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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Kavanaugh Confirmed: What Did We Learn

We write this brief weekend posting just minutes after Brett Kavanaugh was officially confirmed to the Supreme Court 

So in the end what did we learn?

-- We learned liberal women love their abortions - Will do anything to protect their 'right' to kill what is inside them..  

The most passionate fighters in this cause always seem to be those legally too young to engage in sex, the old post-menopausal, the fugly women that men never seek to be intimate with, and dykes who are guaranteed never to get pregnant by their lesbian hookup partners
--  We learned most liberal women are also deeply bitter, angry and quite insecure people

Do they not realize they are fully equal members of our society by now?  Do they not understand no one is trying to systematically oppress them?  Or is it where to give up the lie, is to give up the fight?

-- We learned what everyone really should have known by know - Democrats collectively are deeply evil, rotten people who want destroy this nation, its laws, institutions and turn the nation into a Socialist-Marxist state by all means necessary
--  We learned Trump-hate has no bounds and is devoid of any moral/ethical compass

--  Lastly we learned that sometimes in life good does triumph over evil but it will never come easy 

Enjoy your weekend ~