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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Manipulating Minds.. One College Student at a Time

~ The professor/student relationship

There's so many topics we could write about today..

We could focus all our attention on the Saudi journalist who was murdered or the very recent arrest of a Treasury official who was charged with leaking confidential information on ex-Trump advisers or the IMF issuing a dire warning of a 'Second Great Depression' which is something we wrote about since 2010..

Instead we're going to focus on something that seems on the surface very trivial
It was reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a Clayton State University (Georgia) criminal justice professor Andrea Allen offered students extra credit to attend an event on Tuesday supporting Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Although I never offer extra credit, I’m making a one-time exception,” Allen told students in the email.

“I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Abrams campaign along with Senator Warren are visiting campus tomorrow at 10 am in the UC commons. They would like a really big turnout. To help out I’m offering the following opportunity: If you attend, take a selfie of you at the events, and upload a pic to the folder I’m creating in D2L, I’ll add 2 bonus points to your final grade.”

This is what the liberal loser Professor looks like:
This and practically every Professor and adjunct on college campuses are who are manipulating your sons and daughters' minds while they or you the parents accrue tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt which a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not discharge

Attend a rally to benefit a political party representing the absolute worst rot in our society, help give the impression its successful by your turnout and get a grade reward for it so if you're a borderline A-B or C-D or whatever, you will get the better mark

It happens all the time.. Just happened this little nothing girl with a liberal smug, self-righteous face mass emailed it instead of simply mentioning in class
Some people think this complete contamination of political liberal beliefs injected by educators into everything is a modern phenomenon or triggered on by Trump-hate

No.   When yours truly went to college a while back it was just as rotten..

Had to deal with professors teaching subjects that had nothing to do with political science, history or current events stand at the podium and just vent their hatred for all things Conservative, sometimes just long rants out of the blue

And we the students seeking to learn about English Literature, Calculus or Chemistry had to just sit and listen to this shit
My nature has always been one to outwardly attack stupidity so I would aggressively argue back that the professors were wrong and basically to say in a polite but stern way to shut the fuck up because it is the wrong time and venue to spew their liberal nonsense

On a couple occasions I would not stop openly complaining to the bastard or bitch liberal Professor who would not back down or admit he/she was wrong and class ended abruptly

I really didn't care.. Better that then these rotten despicable 'educators' be left unchecked
The funny thing was back in my college days I would politically be aligned as a moderate Republican borderline Independent voter who actually saw some liberal beliefs of that time to be sensible

But to take advantage of students paying good money to get an education so they can have a good future by forcing them to listen to propaganda and needless venting really irked me

You have to remember as we expressed last week, that selling political ideas are no different than selling sandwiches, soap or soda..
It is about appeals to emotion over intellect, it is extremely intrusive; purposely so and young people are the most heavily targeted group because they're the most susceptible because like in most things, they haven't fully formed brand loyalty

There is a reason why the only ads one sees on TV targeting people over 50 are for things like prescription drugs and Metamucil

Someone in their 30s or 40s knows exactly what brand of cigarettes and beer and potato chips they will buy and very little other than perhaps a dramatically good sale will change that
A younger person generally speaking is formulating their likes/dislikes, are more open to trying new things both good and bad (you rarely see someone mid-age just suddenly start drinking, smoking or doing drugs out of the blue)

So selling a horrible rotten political party to young people on the notion that having white skin, cock n' balls and desiring to mate with the opposite sex is the most horrible thing to be in this world and every other race, gender, ethnicity and sexual deviance is superior can be tough

But inject enough white guilt and shame into the minds of impressionable kids and young voters; the only group that would be open to buying this warped view and then you have a voter bloc you can use and exploit for the next 20-30 years until they become mid-age and wake up
Most news stories have a very short shelf life then its done and everyone moves on to the next trivial news tidbit

This is something that's gone on for decades and will remain so because it is unchecked and liberals completely dominate academia like they do all forms of entertainment and pop culture

Sincerely expressed, if you can stay true to yourself and maintain your conservative or faith-based convictions into your mid 20s, feel extremely proud of yourself..  You have strong character
If you have children who are attending or about to attend college, talk with them and let them understand what is going on

Or if you were unaware how bad it is on college campuses today, take the time to learn how professors work to mind-manipulate the young to their way of thinking so you can protect them as best you can

They may be adults but to you the parent, they'll always be your babies and the need to insulate them from all the evil that is out there in the world never stops just because he/she turns 18