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Friday, November 30, 2018

Economic Positives Upon Positives

~ We all have jobs...  Yayyy!!    Thanks President Trump! 

For today's post, we wanted to end the week on a big positive yet written short and succinct

And no better way to do that then to expand on what we wrote about yesterday i.e. how genuinely Great the economy is right now thanks to Trump

We mentioned the unemployment rate has been at 3.4% for two straight months which is the best it has been in 10 years but doing more research, its actually the best its been for an even longer period of time
The last time it was lower than 3.4% was October, 2000 - 18 full years from the last Bureau of Labor Statistics figures (November's unemployment will be released next week)

Prior to that, the last time it was under 3.4% was back in December, 1969 when it was 2.9% unemployment  (Source:  St Louis Fed)

Do you realize how absolutely amazing that is?  Only once in 49 years has this nation's unemployment been so low and that was October, 2000 as we mentioned previous.
The maggot media Refuses to cover it because it helps someone they despise and informing the public on this like everything else, comes secondary to getting their guy or gal elected in 2020

Now let's look at US States..

We mentioned yesterday Hawaii's unemployment rate at 2.7% is the best in its history and right now the best among all states

Currently only 8 states have unemployment rates at or above 4.5% (D.C. is above 4.5% too but they don't count)  and the highest rate is Alaska at 6.4% with West Virginia second highest at 5.2%
Exactly 24 months prior, during the last year of that black licorice stick Obama, there were 14 states with unemployment at 5.5% or higher

Just yesterday BLS announced "Jobless rates were lower in October than a year earlier in 272 of the 388 metropolitan areas"

Earnings have gone up as have payroll and productivity
One positive after another that feces liberals refuse to acknowledge or pretends that Obama gets the credit as they even more delusionally through news stories and magazine covers, keep pretending Michelle Obama is still First Lady for some fucked up reason

But today is all about positives and these stats show why Trump has to this point been a great President

Now if he'd only stop the identity politics pandering and sincerely try to put Hillary behind bars or off to the guillotine, then he would indeed be Mount Rushmore worthy

Thursday, November 29, 2018

What Was the Last News Story That Actually Mattered? (Midterms Excluded)

So much non-news in the world -it really hurts the brain to try to follow it

We at A&G were sitting around the office table today and trying to figure out what was the last truly newsworthy event in the nation, not counting midterm elections on November 6th

The Kavanaugh hearings?  Yes and no
Yes in that his confirmation was an important story because a Supreme Court justice can sit on the bench for many decades and have great influence for better or worse

But the whole nonsense with that deeply ugly Liar of a woman Christine Ford who falsely accused Kavanaugh then profited by nearly a million dollars through her 'GoFundMe' donation page and all the #MeToo slags..

Absolutely Not newsworthy at all unless one enjoys tabloid journalism
So what has been reported in the news that mattered to the nation as a whole?

The California wildfires?

No.. Its a regional issue - no different than a hurricane or snowstorm and the only reason its gotten so much attention is because its happening Malibu where all the super-wealthy, ignorant liberal celebrities live

Since we live in a fame-obsessed culture it gets far more coverage than when massive fires affect Oregon or Arizona or parts of California where normal people live
Is the killing of that journalist by the Saudis an important news story?

Nope..   Only if Trump caved in and issued sanctions

Media only cares because the Muslim wrote occasional op-eds in the liberal Washington Post so whatever affects the media, is blown out of proportion
Do you think any of those terrible people would care if the dead guy was a carpenter or plumber?

They want sanctions because media members feel their the most important profession on earth and know the repercussions against Trump would be severe, so they demand it constantly

It's not an important news item and personally we're glad there were no sanctions because you do not alter foreign policy and risk plunging the nation into a recession which would affect hundreds of millions of people based on one individual - Harsh but that's the truth
What else..  the farce called the Mueller Investigation

It keeps going n going and has accomplished nothing -  If Trump colluded with the Russians, then after nearly two years, that bastard Mueller should have said so by now..  And if he didn't, then what is the point of this witchhunt?

The only news that can come out of this big expensive Nothing is that Trump broke the law or an admittance that he did not; everything else is noise
The Hispanic migrants at the border - Is that news?

