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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Migrant Migration - Analyzing Options

So as everyone knows by now, there is this big caravan of Central Americans from Honduras, Nicaragua, etc slowly moving up through Mexico with the goal of forcing themselves en masse into our nation figuring no one dare stop them

It is being funded at least partially (probably in full) by Democrat operatives including George Soros and meant as a strategic ploy to turn voters off to Trump and Republican Congressional candidates right before the Nov 6th midterms

Pretty brilliant strategy in its evilness because all options on the table for the President have negative outcomes
We're going to quickly analyze each option from realistic to the ridiculous and try to figure what is the best way to handle this if there is any

So we'll start with the two realistic extremes - let them all in or let none in

Trump can't let them all in even if he was a bleeding heart liberal and wanted to..
The precedent would be horrible and encourage mass migration waves to a point the nation would be overrun, the economy collapsed as these mutt people would need to be fed and clothed and sheltered on taxpayer dime

Essentially you'd have no country anymore which of course is the liberal globalist social progressive's masturbation fantasy

Letting none of those dirty people into the nation obviously is the sound strategy but how does one implement it?
Even if one is completely successful in preventing the masses from entering, remember this is much more a PR stunt than anything humanitarian so the goal has to be to deal with the situation that doesn't make Trump look like a inhumane monster (or any more than the liberal media portrays in their daily lies)

Obviously the US military can't just shoot them..

It's a shame we know but it ddn't work so well for the British when dealing with Gandhi and the Indian protests in the 1940s
Can't beat the people with bats and batons and use water hoses..

Didn't work so well when dealing with communist Dr King and his band of rabble-rousing uppities

Every act of violence was used to the blacks' advantage which is how then and now they so successfully manipulate the system and grab power from others

So as nice as it would be to fantasize a swift, aggressive response to the army of backward people, in this rotten world of 24 hour news and social media, its not a realistic strategy to open fire or beat up those unarmed even when they are threats to our public safety
Now we get into more nuanced options like setting up detainment camps

Put aside the fact you'd see the traitorous media show nonstop coverage of women and children behind bars or sobbing on cue to pull at heartstrings

This would be another complete waste of taxpayer dollars because as we said before, the US government would be feeding and sheltering all these damn people and then the expense to ship them back to their little rot countries
There is a chance that maybe with enough arm twisting, Mexico will actually do something instead of placing their fingers up their anuses to put down this movement and/or detain them on their end

Even if it still was an expense to us, at least Trump could be spared any negative perception blowback since the US military did not do the detaining

We do not know if this was ever discussed between the two nations but a good strategy would be where Mexico quietly agrees to lock up the thousands marching up to the US border and keep them there for 2 weeks..
Then a couple days after midterms, we take these dirty people off their hands and put them in our detention centers where we can sort them out and ship them home

Because beyond political implications, you know there will always be some in the caravan who are very elderly or very sick from the migration who will need hospitalization and then the media and liberals will exploit this to demand they be allowed to stay as citizens

So you have to really keep these damn people out in entirety or you run into the same slippery slope that despicable liberals love where you let in a couple..then a couple more..then some more and before you know it, everyone enters
Back in 1980 during the Presidential election, Cuba wanted to get rid of thousands of scummy people that Castro didn't want in his country.. violent criminals, those who contracted AIDS from their time fighting in Angola (AIDS originated in Africa for those who didn't know)

So he manipulated President Carter into accepting a boatload of Cubans (3,800 to be exact) which the US couldn't turn down since they kept harping on America being land of the free where anyone can enter at any time with no worries, which liberals still push onto the naive

This was known as the Mariel Boatlift

We got the pure rot of another country; the worst of the worst and as much as anything else (Iran hostages included) badly hurt Carter's ability to win re-election
Of the thousands marching upward to the US border, probably 99% are uneducated and most unskilled in the modern labor force..

They're called financial drags and their home nations are more than happy to see them leave

So ultimately you see there's no simple solution to this problem and it won't be dealt with within a day or two
The best scenario Trump can do is work some arrangement with Mexico to get them to lock up these migrants and do so as far away from the US border as possible to deny the rotten as hell media any opportunity to exploit this with pictures that make Republicans look heartless

Every other possible scenario we can think of has the chance of blowback for the GOP in midterms