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Monday, October 29, 2018

Lessons From the Pittsburgh Killings Beyond the Obvious

~ A group hug between Trump, a rabbi and a reverend after prayers given at a speech this past Saturday..

Over the weekend an angry and truly lost man who deeply hated Jews opened fire at a synagogue in Pittsburgh killing at least 11 and severely wounding 4 police officers

OK, so those are the facts and over time we may or may not learn why he did what he did and what his motivations were

That is not what we care about.. We always look at bigger picture and this is what we learned over the weekend
1)  The liberal media is even more despicable than we expressed prior

When Trump took some media questions before boarding Air Force One to go to a scheduled speech to celebrate the Young Farmers of America, the very first question he was asked was about gun control as if Trump was at fault for the attack because he supports the 2nd Amendment

What the liberal bitch reporter and so many like her refuse to understand is you can have all the laws in the world, but if someone gets their hands on a weapon illegally and uses it to kill others, what the fuck do anti-gun laws matter?!

What really is the difference between someone charged with 11 counts of murder and possessing a firearm illegally vs 11 counts of homicide and a weapon that is registered?

Also, the guy who sent pipe bombs to at least 13 evil to the core Democrats last week..  How would gun control have played a role in That?
Then later when Trump's plane touched down in Illinois for a political rally, another asshole liberal reporter starts a question by stating that the Pittsburgh killer supported the President..


The killer hated Trump for being what he felt owned by Israel and made it clear in tweets before the shootings that he never voted for Trump and couldn't stomach the red MAGA hat

But truth didn't matter to this Democrat fuck who asked the President a question because the goal is to blame Trump for every bad thing and give absolutely no credit or acknowledgment for any success
At various times at both stops on Saturday, Trump gets criticized in the press questions for not cancelling the events

What was the President supposed to do.. sit shiva?  (That is something Jews do when they mourn the deaths of those they care about - they dress in black, cover every mirror, light candles and just sit in quiet gloom)

We can imagine what that black bastard Obama would do.. How he would have reacted..

Probably would have said something like 'Jews killed huh?..  Uh.. Sad thing', followed by the continuation of his golf game
2)  Conservative Jews are good people..  Liberal Jews are not

We read yesterday that many in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh do not want the President coming to pay respect

Seems they put their politics above their religion and don't want Trump to benefit in any way from this tragedy even though he is coming there for sincere motives

A lot of liberal Jews are not really Jewish at all - they are 100% godless, devoid of faith and only identify with being Jewish because of their last name, family lineage and what happened with the Holocaust

Otherwise they are secular atheist by any other name and unfortunately most non-Jews end up equating all of them by this wretched group of lost souls
Liberal Jews also known as 'Reform' Jews, the most watered down type of Judiasm there is, look at the Bible as fiction; a book whose only purpose is to prop up a wobbly table

Every Jewish law and custom the liberal Jew happily ignores - they never attend services, happily eat the meat from the pig, cover their bodies with tattoos (in Jewish law, it is a sin against their God to do so), embrace homosexuality, inter-faith marry so their children have no religious identity

They basically middle finger their Lord at every opportunity

Their 'God' is secularism
Conservative Jews though are sincere in their faith, beliefs and traditions, are good, principled people with ethics and morality, and overwhelmingly vote Republican because that party best represents their values

Problem is most people think of Jews as the stereotype of a liberal whiny-weak, nasally New York Woody Allen caricature which is a shame that such decent people have to be represented by such absolute scum in the pop culture zeitgeist

That weak cowardly frail caricature represented by so many in Hollywood in no way represents Jews overall and even those most still vote Democrat for some reason we'll never fully understand, there are many who support Trump and get it.

Remember, during the Holocaust there were two types of Jews - those who perished in the Concentration Camps and those who assisted the Nazis in the atrocities and helped compile lists so the Nazis knew who to seek and put into trains, like George Soros did back in the day
3)  Even in Trump's finest hour thus far, the pure evil which are Democrats can cut him no slack

Whether its because they are Desperate to win in the midterms or just a pure black-hearted hatred of a good man who two years previous, defeated a vile woman, their hate for Trump is really scary

They will say anything.. do anything.. connive and plot anything to destroy someone who has done so many great things for this nation all because he's not colored, a woman and/or have a 'D' next to his name

Democrats along with those rotten liberal Jews we mentioned previous are deeply upset Trump would dare to say that synagogues and churches should have armed guards
But that is Exactly what every Jewish place of worship does during their High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and that started after 9/11 when many synagogues received threats of violence upon those who attended service

So for them to act like its sacrilege in some way, its absolute bullshit because its been done around the country every year including this one - an armed police presence and heightened security

Trump also said at one point that schools need armed guards and more of a police presence and those spit-worthy Democrats scoffed at that
Where yours truly resides, there's an elementary school about a mile away - prior to the Parkland, Fl school shootings, there was zero police presence..  Since then, a police car is present every morning when kids are dropped off and comes back when they are let out for the school day

Parents feel safer.. Kids feel safer.. Community feels safer

Trump also correctly said there should be the death penalty for people like the synagogue shooter but liberals hate that..

They only support the outright killing of children inside mothers' wombs.. Not those who take other life first.
We've overall love and supported the President since he first announced his candidacy but in terms of the eloquence and sincerity of his words, this past weekend has been his finest and most 'Presidential' moment to date

And any fair minded person would acknowledge that and he felt deeply bothered by what happened on Saturday

But Democrats by and large are not fair minded - they're as evil as the person who murdered those innocent Jewish people because both the killer and those who align themselves with that political party are cold, empty-soul people
They sincerely would rather see this country be destroyed in every way possible over the next two years even if tens and tens of millions of Americans had to economically suffer or if need be die just to rid the nation of Trump

That's how the ultra liberal thinks

Never in my lifetime have I seen so many possessed with poison minds

You take historic liberal hate for Nixon, Ford, Reagan and both Bushes and even their hatred for God, combine it then multiply by 1000 and that's their mindless animal despisal for an extremely good President and person in Trump
And because we live in a democracy, law enforcement seems powerless to put down this threat from the left because they've yet to cross that thin line into criminality

Not yet anyway

So the terrible event of last Saturday provided as good an example as any as to why this nation can never come together, how much true evil there is in this nation (and we don't even speak of anti-Semites and all that), and how vital it is you get out and vote for your local Republican Senators, Representatives and/or Governors on November 6th