As we said before, unless Trump orders them shot or those backward people successfully enter the nation en masse, it is not a real news story..  Just sensationalism

Some will care for one reason or another but its not a continual news story
How about wondering who will run on the Democrat side in 2020 - is that news on November 29, 2018

Cable news thinks so.. constant chatter over whether this person will run or that person or will that elderly bag of spit Hillary will try again..

How about Melania displaying blood red Christmas trees - News?

Whatever crap they need to put on to keep eyeballs glued and justify their existence to advertisers, that's what they will do
So really, what has been the last news item of genuine importance to the nation other than midterms and a Kavanaugh approval which really should have been a formality if not for soulless liberals plotting and scheming to destroy a good man?

The big on-going news story which that wretched media refuse to cover is the incredible continued success of the US economy.

And why would these parasites cover it?  It would only make Trump look good and what member of the media wants that?
Unemployment is at 3.7%..  Do you realize how Great a figure that is?!

Last year at this time it was at 4.2% and when that piece of feces Obama was President in his last year of doing absolutely nothing, the unemployment rate was 5%

It has been at 3.7% for two straight months, its been under 4.5% for the last 19 straight months and overall in the last 10 years, it has not been any lower then at present.

Even liberal states like Hawaii are benefiting - they announced their current unemployment rate is an astounding 2.7%, lowest since it became a US state
So of course you've heard little to nothing on this from the fucks at CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, est..

Sorry to keep cussing but the hate is strong and they keep getting away with lies and intentional withholding of information like you'd expect in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia

Trust us - If liberals particularly in the media could cause 50% unemployment, the Dow dropping to 3000 and tens upon tens of millions of people's financial lives irrevocably destroyed forever so Trump would look bad and they could get a God-Damn social progressive white man-hating liberal elected in 2020,  they would do so

That's how Evil liberals are..  Every single one..  Ideologue Trash.
A long time ago we used to think people who didn't watch or read news were not all that learned

The last few years, we've realized that those who mostly turn it all out, are among the most brilliant minds alive.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Winner to Whiner.. One Tweet At a Time

Have you ever known or been around someone who constantly complained about things he/she was fully capable of fixing or had the power to change on their own without assistance?

We don't mean long term goals like a good job or a better mate

We mean more practical things like say bitching and complaining that one's dress shirt is wrinkled as if that person was incapable of getting up off his/her ass, opening up the ironing board, retrieving the iron and doing what was necessary to get the shirt looking nice n' pressed..
Absolutely hate people like that; whiny wimps

No wonder we hate going to restaurants..  Pretending we're powerless to get up and reach for that extra napkin or straw or walk toward the soda refill machine while complaining endlessly where is the waitress

Much better to take control then sit and stew
Unfortunately Trump seems to be that way often or at least embrace a role that is most unbecoming of a President

Yesterday he made even more complaints on Twitter about the Mueller investigation and how its cost taxpayers $30 million thus far and how they should be investigating Hillary and her 'Foundation' and the missing emails from her server 

And to the simple minded supporter, the reaction we guess is supposed to be something like 'Yeah! Lock her up!  Lock her up!'

But here's the truth of things which make tweets like that so G-D insipid:

1)  Trump has the power to stop the Mueller probe instantly.. Now. This moment if he wished

He possessed the legal power yesterday.. last week.. last month.. last year..  In fact he could have ended it before it began

But of course he doesn't -  
Why?  Simple..  Figures he's innocent and there was no collusion so ultimately what does it matter, he wanted someone else in Justice Dept to do it for him and has found its a good rally cry for a lot of his base to come to his defense

Always funny when a powerful, strong, confident billionaire plays the role of 'victim' for political or strategic purposes

2)  Trump has the power and always possessed the power to demand the Justice Dept launch a separate investigation into Hillary's illegalities and if whoever was acting head refused, to fire him and keep doing so until that new head agreed
The last two years we could have had a detailed investigation where at the very least, everyone around Hillary gets taken down but of course we didn't

Why?  Because in a post-2016 election interview on 60 Minutes ,Trump was genuinely honest and expressed he would Not go after Hillary (the wife of his good friend Bill) for any criminality she did during the election

