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Monday, October 22, 2018

We Don't Tolerate 'Fake' - Even From Those We Support

So many things in the news that at least at this moment are semi-newsworthy at best which everyone keeps focusing on..

The dead Saudi-American journalist who wrote for liberal Washington Post (sorry, hard to feel bad about an anti-Trump journalist meeting that fate), the caravan army of brown skinned mutt people coming up from Central America through Mexico to our border, an election that is 15 days away..


News is not about information.. It is about immediacy and none of those stories are
Here's something no one will talk about that really irritated us..

Over the weekend, Jared Kushner, who is one of few in Trump's inner circle, sat for an interview with CNN's Van Jones where he downplayed the role of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Now its not the discussion about Saudi Arabia we care about but rather the fact he or anyone else would sit down and provide an interview for that supposed 'fake' network CNN and that viciously anti-Trump, anti-Caucasian uppity monkey Van Jones
Really.. What is going on with this President? 

All we keep hearing.. speech after speech.. press conference after press conference is.. Fake.. Fake.. Fake.. Fake

'CNN is fake news.. Fake news... Can't be trusted'

So why was Jared allowed to appear on that god-damn fucking network!
We don't believe he chose to on his own since he's a very private person and rarely if ever speaks to the press so Trump or someone high up had to approve that network choice

This may seem trivial but its not because it goes to the credibility and trustworthiness of the President

For instance Democrats who we deeply hate have expressed for years how much they hate Fox News and only one occasion did Obama ever grant an interview to that network in the 8 years in office

At no time during the 2008, 2012 or 2016 campaigns did any Democrat candidate including Obama ever go on Fox News for any reason
And yet in spite of the fact its obvious even to a child that the liberal media wish Trump dead and can barely hold back expressing it, and that he keeps attacking them for what they are, what has actually happened in the last 2 years?

NY Times is 'fake' yet Trump granted them an exclusive sit-down interview 6-8 months ago

CBS news is 'fake' yet he's appeared on that putrid liberal '60 Minutes' twice with 100yr old-looking Leslie Stahl, once before inauguration and once a week or so ago
Then the CNN thing over the weekend with Jared

At this rate we wouldn't be surprised if he did a round of exclusive interviews with queers Don Lemon & Anderson Cooper (probably as the two share a bed) and dyke Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Its just so damn tiring..
We have watched every rally speech Trump has given over the last couple years thanks to YouTube and its the same shit..  He points to the cameras behind the impassioned audience,  called them 'fake news' and the good people who attend cheer wildly and scream 'CNN sucks'

Then later on this same fucking network gets exclusive interviews

Trump was also supposed to be the President to crush political correctness..

Calling blacks and Indians and other groups by hyphenated names IS political correctness
Going out of one way to make life better for women or people of color at the detriment or exclusion of men or Caucasians IS political correctness

Honoring every group under the sun just for being a certain ethnicity, skin pigment, gender or sexual perversion by allowing these 'Black History month', 'LGBT pride month', etc.. to officially continue and be recognized IS political correctness

But politics always ends up the same - you vote for someone more because you hate the other side and fear them in power than you do feeling super happy with your guy or gal
Trump's done a lot of great things in office, don't get us wrong but we don't like lying or bullshit from anyone, Democrat, Republican or Independent and don't accept the notion that they all have to say one thing and do another sometimes

Maybe when it comes to national security and issues of genuine importance but not on these things

We work extremely hard as individuals and as overall representatives of A&G to not be phony or disingenuous, especially when it comes to how we see the world at large - it's why we're so raw and brutal at times but always truthful

We don't tolerate fakeness in others  - even the President
If CNN is a shit network (which it is) then no one in the White House from Trump on down should be talking directly to them or even taking their questions in press briefings

And if Trump really has no problem with them and sees some who work for the network as friends and is perfectly OK giving them exclusives, then Stop the 'fake' crap