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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Professionally Paid Protester

The above photo is what professionally paid protesters look like

They don't always have to yell and scream and chant and attack in coordination but they're not really all that difficult to spot

For instance because protesting and stirring the pot is their profession - how these losers make money to pay their bills and feed their faces, it really doesn't matter to them if the issue is big or small, winnable or a losing cause

Just get to 'work' on time so to be bused to the location they need to be and like good employees, do what their bosses, the 'community organizers' tell them
That was once Obama's job before he ran for public office

Speaking of the poo-colored pretzel stick, ever wonder why these same despicable far-left loons never protested his horrible Administration?

They tried at the beginning of his administration to get Obama to stop the Middle East wars but his people threatened to cut off funding which the DNC provided (and still provides to activist groups) if they didn't stop..

They stopped.
Also you can spot paid protesters because they will keep protesting something after the issue is resolved, especially if not in their bosses' favor i.e. George Soros the fuck who constantly meddles in our politics and finances most of these bottom-feeders

In the photo at the top, these women perfectly representing different races, ethnicities, religions and ages are protesting the Supreme Court - that's the new Dem strategy

What they ultimately want - 9 Justices all carbon copy of that despicable old ultra-liberal cunt Ruth Ginsburg they will never ever get
Even something potentially realistic as one day holding a 5-4 liberal majority is not going to happen for another few years at the very least

And yet they keep protesting

Why not.. Sorta like those who work at fast food restaurants - what do they care if they have to prepare 3 cheeseburgers or chicken sandwiches to fill a customer's order.. 

It's their job - they just do
They're also extremely coordinated..  They are trained and given preparation for any/all contingencies and are brazen to get arrested knowing that all bail will be paid by their employer and will never have to actually serve any jail time

You can be arrested hundreds of times for protesting and not ever be sincerely punished - all law enforcement cares about taking control of the situation, not deterring future disruptions

Another way to tell its paid protesters vs real people with genuine conviction on an issue is very often the signs are professionally made as are the t-shirts, which are basically their uniforms
It's funny the things one remembers - on the night in early July when Kavanaugh was officially selected by Trump, there were hundreds of women on the steps of the Capitol protesting him with professional signs and everyone wearing pink t-shirts with the same words on it, even little children

We didn't know one could print out hundreds upon hundreds of anti-Kavanaugh signs in 30 seconds then transport to the protest site

So either the organizers were clairvoyant, decided Kavanaugh was the only nominee on Trump's short list worth protesting Or...
Yes - they paid for hundreds and hundreds of signs against all 4 Judges on Trump's short list then bought hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts in all sizes for the females from children's sizes to XXXL to give to the hundreds and hundreds of paid protesters they bused to that location

That kind of thing is not cheap.

If these common nothings were told to stand out in the middle of the desert to protest the existence of the sun, and there were getting paid and there was enough bottled water provided, they'd all happily take their caravan ride to nowhere
That's not to imply they don't believe what they protest - These ultra-liberal losers really believe America is evil

You will never find any conservatives among the paid flock, but then again people of conservative values tend to hold Real jobs

We just know what the protesters do is a very pathetic way to make a living..  At least prostitutes give some kind of pleasure or positive feeling in their profession

What do these fugly women give to the world besides anger
Sometimes we find ourselves getting very tense over these rotten people which of course is their point and then we feel kinda sick at ourselves that we allow it to happen

The passion that liberals express over absolutely nothing would be almost admirable if their beliefs weren't so absolutely dangerous to the stability of this society

And perhaps we would have felt a teeny-weeny bit of respect for their intensity regarding the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation (lie) if they weren't aggressively protesting Kavanaugh's confirmation for two full months before the world ever heard of that ugly Professor that everyone referred to as 'Doctor'
Academia are not 'Doctors' - if you believe different, try going to a Professor of Sociology or Women's Studies when you have a heart attack or need a colonoscopy

It really is a shame that American History is taught so absolutely G-D awful in both public schools and at the college/university level

Most people would be able to see these protesters and the tactics they use as old hat; the same used by socialist Communists and anarchists back in the 1890s-1920s
They wanted to overthrow the US government and install a Marxist system in its place and while often it was confined to protests, demonstrations and trying to provoke police to roughing them up, it also led to grave violence including pipe bombs in government officials' mailboxes and the assassination of a sitting President (William McKinley)

The worst part about our nation has always been how continually throughout history we do not act preemptively to get rid of genuine threats from within

We wait for domestic terrorists to strike first usually meaning the needless loss of life of innocents by zealots - only then does law enforcement get aggressive
So many dangers to this nation and they're not coming from abroad

We can only hope those empowered to protect us, can see the same dangers and know where to find them when ultimately they cross the line