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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Not Sure What is Worse - Outrage that is 'Fake' or Sincere

When it comes to politics, we all at one time or another have a 'Duh!' moment..  Most people have it more than once.

As in 'It's all just pretend like watching a movie or TV show..  Duh!'

As in 'The people on the left and right who fight each other constantly don't really mean what they say and don't really hate each other like they pretend..  Duh!'
As in 'When the President calls a news network 'fake' and says 'Hillary should be locked up, its just to rally the base, Duh!', etc etc.. it is all empty slogans and complete bullshit

We had this 'Duh!' moment a long time ago when we saw W Bush and Al Gore shake hands and be friendly in 2000 after that brutal election and the Dems making a big stink about Florida and hanging chads and 'every vote counts'..

But sometimes its very easy to start feeling a bit gullible to it all no matter how smart one is (or thinks they are) so another 'Duh!' moment ends up happening

So many examples..  Endless examples really
- A very old, rotten liberal Senator named Dianne Feinstein holds onto Christine Ford's allegations of sexual assault by now Justice Kavanaugh for two months before revealing, and not only does Republican Senator Susan Collins defend her integrity on the Senate floor but Republican Senator and Judicial Committee chair Chuck Grassley later states there will be no investigation of her

- Trump runs for President on the theme of 'Lock her up!' meaning dyke Hillary, then wins and states in his first 60 Minutes interview back in November 2016 that he will not pursue criminal charges against her, then pretends for the next two years that nothing has been done and complains constantly in speeches and texts
- The entertainment industry hates and despises Trump to the point they'd love to see him devoured by dogs and Trump responds with an executive order helping music artists recoup their royalties and say he has friends in the business and fights to protect intellectual property rights for Hollywood.. Ugh

- We already addressed all the exclusive interviews and Cabinet access to the evil liberal 'fake' media Trump loves to tear down so much yet calls 15% of them his 'friends'

On and on..  Enough to make a sincere person of genuine conviction vomit
Then there's the story about someone out there sending explosive devices to Obama, Hillary, CNN, etc with the goal of doing them harm

Wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was sent by a Democrat operative to make it look like Trump's base was unhinged based on their constant chirping of his supposed 'rhetoric of hate and divisiveness'

Hard to be hateful and divisive when you refer to blacks as 'Af-Am' and go over the top to kiss their asses at every given opportunity then allow your bitch daughter to create entrepreneurship opportunities that Only benefit women at the exclusion of men as if that gender naturally knows how to create successful businesses and access credit from birth
Now we understand that the Trump administration had to release some kind of statement condemning the attempts by whoever put the devices in the mail

Problem is we think they sincerely mean it

VP Pence tweeted: "We condemn the attempted attacks against fmr Pres Obama, the Clintons, @CNN & others. These cowardly actions are despicable & have no place in this Country. Grateful for swift response of @SecretService, @FBI & local law enforcement. Those responsible will be brought to justice."

President Trump agreed 100% with those sentiments
But let's really break down this hokey tweet because we just find this kind of thing from politicians so sickening

So the first part is the condemnation..  Uh huh

We were told nonstop by the President during the 2016 election that Obama ran the nation to the ground (which is true) and because of him, it was in a horrible state (also true).
We know Hillary has a black soul, she wanted to continue Obama's policies, didn't give a damn about the death of our US Ambassador being murdered and dragged through the streets of Benhazi

Also this past election she did every dirty, unethical and illegal trick in the book to grasp power from the Clinton 'Foundation' which was a way for donors to give heavily to her campaign in exchange for favors later on, to getting  black buffalo (Hillary's words) Donna Brazile to give her all the debate questions in advance before she and Trump appeared on CNN

And we know CNN is a propaganda tool of the Democrat party that spews misinformation in a Goebbels-like fashion 24/7 to the dumb and naive liberal base

So why the sincere outrage, Mr Trump & Mr Pence?
Is it because you both find the former President and former Secretary of State to be good people that you like and respect and have a positive relationship with when not pretending that they in power would mean the end of the world?

We do know at one time Trump and the Clintons were good friends, especially Bill and that Trump donated to Hillary's NY Senate campaigns in the 2000's and that their bitch daughters Ivanka and Chelsea best friends who went to the same elitist schools together, both married Jewish husbands with Wall Street ties and are still very close

Guess if our friends were threatened we'd be upset too
Then the next part.. Pence calls the actions cowardly..

No..    Hate how that word is so often misused...

Those responsible may be bad people and certainly criminal in their actions but since law enforcement is excellent when it comes to finding violent people like this, its not cowardly to do an act that the perpetrator has to know she/he will get ultimately arrested and severely punished for

And besides, what really is Pence's definition of brave?
Let's say a person had the opportunity to throw a rock directly at the face of Obama or Hillary from 3 feet away after looking at the person eye to eye (as if Secret Service would ever allow that scenario to occur), is that 'brave' because the act of violence was not done anonymous?

Is 'brave' based on an antiquated notion of WWJWD or 'what would John Wayne do?

Or would 'brave' be if the perpetrator of the example handed out their business card with personal information, did some kind of 'High Noon' pause, waited for Obama or Hillary to also pick up a rock and Then threw it!?
Back in 1944, German officers tried and failed to kill evil Hitler by placing a bomb in a briefcase under his desk..  We're they, who tried to take life using an explosive device while being miles away in safety, cowards too Mr Pence? 

What's the difference - A likability factor?

Isn't all taking of life or the attempt at such 'wrong' and 'evil', Mr VP?  Just wanted some clarification for us and our readers
Can you see what we're getting at?   Just because someone does something that is criminal does not make the act cowardly

One could easily argue that a person anonymously ratting out a friend or family member who broke the law to police is a coward as well, but since she/he did something good, the word is spared

Then the last part is Pence praising law enforcement..    'Pat.. Pat.. Pat.. on the back..  'Good Police.. Good Boy.. Arf'..

If we were in office, we obviously wouldn't be treating what happened as a positive but we wouldn't be so exaggerative the other way either
Its all a big, exclusive club that we're all pretty excluded from

The Senators and Representatives of all political stripes intermingle at all the social gatherings and parties; eat and drink and exercise together at the exclusive restaurants, bars and fitness center in the Capitol Building which only they can have access to and enjoy

The former Presidents see themselves as part of a special 'club' and on occasion meet and smile and socialize with each other over tea and biscuits or what not

The Supreme Court Justices of every belief in the political spectrum intermingle socially and are pretty much all friends with one another
It is all a game.. All theater..

Absolutely no different than watching something where two people are going at each other's throats and then the director yells 'Cut' and the actors stop, laugh and go out to lunch together

It isn't so much that there are real problems facing this nation - there always are problems..

It is how easy and often we're all manipulated to get excited or angry or fearful and to rally and donate and vote and we all fall into the trap again and again
Obama and Hillary Are deeply despicable, horrible people.. Not just politicians..  People.. Just like so many liberals out there who love and adore both..  Terrible, Terrible people

And CNN like most other media is pure agenda driven to misinform and indoctrinate while spreading hate and fear

So we can't be hypocrites and pretend we're upset by what happened in the news

We didn't wish it.. Didn't seek it.. Didn't celebrate it..
But this is what happens when the left keeps inciting its mindless liberal base rabble to treat Trump in office as if he usurped the office of Presidency by coup

Not only are they going to arouse the mentally sick nuts on the left which are many, but they also will incite panic in some on the right that they will overthrow Trump and democracy with it

So what happened today is really the Democrats' fault though of course no one will express blame, even if/when it is ultimately revealed a liberal operative was responsible.