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Friday, October 5, 2018

If Dems Could Support A Klansman to the Court, Why Not Kavanaugh

~ Who is this Klansman nominated to the Supreme Court by Democrat FDR and overwhelmingly confirmed by a Democrat controlled Senate in 1937?   Read below to find out..

Well it is the end of another week and we hope the end of Brett Kavanaugh in the news with him ultimately being confirmed to the Supreme Court

So much has been said over the last few weeks by defenders and detractors including the putrid media and anything genuinely important has been expressed by neither

We were the Only ones to mention that there is precedent for an alcoholic womanizer piece of shit on the bench of the Highest Court (we're not saying Kavanaugh is..)
That worthless bastard was Thurgood Marshall

Just find a copy of Fox News contributor Juan Williams' book 'Thurgood Marshall - American Revolutionary' written in 1998 if copies are still available to read many references to these bad character flaws

The worst thing about the fuck liberals and their intense hypocrisy and disingenuousness is that there have been liberal appointees to the Court made by Democrat Presidents that had more horrible backgrounds worthy of disqualification than Marshall

So many to mention but to keep this posting from being a super long read, we'll focus on one
Ever hear of a man named Hugo Black?

He was a nominee that FDR appointed to the Supreme Court in 1937 and was ultimately approved by the Democrat controlled Senate with a vote of 63-16

Historical liberal revisionists like to focus on Black being a reformer and working from the bench to support and protect their god-awful values
They often tend to purposely ignore what he did before Black was nominated

Little things like being a member of the KKK and holding deep anti-Catholic hatreds

From Wikipedia:   "Shortly after Black's appointment to the Supreme Court, Ray Sprigle of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote a series of articles revealing Black's involvement in the Klan, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize.
The first article in the series was published on Sept 13, 1937, barely a month after Black's appointment and shortly after his confirmation. Titled "Justice Black Revealed as Ku Klux Klansman,"describing how Black's resignation from the Klan "was the first move of his campaign for the Democratic nomination for United States Senator from Alabama."

At a press conference on Sept 14 1937, Roosevelt was asked about whether he had knowledge of Black's involvement with the Ku Klux Klan. He responded in part, "I know only what I have read in the newspapers…Mr. Justice Black is abroad. Until such time as he returns there is no further comment to be made."

On Sept 21 1937, FDR was again asked during a press conference about whether or not he had communications with Hugo Black regarding his involvement in the Ku Klux Klan. 
Again, FDR denied speaking with Hugo Black, and when asked about whether the Department of Justice should be "charged automatically" with investigating Supreme Court appointments, FDR said in part, "No, certainly not...a man's private life is supposed to be his private life...""

Interesting how a Democrat back in the 1930s (FDR) believed strongly that a person's private life had nothing to do with how one would serve on the bench as a Supreme Court Justice, in this case a bigoted former Klansman..

And yet look how Democrats today who possess dry-rot souls were so determined to destroy Kavanaugh and tear his family apart based on fake allegations from 36 years ago.
Biographers in the 1990s examined Black's views of religious denominations and found regarding the Klan that Hugo Black sympathized with the group's economic, nativist, and anti-Catholic beliefsand disliked the Catholic Church as an institution"

Black gave numerous anti-Catholic speeches in his 1926 election campaign for Senate to Ku Klux Klan meetings across Alabama.

This man was overwhelmingly confirmed to the Court and in 1986, 15 years after his death, Black was honored with commemorative stamp from the 'Great Americans' series
And yet Kavanaugh has had to go through such bullshit and hell by the same despicable, evil, political party that embraced an institution of hatred and violence years prior

The hatred we have for liberals just seems to have no limits; they are cancerous tumors infesting this beautiful wonderful nation we love and treasure and generation upon generation want to destroy this country from within

Never in our lifetimes have we seen people who vote Democrat so rotten and deserving of things we dare not mention, but then again we didn't live through the 1960s which is really the closest political parallel we can think
Loser hippie filth and radical white-guilt/shame Communist-loving zealots so stoned and happy to live in the pig-stench of their communes that they still to this day actually believe all their protesting, peace signs and other expressions of America-hatred ended Vietnam

Pathetic people.. 

So we hope and pray Kavanaugh gets confirmed this weekend and even more so, we deeply hope and pray he takes revenge once on the bench by voting even more hard line Conservative than he was prior to this horrible ordeal and have the opportunity to rid the nation one and for all of 'Roe v Wade'