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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Brainwashing Occurs or '250 Pages of Hell called 'Elle''

~ October 2018 cover of 'Elle'

So in today's deeply messed up society, what constitutes beauty, attractiveness, sexiness and everything visually appealing about a woman?

We can tell you it isn't being Caucasian

Even though white women from all over the spectrum from America and Canada to Ireland and the British Isles to Continental Europe to Australia/New Zealand are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and smart and wonderful in every way..

To the liberal white guilt/shame world that controls every aspect of pop culture, only colored women are attractive
It really is sickening to pick up a women's magazine and be bombarded with this garbage because overall black women and mulattoes are really not all that attractive but shh, don't tell those who put out Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, etc..

Seems they're stunning and we're just blechh..

So rather than write and write on why it is absolutely 100% false that black women are 'beautiful' and how genuinely horrible this pop-culture hard-push is for you believe this lie, yours truly is going to go through my latest issue of Elle, the one with Selena Gomez on the cover
Every time a black or mixed-race female is in an ad or the focus of an article on style, beauty tips, etc we're going to point it out

At first I was going to make it a drinking game - a sip of wine every time I came across a black or mixed woman but I don't wish to get absolutely blotto drunk

So let's begin..
Page 2-3: Hermes ad.. 3 women in the ad, one black as coal

Page 18:  Fendi ad.. A bald-headed mulatto selling expensive handbags

Pg 20:  Valentino ad ..  Another black bald model with skin as dark as onyx selling expensive clothing

Pg 32:  Under Elle's 'Calendar' section, black singer Lauren Hill is shown hawking her new clothing line
Pg 38+39:  Calvin Klein ad..  A couple dozen vapid looking, emaciated young women and men with 20% at least being black or bi-racial

Pg 40: Coach ad..  Colored girl sporting expensive sunglasses she probably could not afford if she had to buy with cash only

Pg 56+ 57:  Maybelline ad.. Two black women of different color shades, one mulatto and the other octroon (1/8th black) used by company to depict 'beauty' to sell their product to white women

Pg 59:  Loreal Ad..  Black woman used to sell shampoo
Jesus, I've just about gotten to page 60! 

So many brands I need to boycott..  Continuing..

Pg 83:  Covergirl cosmetics:  A mocha skinned black woman with short hair is the model

Pg 86:  Tiffany and Co.:  They're marketing a new perfume that is supposed to be erotic, seductive and attract men (or dykes if one goes that way) so of course a trashy looking colored urbanite girl with tattoos is the 'perfect' person to choose to sell a $150 scent
Pg 89:  Neutrogena ad:  Kerry Washington, the liberal black bitch celebrity is the choice to sell makeup with sunscreen because we all know that of all the various races out there, blacks most need to worry about sunburn

Pg 91:  Kohls ad:  A nicely built white female and a black porker with stereotypical nappy hair frizz selling 'style' to women on a fixed budget

Pg 113:  BCBG Max Azria ad..  Two extremely thin women who look like they came out of a Concentration Camp, one white, one quadroon (1/4th black) used to sell very expensive clothing

Pg 115:  Timex ad..  Another black woman used as a model to represent all women with friz hair
Pg 123: G-Star ad.. A company I never heard of using two mulatto young women with extremely short hair to sell jeans

Pg 125:  TreSemme ad..  A girl who looks like she is mostly white with a few drops of black blood in her based on her hair and negroid nose is the model used to sell shampoo

Pg 126:  JC Penney ad..  A black family of 5 depicted, all smiles

Pg 129:  Pond's Skin Creme:  Black model once again used
Pg 135:  Photo of black runway model used for Elle's "The One On.." section

Pg 136:  Second Loreal Ad..  This time selling makeup sticks.. two models used; one white and the other..  well you know..

HPg 137:  A black woman in braids for Elle's "Beauty' section as they tell white girls how to make their hair look like a black woman..  On the following page are 4 more women, 3 black and one hispanic

God.. so nauseating..
When the fuck did 'Elle' become 'Essence'?!

No wonder so many emasculated metrosexual white loser men seem to want to date black girls.. It's all that is pushed in all segments of pop culture


Pg 140:  The 'Beauty' section continued with mulatto actress Zoe Kravitz as she tells whites and others how to look and feel beautiful and what products she uses; in photo she proudly displayes many classless and meaningless tattoos on her right arm and shoulder area

Pg 143:  A Third Loreal ad..  The Third G-D ad of theirs to have a black woman depicted, this time for mascara

Pg 148:  Continuing under 'Beauty', a segment called 'beauty secrets' with the black as tar actress Lupita Nyongo

Pg 151:  Pure Botanicals ad..  Of course purity along with freshness, cleanliness and everything genuinely beautiful is a white woman but nope.. they have a supremely pitch black skinned model smelling a white flower..

Pgs 156-160:  An Elle segment called 'Power Moves' as part of their Fall Beauty Report talking about vibrant hair, glowing skin, bold makeup..   Another fucking black girl, except this one is quadroon..
Rrrrrr...  Gawd I want to stop sooo much but I must finish this horrible magazine to get this point super-clearly made

Pg 175:  Toyota ad:  This is a Corolla ad and what's interesting is they have two young women jumping up in excitement, one white and one black with nappy hair frizzed out.

So the ad is positioned so white woman on left, black on right and above it the words 'Dirty > Clean' to imply the colored woman represents clean..  Absolutely laughable

Pg 190:  An article under the section called Perspectives of a woman who looks like she came from half black-half Muslim Arab parents depicting her as strong, successful...  Oy Vey!

Pg 193:  Breast Cancer Research Foundation ad..  So they show a woman who had breast cancer and survived it..  Guess no Caucasian woman of Western European ancestry has every survived the ordeal so they were 'forced' to put a god-damn black woman in the ad
So burnt out..  Determined to finish..

Pg 200-201:  Under a segment called 'The Elle Woman' you have ANOTHER black woman, some actress who did ballet and is going to be in an upcoming Disney film called 'The Nutcracker'..  (Can you guess the race of the love interest of the black woman will be?)

Pgs 238- 243:  After a very nice reprieve of no black representation (a lot of Hispanic but that is OK), we get to a 6 page fashion spread of a flat chested black licorice stick of a woman modelling beautiful clothing way above her status..  We're sure liberal women are loving this

And finally by page 250 the nightmare is over
This..  This SHIT is just one issue of one women's fashion magazine

They do know blacks Only represent 14% of this nation yes?! (1 in 7)

Are you beginning to understand how indoctrination and mass brainwashing in a democratic society works?

And who in this 'Emperor has no clothes' society has the guts, social status and bravery to stand up to it all?