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Friday, October 19, 2018

'Where's the Beef?!'

That 80's commercial was so annoying back then but now its kinda-sorta endearing mostly because its not on anymore and no one says the catch-phrase thank god..

Well except us just now  ~grin~

Anyways, we were skimming the news today to see if there was anything to bother commenting on and like pretty much most days there wasn't
Oh there's a lot of noise about the Saudi who died but its mainly because he was a fellow member of that despicable profession known as the press, the fact its midterms approaching and if in some way this can hurt Trump, those media fucks will pounce

But let's take this news blurb as an example

Let's say it turns out everyone there from Crown Prince to the guy who cleans the toilets at the Embassy planned it in advance then carried the killing through
Are we going to go to war with our most important non-Jewish ally in the Middle East; the country that is the reason our gas prices aren't at $8 a gallon because they keep releasing more millions of barrels of oil per day to make up for what Iran is withholding in response to their sanctions?

Absolutely not

Are we going to really punish one of the very few strategic allies we have in the world who has consistently worked with the US in other areas of the world?

Of course not..  Maybe a token hand slap at best
And is the first time someone died brutally in the Middle East at the hands of Muslims?

Obviously No but as we said before, its an opportunity to link this to Trump and connect it to his 'fake news' chirps as if those weak sentiments are dangerous and his guy's death was a causation

Personally if we were President we would have taken a page from Lincoln's playbook, declared Martial Law and sent many of these America-hating worms to Guantanamo and just keep them there indefinitely (the beloved Lincoln kept reporters in jail without due process and shut down newspapers by force and he's revered)
So once again its another story with no real meaning and no real outcome; just more damn filler that anyone who even remotely enjoys what is going on in the world is forced to see

We really hate and despise news and not just for its political slant

Take that Hurricane Michael last week...  They all cover it like its something fun and exciting

First all the networks have loser idiot reporters go to where they believe the eye of the hurricane is located so they can stand in 100mph winds and act brave
Then when its over and there's wall to wall destruction, they exploit it by showing the most dramatic visuals they can find while mostly ignoring the plight of those who have to rebuild among them

Sure they will interview a couple people who lost everything and figure out Trump can somehow be blamed for it (One news agency prior to the hurricane blamed the President because he didn't embrace that bullshit called global warming)

But the reporters know they only have to stay a day or two then go back to their comfy homes

Reminds me of when the news covers starving people and acts sympathetic then runs back to their truck to move on to the next story while eating chocolate bars
About a week later, little to no more coverage of Michael as if everything is A-OK...  Time to move on to the next story or we may lose viewers' interest and they'll switch channels

Most news is not fake..  its simply Non-news

Did you know if you looked at any major newspaper 100 years ago it would be about 24 pages in total and that's covering everything around the world that mattered including a World War

Now its 24 pages per section of basically nothing that anything can use in their daily life unless one was truly determined
'Hi.. how are you?'

'A boat capsized outside Madagascar killing 12 people..'

'Oh you don't say..  How's the hubby?'

'Finland is thinking of passing a law to raise the minimum drinking age'

'Ah.. Guess I shouldn't bother asking about the kids..'

'In the last 12 months, Russia has increased its military spending by 42% vs last year..'

'Um..  right..'  (slowly backs away)
Best analogy we can give is news is like beef soup bought in a can..

There's tons of potatoes and vegetables and very little actual meat so if you want just beef and not the other crap, you have to work very hard to find it

Or else expect each spoonful you swallow to be full of starch and other filler