrat leaders and media mouthpiece show the goal wasn't to kill or hurt any of the targets; rather to give the impression that lovers of Trump's America were willing to do anything to shut up the opposition

It also fits the historical pattern of far left liberal loons using violence to try to get their way when peaceful means fail
The worthless pieces of shit who vote Democrat from sea to shining sea and especially middle-Tennessee who support scum like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are in historical terms, the children of the losers who comprised the 60's Vietnam protest movement

Most of them were semi-peaceful but the zealots like those in the Weather Underground which Obama admired so much growing up and whose leader Bill Ayers was Obama's mentor, used explosives to target others for purposes of fear, in some cases leading to injuries and death

The scum of the 1960s are the 'children' of the ultra-left Socialist-Communist movement who never met a workers' strike they didn't want to involve themselves in and turn the protesters into a violent, aggressive movement to get their way
This group of filth were the political 'children' of Marxist-Anarchists of the turn of the 20th century who were so violent, they would put pipe bombs in mailboxes of government officials with the intention of them exploding and one of these ultra-left fuckers even assassinated President William McKinley

And every radical violent trick and scheme in the book to kill leaders was learned by the previous generation who were still living in places like Russia where in the 1880s they murdered then Czar Alexander II and sought to overthrow the government and take power

So there's a long family tree of Evil for those who embrace modern liberalism
Peace and Love and Tolerance are bumper sticker slogans; their real mantra is what Malcolm X once expressed..

'By Any Means Necessary'

The real interesting question is once the person or persons responsible are caught and arrested and it is found out they are in fact Democrats financed by George Soros, or some ultra-left Trump-hating globalist entity, will the media ever report it?

It certainly would not serve anyone's agendas in the enemy camp
As stated before, one has to look at the situation as if one was a detective so let's play Sherlock Holmes..

Explosive devices sent and discovered yesterday..  Could have been done last week or last month..  Why today?  Midterm elections coming up perhaps?

As stated before, no devices exploded..  You had some fear and nervousness but no casualties.. no injuries.. no property damage even
How can so many devices be sent to so many locations where nothing detonates and one gets hurt unless the intention was that none of the 'targets' be the slightest bit harmed?

And why would someone conservative or right-wing desire that outcome?

Why go through the trouble of it all if the goal was not to hurt someone or many or all of them when the same reactions could have been achieved with threatening letters

And which political party would have more to gain by such a theatrical display?
Simple my dear Watson..

It was a strategic ploy by someone Democrat to convey a Trump America that is dangerous, full of intolerance, hate and how his supporters are mentally sick backwoods trash ready to kill anyone who disagrees with them and fights for freedom (as liberals see it)

And to do this all to help Democrats gain the upper hand in shaping Trump and his 'rhetoric' as diabolical and a provocateur, so to win as many close Senate and Representative seats as possible in a couple weeks
We hope there are Republicans smarter and more aggressive than that complete utter dum-dum Mike Pence; Republicans who can clearly see through this whole kabuki theater and be just as insidious back at that Democratic party full of truly despicable people.

Democrats are smart.. They're calculating, conniving and they think like every dangerous bottom-feeder from the rat to the snake

Hope to God there's some Republicans in positions of power who don't talk like naive Bible-quoting dopes and know how to fight back properly and viciously.

Or Republicans and Trump's agenda for 2019 + 2020 will be toast..