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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Empty Slogans of 'Love' & 'Unity' from Dems Full of Hate

~ Yes, here's 5 reasons liberal losers hate Trump:  1) He's Successful; 2) He Wins; 3) America comes first; 4) He's white and of European descent, and 5) He treats Democrats with open disdain which they deserve

Last night yours truly watched the Pittsburgh Penguins game even though I'm not from there and don't root for that team so I could see how they did the pre-game ceremony honoring those who were killed this past Saturday

On one hand I found it very touching.. They honored the dead along with those in local law enforcement who were injured by the attack..

The Penguins even had a Star of David badge on the shoulders of their uniforms honoring the occasion which I found touching
But I also noticed how quickly the city had developed taglines ('Stronger than Hate' with a Jewish star representing the 'O') and logos and T-shirts made for the occasion

Everything was as professional looking as the anti-Kavanaugh signs and T-shirts that protesters displayed in early July, mere seconds after Trump nominated him to the Court.

As an aside, notice how since the Boston Marathon tragedy, every time a community deals with something terrible, they refer to themselves as '#Strong'?' 

Be nice if one slogan was actually truthful, something like '#Not Strong Yet But Slowly Getting There'
Anyways, prior to the ceremony, there was a video shown where different civic leaders of various backgrounds were saying 'love over hate' and things that normally I could readily embrace if not for the fact I was picking up this vibe that no one who spoke had voted for the President and it felt so much like the 'love Trumps hate' slogan by the insincere left

Being that this was a tragedy, I tried to put my skepticism aside an tried to block out the irony that if you hate Trump then your love didn't trump anything, and was going with the good vibe mood; thought how nice it is to see people come together in love and talk on unity and togetherness, etc...

Then a couple minutes after I went on a magazine app I look at on my iPad and saw the rot rotten liberal New Yorker's most recent cover
It was Trump carrying a couple buckets of Halloween candy as he's walking down the street and everyone running in sheer terror

This of course being the same liberal shit magazine that a month or so ago depicted the President dead after tripping down an escalator with blood around his head

Not too loving is it?

Then I saw the most recent cover of a news magazine called 'The Week' depicting Trump as a diabolical pumpkin with his trademark haircut
And as I am glancing at these various covers by liberal rags, I listen in the background to political campaign ads on network TV, one by one tearing down the President; lie after lie after lie...

And very soon my positive karma evaporated and what came back was the same hatred I have for Democrats as a party and as people that I've felt for many years, especially the last two

No one ever seems to call out these deeply despicable bastard and bitch liberals - they can Not have it both ways

If they sincerely want a nation that is loving and tolerant and free of hatred and anger, then they Must accept and embrace the President as their leader and not this mindless stupidity of 'Not my President' and 'Resist'
Conservatives quietly put up with a deeply putrid man in office prior to Trump and kept our dignity about it

Those emotional retards could not even retain theirs for 24 hours before mass protests and wailing as if the Apocalypse was occurring before their collective Democrat donkey faces

Liberals enjoy being sanctimonious almost as much as they love being disingenuous

As we wrote yesterday, liberals can not sincerely express they are tolerant of others then shit on any black person who dares to think outside the slave plantation mentality of the Democrat party to support Trump
Liberals can not sincerely say they embrace love when the hatred of Trump and by extension his supporters is so deep that people on the left still have mental breakdowns talking about the 2016 election

I still have piece of shit neighbors with 'Hate has no home here' signs on their front yard in reference to Trump two full Years since the fad started post-election

Also hard to stomach liberals pretending they're good people then mocking Trump at every turn the last couple days, daring to blame him for the tragedy just to make political points and some expressing he was not welcome in Pittsburgh to honor the victims
How much love did Robert DeNiro express a while back when he said 'Fuck Trump' at the Tony Awards to passionate applause from a predominately gay audience or brillo pad head Maxine Waters telling people to get in the faces of those who support Trump when in public places, even when they're dining

And these rats think they're going to heaven when they pass away?

You can't keep pushing this absolute God Damn lie of wanting everyone to come together and unify when as a party and people, you've done Everything imaginable to cause the opposite
Even mindless barnyard animal athletes can't respect the flag or keep quiet on Trump venting when their education level and intellect is so inferior, they have no business speaking public on social issues  (LeBron instantly comes to mind)

So many worthless, meaningless slogans the left keeps pushing out into social media because they know their supporters are by and large ignorant people who make no sincere effort to understand what's going on in the world outside of their worldview bubble

But that's how you market and sell.. You use slogans and taglines and hashtags to sell products, ideas, politics, ideologies..
For some reason conservatives aren't good at it.. Or maybe we would be if every aspect of popular culture from movies to TV to news to the advertisers that prop them up and the conniving ad agencies that create the campaigns weren't so disgustingly Democrat

Who knows..

Conservatives unlike liberals are by and large good, sincere people who show genuine caring and compassion when tragedies occur and not seek to manipulate it into political points or social activism
But unfortunately we are only at best 50% of the country so we must share it and interact daily with those so much inferior to us

This nation will never be unified and united because of the utter putridness of those on the political left and their unwillingness to see anything good about our President, and no amount of cheap empty insincere bumper sticker slogans by them of 'love' and 'unity' will make it happen.