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Monday, October 8, 2018

Evil Rottenness, Thy Name is Liberal Woman

~ I'm so angry over the Kavanaugh vote, I feel like burning a US flag

Happy Columbus Day..

Today is a special day honoring a great man who if not for his discovery, pretty much none of us outside of Indians would be here in this beautiful country and they'd be killing each other in inter-tribal warfare as they had for a long time before whites ever came over to the New World

We also know Columbus was a great man because so many on the left hate and despise him i.e. the same worthless, mentally deranged Trump haters who made the now Justice Kavanaugh confirmation more difficult than it ever needed to be
Yours truly was discussing this over the weekend with friends as we're sure many of you were - trying to make sense of all the rage and madness

A good friend, though quite uncouth in how he expresses himself, explained it as clearly as anything we've written the last month or so..

He basically said (pardon the crudeness) that Kavanaugh could have fucked Christine Ford in the pussy, ass, and mouth then had tried to put his penis in her ear canal and up her nostril and then fuck her dog and if the man was pro-choice and liberal, no one on the Democrat side would have uttered a peep.
We were all taken aback for a couple moments, first for the pure bluntness of the opinion and then for the fact he was 100% correct.

Liberals protect their own...  Period

A few days ago Bette Midler tweeted that women are the Niggers of the world or are treated like them...  She apologized but really no harm came to her or whatever career she still has left at 95 years old or whatever age she is

Now let's pretend Roseanne said it..
The liberals' Hollywood darling Alec Baldwin has repeatedly referred to gays as 'Faggots' and in a hostile manner..

Career repercussions?   Nah.. He's a Democrat and everyone on the left loves his terrible SNL impression of Trump so he gets a forever get out of trouble card

If someone on Fox News expressed the term?  Lordy..
Kevin Spacey liked to fuck underage boys in their mouths and anuses..  Is that why Hollywood shunned him?  Nope.. He equated what he did to being gay.. That was the No No..

Hollywood forgives just about everything and anything a fellow Democrat says/does

Even gives Oscars to directors who rape underage girls like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski..  They're part of the 'D' club

Dickhead.. Douchebag.. Democrat.. You pick
Now my good friend who is actually quite intelligent in spite of the fact he cusses up a storm when he speaks especially when it is not needed or required, made a second excellent point

He said if Kavanaugh was black, the Democrats specifically Senator Diane Feinstein would have never have leaked anything expressed by Ford.. 

They would have either found a black woman to neutralize the race like the liar Anita Hill to Clarence Thomas or went after Kavanaugh from a different angle

So I asked why he thought that?
His reply:  The racial double standard of heterosexual rape

It is perfectly OK for a white woman to falsely accuse a white man and liberal society Loves when a black woman lies about white men (remember Duke Lacrosse?)

They are however scared to death of white women accusing black men because it perpetuates stereotypes that blacks are just sex hungry mindless animals and that's what liberal white guilters supposedly are fighting'
Another asked 'Well what about Cosby?'

He replied: 'Cosby is now very old, looks very ugly and looks like a predator -- This is not that charming funny guy who sold pudding pops and wore colorful sweaters every Thurs night on his TV show..

Also blacks abandoned him when he rightly criticized them for being bad parents..

There is a reason none of these white women stepped forward in the 1970s through 90s.. The public would have defended him and destroyed them'
So what ultimately is the endgame of these wretched #MeToo liberal bitches?

Control and Power of course..  Always Control and power

They want abortion to be 100% fully funded by the Federal Government with the right of a woman to kill what is inside her up until the last moment of the third trimester and no God-Damn man (their feelings) is going to have any say even if its the biological father
They also want to make sure an underage girl can abort at any time for any reason or no reason and do not have to tell anyone or pay a penny to have it done..  Just pop it out then get right back to their daily school schedule next day

These fucking horrible liberal women also want a liberal female President and a Congress composed of 535 liberal female Senators and Representatives and 9 liberal female Justices all cloned like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and 50 liberal female Governors, etc..
We are not being even slightly humorous in this

Over the years we've picked the brains of extreme man-hating liberal women kn normal conversation, the type that the Democrat openly courts and they have expressed what we stated above and other sentiments..

Also something about men and castration
There are a lot of really bitter, rotten liberal women who truly believe they are put down and kept down by men and their hatred is sincere

They are the 'pussy patrol' i.e that cabal of cunts who protested in Washington DC right after the inauguration

They are the lowly fuglies who constantly harassed US Senators and threatened them at their homes and shouted 'Shame Shame' like Stepford Wives except it would be hard to believe any man would want to sexually enter any of them
They really feel the election of their Queen Hillary was stolen and it deprived them of a woman controlling the nation and them as if no woman has ever been in a position of power before.. Ugh

Guess these weak, insecure women never heard of Cleopatra, Queens Elizabeth I & II, Victoria, Mary, Anne, Queen Christina of Sweden, Catherine the Great, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, UK Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Elaine May, Chancellor Andrea Merkel, President Christina Kirshner of Argentina, etc, etc, etc..!!

These liberal zealot women are horrid creatures (worse than the Black Lives 'Do Not' Matter' skunks) and for them the fight did not end with Kavanaugh but just begun
So you as conservatives better understand what's going on -- Our side did not 'win' anything on Saturday..

We just kept the mouth foaming barbarians outside the gate

One day we hope enough conservatives wake up and go on the attack, put them down and politically tranquilize those animals

For now, we guess we are forced to content ourselves with our side playing never-ending defense