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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trump: So Close to Perfect if Not For...

Overall we are very happy with President Trump but some somethings he really is a most baffling bird

Personally we believe when one has enemies they should be punished and hurt at all opportunities and as often as possible

Trump seems to try to reward them.

So many examples over the last couple years..
Silicon Valley overall hates Trump and heavily supported Hillary with massive amounts of donations back in 2016

So he rewards them by getting tough with China to protect their intellectual property rights and flaunting Apple as a good company which it is absolutely not

Hollywood hates Trump even more to the point their brains are exploding in frustration they can't just openly wish him dead

So he rewards this parasitic industry by clamping down on movie piracy especially abroad which quite frankly he should be doing the opposite - openly encouraging others to copy/sell their product simply to hurt that evil liberal entity's finances
The music industry can't stand Trump either.. Even that little country music crooning cocksucker Taylor Swift can't bring herself to support the President on anything and openly endorses Democrat candidates this fall

So he rewards them today by signing legislation making it easier for them to collect royalties off their music so the rich will be richer

The NFL from Commissioner Goodell to the black barnyard animal players and white-guilt cuckold followers who middle finger the flag every week, openly despise the President to the point they brazenly brush off appearances to the White House after winning the Super Bowl

So Trump rewards these fuckers by making sure in his latest trade deal with Canada that the NFL can be able to advertise its product easier in their country and allowing the league to expand their profit even more
Goodell thanked Trump in a letter - how nice - no mention of putting down those black dog players who kneel and do the black so-called 'power' fist in the air

Speaking of blacks, about 90% of blacks voted for that rancid wrinkled dyke Hillary in the last election vs Trump

So he continually rewards them by signing executive orders benefiting black colleges, calls them that absolute bullshit hyphenated name so they can feel more proud of where they came from 300+ years ago then where they live at present, and works hard everyday to make their unappreciative asses better.'
Even Melania like her predecessor Michelle Obama, wastes millions in taxpayers dollars by visiting the African colonies (we don't call them that term anymore but economically they always will be that to the modern world) - so much expense to bring over secret service, the bullet proof transport vehicles, the large entourage... and for what?!

If it was to promote Trump's compassion, that didn't work since most media refused to cover it.. The First Lady can't even grace a magazine cover unless it was some story to hurt her husband; Gorilla faced Obama adored dozens of covers just for being liberal and colored

And if Melania wanted to hold little black n brown babies and see some giraffes and elephants, she could have visited the Bronx Zoo
The fuck-liberal establishment media hate Trump so much, if they could tie each of his limbs to horses facing different directions and watch them gallop, they happily would do so

Trump in spite of all his bluster rewards them by granting exclusive interviews as he did with the NY Times earlier in the year and stating he reads the paper daily, then calls them 'fake' and 'failing' (Huh!)

He also allows that despicable media to have the opportunity to ask questions daily to his Press Secretary Sarah Sanders when by now it would have been better if he stopped that altogether and just had her issue video briefings thus preventing them from getting to ask 'gotcha' questions
Some people including the President believe it is his responsibility to represent all of the nation no matter how many people voted against him or hate him

We've always seen it different.. When people put you into office, you represent Them, not everyone

You represent Their needs.. Their concerns..
Who knows.. maybe our way does not work in a democracy

Then again that's how Obama governed; he didn't give a damn about the needs of conservatives and he won two terms, though

To be fair Obama really didn't give a shit about anyone outside of his family regardless of party

So we still love n' support the President overall but there's just moments we think he'd be the greatest non-wartime President in our history if he'd just stop the pandering and giving goodies to the domestic Enemy of the State