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Monday, October 15, 2018

Selling Beliefs and Worldviews like Selling Beer or Bread

If there is one constant in modern life besides death and taxes, it is that you are going to be bombarded with marketing to try to sell or push something onto you

We're not talking about cars, sneakers or soda though the techniques are essentially the same

More like ideas, beliefs, worldviews; very little do we actually formulate on our own
Some things are a bit obvious like what we're all experiencing now with run-ups to elections - political parties and candidates convincing you they're better and will do more than their opponent

Other things aren't - multiculturalism, racial integration, homosexuality, transgenderism, globalism, etc..

These are hard pushed into your conscious and subconscious on a daily basis and we're all bombarded by it to a point it really does take great strength to rebel and hold positions which differ from the contrived 'norm'
We've used this true example before..

Back at the turn of the century there was a man named Edward Bernays, known as the 'father of public relations' and nephew of Sigmund Freud

It was he more than anyone else responsible for using psychology and playing upon one's emotion and Id rather than logic to sell ideas and beliefs, both by using products and incorporating different components that had nothing to do with one another

This is what 99.9% of all advertising is currently based on.. 
So after WWI, Bernays believed that people's minds could be reprogrammed to never want to go to war again and this was the basis for his development for molding the mind to his purposes (or whatever the advertiser sought)

So anyways, back in the 1920s, cigarette companies were noticing that women just weren't smoking enough and getting addicted to their product so they sought the advice of Bernays to help create a marketing campaign

In short, he connected holding a cancer stick between one's fingers with women's equality and labelled them 'freedom sticks'
Basically the marketing campaign was 'Hey women, want to show your independence and you're not going to be a slave to your husband, then smoke cigarettes and make them gasp'

Of course it worked; tell any group all they need to do is eat or drink something and they can feel better about themselves or superior to another group, and by n' large that group will consume it

Same thing today.. 
Why is it you see so many blacks all over the TV screen especially in commercials..

It feels like an alien race or creatures from the black lagoon conquered the nation and forced everyone to put them in every single ad

No.. What happened is corporations and advertisers did research and found in the case of whites, especially liberals that they felt better about themselves when colored people were over-saturated in commercials, TV or film because it helped cloak their distorted race-guilt/shame
Didn't matter to white liberals if blacks actually had a higher quality of life than generations before; they just wanted to see the upward mobility depicted

In the case of blacks, they did not want to see themselves as they really are and happily embraced the fantasy that they are all intelligent, cultured, refined and mulatto

So advertisers saw that people were happier seeing a 100% black or interracial family than a Caucasian one and preferred seeing the customer with the purchasing power be negro and have the white sell to them

This mindset has been true for some time
Back in the late 1800s came the birth of the department store and in the south like everywhere else, some thrived and some didn't last but in that region of the country, there was a little clever trick that the successful businesses learned

Black customers did not want to be helped by black employees

They wanted to be served and waited on by whites so they could feel superior for a brief moment in time, so those stores in black areas who hired white employees fared much better and when blacks were hired to serve other blacks, those stores folded

So you see its not just that everything in advertising is a lie but has strategic purposes that go beyond you buying tissues or detergent
Belief systems are the same as products.. Thanks to collusion between pop culture and media and orchestrated through carefully crafted PR campaigns, lie upon lie is pushed upon you and all with clever slogans and catch phrases to get you to think in a liberal way

You're not supposed to judge others, not supposed to look at other groups or individuals in ways you are not told and supposed to look at life only as they project it should be perceived

Many fall for it due to the need to be popular and others are just beaten down by the message to the point, one figures.. 'Eh, fine.. i'll experiment with my own gender sexually or let a black person enter me.. love is love.. whatever!'
Fortunately due to good parenting and/or strong inner self, not all are susceptible to it

Even in a free society, everyone seems to want to control each other; their movements and their minds and reprogram how we all think

It is an exhausting fight for control of your mind and soul but we promise it is well worth the effort and energy when all said and done