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Thursday, October 18, 2018

#StopBullying means Stop Selective Bullying

To some, today's posting may be a bit harsh to read but we're just beyond a breaking point when it comes to political correctness and forced multiculturalism & inclusivity to which the purpose is not a better society but to change the power dynamic of it

So yours truly was watching some hockey last night on TV and noticed along the backboards, an ad of sorts that said #stop bullying or something along those lines

And I thought.. 'OK yes, we need to stop bullying of those who are smaller or weaker or slower physically or mentally than another

But of course, that wasn't what the hashtag advertisement was referring to
The end bullying campaign that displayed itself couldn't have cared less about stopping kids from picking on and teasing others because of physical looks, weight issues or a thousand other valid reasons why a campaign like this would need to exist

Nope this was the LGBT demanding that everyone accept their sexually perverted lifestyle choices as normal and happily embrace their open flaunting of it in every aspect of society including the classroom

You say your religion expressively states homosexuality is immoral and unethical and disgusting and just plain wrong?  Well to them, its a big 'fuck that!'
Secularism always needs to trump Religion and that is no group of people that despise God more than the gay & lesbian community

You didn't think they zealously fought to get their fake marriages legalized because of love did you?

What better way to middle finger organized religions especially Catholicism then by forcing people of faith to acknowledge their blasphemy as law of the land and sue those who refuse to preside over their pretend ceremony or decline to bake them a cake
Just absolutely sick and tired of how the deep Evil known as secular progressivism pushes into every aspect of society so there is absolutely no safe zone for anyone to get away from these disgusting people and their beliefs

Can't watch sports.. They not only go out of their way to court gay viewers but in the case of Major League Baseball, have the audacity to not only punish a player who says 'faggot' but make that person go through some kind of sensitivity training which is really a polite way of saying indoctrination camp to get someone to change their way of thinking/behaving
Can't watch movies.. Every time two G-D gay people are in a film, it gets nominated for awards and become critic darlings and its so normalized by now, most people actually believe 'So what?' is the correct response

Can't watch TV or read a book or magazine or do much of anything without those people pushing their lifestyle upon others as 'normal'

Can't even go on without seeing Ellen Degeneres or (Is it degenerate?) hawking products as she smiles her boyish grin

Why should anyone whether they be young, middle age or old be afraid to confront a homosexual and say directly to his/her face that their lifestyle choice is repugnant?

If that is 'bullying' then so be it
Besides honestly how else can one toughen up in life if never faced with verbal confrontation with another?

We are such a soft weak society,, Incredible how it got this way

No one is allowed to say anything about anyone at anytime for fear of losing well Everything

So instead, you have a society where especially Millennials who are nothing more than gentle-soft snowflakes who can't even handle the results of a Presidential election much less any other stress created/caused by another ,are scared of their own shadow and can't take an insult without tattling to a teacher or boss
Absolutely no idea why we as a nation or world at large allow this to keep continuing where every group of people who latch on to the flag of minority victim is allowed to become bullies in their own right and perpetually indoctrinate others with absolutely no confrontation or blowback?

If a person wants to be gay and express themselves in a revolting way compared to societal norms, that is his/her right

And if another person wants to confront, get in their face and let them know they are 100% wrong, that is their right

And if the gay person wants to escalate it to violence that is 100% wrong and it is That which should be severely condemned
So many groups of people are still bullied mercilessly in this society, especially as teenagers and no one especially the queer population could give a shit

Try being a teenage or college aged Trump supporter

Try being a young person with sincere devout faith who isn't going to play that 'tolerate & coexist' game but remain resolute in their belief
Try being someone of any age who goes in public wearing a Make America Great Again hat or who works in a profession where it is overwhelmingly liberal like the entertainment industry

Or a sport like the NBA where they will not only bully you to keep you quiet and in line if you disagree with their bullshit race views, but even if a family member of a player tweets something they don't like, they will force that person to betray them and apologize in their behalf as what happened to a white Philadelphia 76ers player a couple days ago by their colored GM

When did this society get so sickening and when did the silent majority become both so complacent and afraid to deal with this head on?
Can't expect Trump to do anything about it..

He's too busy pandering with constant expressing of bullshit hyphenated names and kissing everyone's tush to get them to vote Republican in a few weeks

It really is bad out there
Did you know the gays have not one but Two months honoring them..  Be nice if white Judeo-Christian heterosexual males had even 10 minutes a year to be honored, those poor fellows

Anyways one is June which is for Gay um 'pride' which is kinda oxymoronic

The other is October which they call LGBTQ month and the other day declared as 'National Coming Out' day

Be preferable if they go back into the dark closet with the spiders and mothballs