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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What Thurgood Marshall & Brett Kavanaugh Have in Common

Today's post is short and to the point yet as important as all others.

Back in 1998, Juan Williams of Fox News fame wrote a biography of Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court Justice

In a review of the book, at one point it is written "Williams mentions, but does not dwell on, Marshall's history of heavy drinking, womanizing and sexual harassment."


You mean this black man that all liberals especially other blacks seem to deeply revere for some reason engaged in the same behaviors that Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of?!

Surely that can't be right

Here's what CNN wrote about the book in 1998:
"Even though Marshall was the first 'black' (we at A&G Refuse to say that BS Af-Am term!) appointed to the high court, his personal life was sometimes wrought with character issues that would not survive in today's media machine. 

Stories of philandering, heavy drinking, smoking and gambling fill many of the pages of "Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary". But in the end, what this justice was judged by was his commitment to the nation's judicial system."

Funny how all that matters to the liberal bastard is Marshall's far left of center ideology which he injected in every case decision and written opinion
Had Marshall been conservative, we are pretty much positive the reviewer would have focused much more harshly on Marshall's unsavory and black-stereotypical character.

God Damn Democrats always defend their own and celebrate the worst aspects of one's human nature.. If its a Republican, these parasites go for the kill.

Here's a quote from Williams' book regarding Marshall on the topic of sexual harassment:
"He smoked cigarettes constantly.  And there were stories about the boss being free with his hands around dinners and social parties. 

"He did have a tendency to let his hands stray", said Louis Claibourne.  "I don't know to what extent that occurred.  I know that it is said that he touched -- I mean in those says it would have been called sexual harassment, I'm sure""

We're sure many of his victims were white.
Regarding Marshall's drinking:  "Marshall's appetite for good drink was touched on delicately by a friend who said "He never lets a good highball get in the way of a case""

A few years ago there was a Hollywood bio-pic on Marshall and the film's director said about his subject:

"He's young. He's handsome. He's got this swagger about him.. He smokes. He drinks. He flirts. He fights. He's a real guy's guy. You want to hang out with him."

So Marshall is to be admired because in his younger years, he had an addiction to cigarette smoking, loved getting drunk, enjoyed hitting on and bothering women and liked to engage in physical violence with others for fun (most likely while intoxicated)

Sounds like a typical classless uncouth young black man but since he was liberal, he got a pass

Basically what we're saying is if you look at Brett Kavanaugh as a piece of shit for all he's being falsely accused of doing, then Thurgood Marshall was an even bigger piece of shit because he actually did the things that Kavanaugh is being scarred with
But Kavanaugh is conservative so his life is being destroyed..

If he was a soulless liberal with no moral compass like pretty much all Democrats, then that deeply fugly woman Christine Ford would have kept her wrinkly post-menopausal mouth shut, the other so-called 'accusers' would have remained in the woodwork with the other termites and shitty Saturday Night Live would have done a sketch last weekend as to how cool Kavanaugh was

God how we Despise and wish the worst upon Liberals.