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Friday, October 26, 2018

Putting the Sherlock Holmes Cap in Mothballs

~  Cesar Sayoc, Jr. - the idiot who sent the pipe bombs in the mail

Yes, our detective cap is going into a box and will be placed at the back of the closet

Seems law enforcement found their suspect in the matter of all the exploding devices sent to various high profile Democrats, CNN, etc

A guy named Cesar Sayoc, Jr

Also seems our detective work is quite a bit shoddy since it ends up the complete idiot who did this was a die hard Trump-lover instead of the Democrat operative theory we proposed
We may have been completely wrong on identifying the bomber's political affiliation and thus motives (and when we are, we admit it) but one thing we did get accurate is we knew law enforcement would track the person(s) down and find them 

All which makes doing such acts so completely stupid regardless of politics or motivation

There might be others involved but for now as of the time of this writing, there's just one arrest
The one thing we forgot to take into account when we were using deductive reasoning yesterday is realizing there are people out there who do not possess any; they're just mindless idiots or mentally sick individuals who simply 'do' for no rhyme or reason

Shame on us for forgetting how many drone bees and mental space cadets there are out there that take the stupid political rhetoric as gospel and don't take the time to see the performance constantly played by those in office

Really no different then let's say watching a violent action movie - as believable the acting is and realistic the situation, pretty much 99.9% know its all pretend
So we forgot there's that 0.1% exists that feel they're part of Trump's Army or believe all that crap the liberals spew daily and feel they are the guardians at the gate.

The politicians and those behind the scenes who craft these messages of fear certainly don't worry or care about the nutty nuts; they definitely don't take blame for creating the toxic violent political climate - they figure its law enforcement's responsibility to deal with their mess

But what makes us most like wanting to punch this loser guy in the face is this complete fucking dope destroyed so much positive momentum for the GOP in this upcoming midterms
Trump earlier today tweeted "Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this 'Bomb' stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows - news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!."

Not sure how someone who professes to love the President so much could do something that realistically could hurt him and Republicans for the next two years

Then again, we did enough detecting this week and think we'll let the Sherlock Holmes cap sit on the hat rack when it comes to mental illness
We don't know this person who was arrested and don't wish to, but sometimes its hard to decipher whether someone is genuinely deficient somewhere in the brain or if the desire to do something like send pipe bombs in the mail is a triggered cause/effect

We have felt frustration at times that there is really no outlet to tell these Democrats they're wrong; no way to have any kind of correspondence or debate

They basically sit high up on the clouds and come down to grace our presence with their social-progressive preachiness or the meaningless 'Fuck Trump' vents then disappear back up into the clouds of endless opulence, celebrity and/or power
Even news organizations both left and right make it nearly impossible to comment on articles written, preferring people stay in their ostrich pens called comment sections, and making sure every person who wants to write something the recipients won't read, registers first and provides ample personal information so they can be tracked

At times we've felt exasperated by the true powerlessness we and every normal person has in this technological social network Matrix - not to the point of madness or doing something completely stupid and wrong

But venting.. most definitely 
So guess one will never know what the guy's motivations were deep down in the recesses of his mind

One thing we know is politically speaking, no party ever has the upper hand for long..  

Democrats are probably very happy by this week's events and feel emboldened concerning midterms.. 
Prior to this week's events, Republicans felt good

So with another 10 days or so, plenty of twists n' turns so if you're a Trump supporter, don't feel disheartened

And if you are a Trump hater, don't get too cocky.. 

Most Americans still hate your values and will vote accordingly