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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Embracing Differences - Individualism Trumps GroupThink

~ Kanye West hugging Trump a week ago - A very nice sight

For the last couple years, there's been this bombardment of bull from the political left that America has suddenly been a nation of hatred, intolerance and divisiveness with the inference being its all because of you-know-who in office

Somehow their memories are blank when it comes to the 8 years previous under their President's regime

Of course truth is America has never been a truly united nation; one that openly accepts and embraces each other's differences and this goes all the way back to its founding (back in the 1790s the group most picked on were the French

It is for two simple reasons: that just is not how people naturally think or act
We meaning human beings are clannish people and no amount of educational indoctrination in school or pop culture will change it

 We can readily accept and embrace individuals who are different but overall people just tend to focus on themselves and their family unit and prefer socializing and procreating with their own kind

You have basically two political parties in this country of any consequence and neither supports hatred, violence certainly no one embraces acts like this past weekend
So what makes the two different in terms of the topic of inclusion and bringing people together as one nation?

The mindset of liberals is basically that one accepts all differences of all people and if you have any problems with it then 'tough shit because you white male pigs no longer run things'

It is a very aggressive hateful mindset they have and when they express words like 'tolerance' and 'coexist' and fight to stop bullying among other social causes, its all basically bumper sticker slogans
Hard to 'coexist' when you see those of Western European descent as basically rapists and murderers of indigenous people and those of color over the span of history and feel the need to get even at every opportunity for perceived wrongs committed hundreds of years ago

Hard to 'tolerate' when one looks are groups of people they don't like - southerners, 'rednecks', Republicans as garbage to spit on

Think about the term 'white trash' and how openly accepted that is.. 

Yet take the same person doing the same classless acts and their skin is dark and no one has the courage to openly say 'black trash'
If we're all equal (we are) and trash is trash, why do liberals feel so emboldened to point out the skin color when its a Caucasian and look the other way when its a minority group?

Are not both terms wrong?

Liberals have no problem with one group being controlled as to their word choice and suffocating opinions they disagree with by that person losing one's livelihood and reputation forever

Ex:  Megyn Kelly getting fired from NBC and her professional career in tatters for daring to defending the freedom of one to wear blackface on Halloween since the purpose is to dress up as something different from yourself (100% agree with her)
So in essence liberals believe we should all come together as one by force and if they could criminalize and put people in prison for saying or doing anything that offended anyone other than a white heterosexual man, they would happily do so

Now lets look at Republicans

They believe we're all equal in the eyes of the law and under God who created all of us and the best way for people to accept one another is by individual interactions with those who are different and for people to to have opportunities to prove their content of character so to others and earn the respect and dignity that is due
Republicans do not believe you can force this or else you create nothing more than a nation of phonies

And if you don't like someone because he/she is black or Hispanic or Jewish or gay, it is a shame and your loss that you would limit yourself, but as long as you don't break the law and hurt others, we as conservatives are not going to try to regulate the thoughts and feelings of individuals

So when you look at the two political parties, this is what you have to focus on more than arguments over tax cuts and healthcare because those issues do not alter the spiritual and moral direction of the nation
There is a constant battle between Individualism and Collectivism in this nation and often you see the contamination of group thinking infect most people due to peer pressure and the need to feel 'cool' and part of the in group

Individuals are leaders and free thinkers; Collectivists are not

One of the main goals of A&G is to basically get into the fight and express a clear unwavering defense of the Individual especially when it comes to choices one makes in their life and how they interact with others
We at A&G hate all 'groups'..  All of them..

Hate 'whites'.. Hate 'blacks'..   Groups are so easy to manipulate and control by others - Individuals are difficult which is why those in charge much prefer lumping people together into categories

We have many white friends and we have many black friends in our diverse group at A&G but none of them are liked and embraced because of their skin color

Anyone we interact with who takes silly-stupid pride in their pigment like its an achievement, we brush aside and laugh at; all those who think this way deserve is a good hearty mocking
No one will tell us how to think or act or vote because we're white and we're tired of seeing the black community constantly try to control their people to behave and vote as they tell them because of skin color or be called vile, degrading names that a Caucasian would be shot for if expressing

Tired that society tolerates those damn bullies

And its the same with ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and anything else one embraces and feels pride where it is not achievement based
How ridiculous would one sound if they went around saying 'I have green eyes and I am proud' or 'I am left handed - tolerate me'

No difference... None

Be proud of accomplishment and achievement

And if you encounter someone who is good, kind, caring and all the positive qualities of a decent person, embrace them no matter their background
But as groups, do not allow yourself to blindly accept the notion that one group is better than another or deserving of respect or special perks like Affirmative Action and you should feel bad for not just accepting this

Individuals are special; Groups are worthless

Well time to get off our soapbox and off to lunch..