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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

If There was an Economic Mt Rushmore, Trump Would be On It

Today's post is going to focus on nothing but Trump's economic success over the 20 months in office

No Kavanaugh.. No fake assault allegations to discuss..

Just a good ol' fashioned financial post full of facts and figures so if you find this kind of thing a bit dry to read, just pace yourself.. it's full of positives and who doesn't enjoy reading that
You hear the President trumpet his success at turning the economy around after Obama doing really nothing for 8 years and its a nice feel-good story

So let's delve into the numbers care of the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see what's going on

Before we do, we need to be consistent with what we often expressed during the Obama years that there is the unemployment numbers which BLS put out and 'real' unemployment
This includes people who haven't worked in a long period of time or given up so for bookkeeping purposes are not considered 'unemployed'

Even if those numbers are unchanged and no way to categorize them since the BLS stopped at Bill Clinton's directive in the early 1990s, the unemployment figures have dropped considerably since 2016 and that's a very positive thing

In September 2016, two months before the Presidential election, the unemployment rate was 5.0%

For September 2018, unemployment is at 3.7% which is the lowest its been since the WWII years
That really is an amazing statistic- so much so that even if a Democrat was in office when this occurred, we'd speak glowing and give credit

The number of unemployed persons from August to September decreased by 270,000 to 6 million and over the year, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons declined by 0.5 percentage point and 795,000, respectively.

Maybe it was the tax cuts.. Maybe it was that businesses needed to feel confident again.. Maybe it was reworking those awful trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China, etc.. 

Maybe it was a combination.. Whatever works
Here's an interesting statistic - back in 2010 which was the 2nd year of Obama in office, the US Budget Deficit/Surplus to GDP Ratio was at 9.762% which was an extremely high number

In simple terms, every year our debt was about 10% higher than everything we took in through taxes and other revenue

Today that ratio has been cut in half to 4.653%

So back to unemployment..
Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult women (3.3%) and Whites overall (3.3%) declined in September.

In September 2016, unemployment for women  and Whites was at 4.4%

The jobless rates in September 2018 for adult men (3.4%), teenagers (12.8%), Blacks (6.0%), Asians (3.5%), and Hispanics (4.5%) showed little or no change over the month.

Back in September 2016, unemployment among adult men was at 4.7%, teenagers at 15.8%, Blacks were at 8.3%, Asians at 3.9% and Hispanics at 6.4%
Amazing that Trump is hated by so many unappreciative people, many if not for him would still be jobless and living on government handouts but its like the saying goes, when you're out of work all you think of is finding it and when you have work, all you think about is trivial.

So let's see what else is going on in the economy

Employment in professional and business services increased by 54,000 in September and has risen by 560,000 over the year.

Health care employment rose by 26,000 in September. Hospitals added 12,000 jobs, and employment in ambulatory health care services continued to trend up (+10,000).

Over the year, health care employment has increased by 302,000.
In September, employment in transportation and warehousing rose by 24,000.

Job gains occurred in warehousing and storage (+8,000) and in couriers and messengers (+5,000) and over the year, employment in transportation and warehousing has increased by 174,000.

Construction employment continued to trend up in September (+23,000). The industry has added 315,000 jobs over the past 12 months.
Employment in manufacturing continued to trend up in September (+18,000), reflecting a gain in durable goods industries.

Over the year, manufacturing has added 278,000 jobs, with about four-fifths of the gain in the durable goods component.

Within mining, employment in support activities for mining rose by 6,000 over the month and by 53,000 over the year.
Good news upon Good news upon Good news..

All positive news which the God-Damn evil to the fucking core liberal mainstream media refuses to let you the public know because they like the Democrats themselves do not care if your lives are better

If it does not please George Soros and the globalists, it doesn't please them

And shit shows like Saturday Night Live and late night talk still continue to make fun of perhaps the greatest President in the last 70 years because like all entertainment programming its written and performed by young know-nothing liberal douches who care more about identity politics than reality

So when Trump says this is a great economic recovery, he's 100% correct and only bitter hate-filled liberal monsters would say otherwise