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Monday, October 1, 2018

Why We Don't Care if Kavanaugh is Confirmed or Rejected

Over the weekend yours truly was discussing this whole Judge Kavanaugh mess and talking on pretty much the same topics that everyone else is, thanks the the clever way politicians and the media always have a way of framing news

And one very learned friend expressed a point which none of us in the group including myself had spent time pondering

He said that his biggest fear regarding Kavanaugh was not that he isn't confirmed by Senate vote or that Trump is forced to withdraw the nomination

Rather it was that Kavanaugh did end up confirmed after this and decided once on the bench to make the same political left turn that Justice Kennedy did, and make decisions based not on rule of law but his experiences over the last few weeks
I asked my friend what gave him that impression?

He replied 'You do not ever pray for your enemies (Christine Ford) and actually mean it'

And Kavanaugh is the type of person we hate no matter the political affiliation - he's a professional networker; the super sociable frat boy turned adult that everyone seems to love because he always has a smile and can tell a good story and yet few really know

Generally speaking, people like Kavanaugh have lots of 'friends' but really few to no true ones because they don't want them.. Just want contacts for career advancement

Hate people like that
But anyways, as I was listening to my friend voice his concerns, I could see the value in the points he was making

Judges need to rule from the mind and interpret law based on framer's intent, precedents and the practical aspects of implementing or overturning law - this all needs to be done with a clear head and an understanding that no group of people are better than another or exceptional in any way

Kavanaugh always appeared to us as an establishment Conservative and a politically-correct weakling; a pathetic choice who now we all are Forced to defend and want on the Court just because what other option is there right now..
Trump said Kavanaugh was suffering because he was not used to politics..  Ha!

You don't move up the judicial ladder based on knowledge of the law alone, and that first speech he gave... Gawd!

Does anyone remember hearing him speak after Trump presented Kavanaugh to the public on July 9th?

At one point Kavanaugh talks about his mother..
Does Kavanaugh speak of what a wonderful mom he had doing all the things mothers should do?  Being loving and nurturing and helping him grow


He focuses on her career as a judge and emphasizes her gender as important (which it is not)

"One of the few women prosecutors at that time, she overcame barriers and became a trial judge.  The President introduced me tonight as Judge Kavanaugh.  But to me that title will always belong to my mom."

Jesus Christ!
That made us so nauseous when we heard it.. the gender pandering.. Why the hell was a nominee for the Supreme Court pushing his love and respect for women - why the hell does it matter?

Then later on Kavanaugh said:  "As a judge, I hire four law clerks each year.  I look for the best.  My law clerks come from diverse backgrounds and points of view.  I am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women."

Why the fuck is he proud of that?

No really - men and women are 100% equal yes, yet that never seems good enough to anyone.. 
What is the difference between a brilliant legal male mind and a female one other than the female possesses breasts and a vagina and the man does not?

Why is Kavanaugh so G-D proud of nothing and make it a point in his speech to emphasize it like he's running for Congress?

It felt then as it does now.. So slimy
Then later he expresses:  "My daughters and I also go to lots of games.  Our favorite memory was going to the historic Notre Dame-Yukon women’s basketball game at this year’s Final Four.  Unforgettable."

Bitch, please!

How can a woman's basketball game be memorable and 'unforgettable'?!

Women's basketball is a deeply inferior product to watch compared to men's college basketball - the men are stronger, faster, and compete harder..  The length of a women's basketball game is shorter, the ball smaller, the athletes weaker and a Women's Final Four is not important compared to the Men's
Once again this felt like pandering - wanted to slap his emasculated face when he uttered it

After Kavanaugh's speech that night, we wanted to vomit - to think This guy was going to be the guy we all pin our hopes on to once and for all turn the court Conservative

Does Kavanaugh even know what a Real conservative is??

He isn't reading this but we'll express nonetheless
Real conservatives are not just fiscal i.e. wanting to pay as little taxes as humanly possible..

They're conservative in social beliefs too - they are by and large vehemently against women having the power to kill the babies inside them so to keep their career, husband/lover or just because a woman don't want to be bothered

Babies are not bowel movements to true conservatives - we don't embrace a woman's choice to flush one in the crapper
We also are deeply against gay marriage and will never see the sickening, deviant lifestyle of a homosexual or lesbian or tranny as 'normal'

Social conservatives respect separation of Church and State but do not interpret it as meaning America is to be a 100% secular society and religion is to be shit on by Presidents, politicians and Justices

Conservatives also believe in Individuality and True Equality - that means we are all equal.. No handouts and special favoritism in hiring, acceptance to college, etc because you are black, Asian, female or any other pretend 'minority'..   
Everyone works the best they can to pursue their dreams and not look to the government for advantages over others

And quite bluntly, if Trump wasn't going to nominate someone committed to ending Roe V Wade, overturning gay marriage, and ending Affirmative Action among other social-progressive issues, then what was the point of this Kavanaugh weakling?

So we say again as we said before..  If Kavanaugh doesn't make it as a Justice it really is not the worst thing in the world
Trump made the wrong decision in selecting him and that was before all this fake assault crap and loyal supporters of the President are now forced to stand behind this bastard

Now we can see him if conformed, really being a coward to females and siding with them on all issues that would come upon the bench instead of looking at each case objectively and free of any identity politics taint

So let the next week play itself out and we suppose a final Senate vote the following week

Honestly, the ultimate conclusion will make us neither happy nor mad no matter which way the political winds blow