So once again all the complaints about Hillary breaking the law are bullshit and Hillary knows nothing will be done to her which is why she is so confident and continually arrogant
Now if yours truly was President, I would have allowed the investigation into Russian election meddling but make sure the Attorney General put a very narrow scope to only investigate that, be given a time restraint of 12 calendar months and a different investigator to lead it

In the case of Hillary, I would direct investigations of that rancid cunt into everything from her political corruption to her finances to getting out in the open once and for all she's a closet dyke..  I'd make her life daily hell

And after the midterms, I'd have demand investigations of Russian meddling and voter fraud in every district where a Democrat won a House seat and make the lives of every Democrat Representative as uncomfortable as possible
But we're not like Trump - we're not politically naive and unable to identify the difference between ideological opponent and true enemy

Once one does us wrong and crosses the line, they are sincerely hated forever and thoughts of revenge never far behind

It used to be Trump tweeted information to followers which allowed people to know his opinions and where he stood on issues

Now its mostly complaining and victim venting which even to most loyal supporters get tiring
We voted for him to act, not react; to attack, not defend

We voted for him because liberals are bastards and need to be confronted to their faces both literally and figuratively at every given opportunity how rotten they are

No more whining and bitching Sir..  

Now you need to start taking control of your Presidency or you will not have a second term.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Breaking News: Non-News Upon More Non-News

When one really thinks about it, there's so much non-news that fills up a typical 24 hour news cycle that its really not worth the bother of watching or reading, much less thinking about

Just a continuous stress inducer

Look at what is considered 'newsworthy' at present:
First, there's a caravan of a few thousand dirty, smelly ignorant Central American and Mexican people heavily funded by liberals who want to embarrass Trump heading to the border if not there already

Sorry - not newsworthy until they successfully infest our nation or the US military is provoked to shoot them.. Until either happens, its just one long endless fake 'debate' about border security and illegal immigration which few to none of us have the power to solve one way or another

It is also a lot of sensationalist photos and video of poor children being ripped apart from their crying mothers' arms because of that heartless, soulless Trump  - That's how the liberal fuckers who work for establishment news decide to portray it from their production meetings to their on-air presence
Since most people are genuinely not very intelligent and most of them happen to vote Democrat, it just feeds upon itself like a brainwash indoctrination circle jerk 

So unless/until they provoke violence from our military, it is not really newsworthy - just something to fill blank newspaper pages and endless hours of cable news time

Another non-news story involves the despicable Democrats and what they plan to do once in power in the House and will that vile bitch Nancy Pelosi continue to be in control of her rabble
First of all, its not even December, much less Christmas so why the hell should I or anyone else care about something that will take place in January?

It will come soon enough.. The calendar says so.

As for that putrid fake feminist Pelosi, its really simple..  She will be elected by her peers as House Majority Leader or she won't..  And if she's not, some other rotten, horrible monster will run things and seek to make Trump's life miserable
By the way, did you know that liberal piece of shit Pelosi has a net worth of $125 million?  To give perspective, that wretched liberal piece of trash Senator Dianne Feinstein has a net worth of $80 million

How do elected officials amass that much money?

Also, why wouldn't old, dried up post-menopausal women like the two of them just simply enjoy their last few years of life in pampered relaxation and blissful happiness vs constantly running for public office as if without the power to ruin the nation, these ultra-wealthy Losers would have no reason to get out of bed?!
Then there's all this 'Will Hillary run in 2020?' bullshit which is really desperate for any media outlet to discuss..  Whether the rancid cunt chose to or not, the whole process of who will run and who won't doesn't begin to pick up steam until late spring at earliest

Who gives a damn in late November?!

So much non-news, it really hurts the brain to watch or read of it even for a couple moments
The real 'news' going on is its another Christmas holiday where for the next 4-5 weeks, its about everything But Christmas 

Secularism and the need for increased profit once again hijacks the holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Christ in order to sell a bunch of overpriced crap at fake sale prices while insulting shoppers with constant 'Seasons Greetings' as if publicly displaying the Nativity or saying Christmas or Jesus is as offensive as saying 'Nigger'

And why is it now commonplace that Every Single ad circular in every newspaper and every commercial Has to have people of color dominate especially bi-racial couples and mulattoes?
No one publicly has the courage to express how Sickening this is but privately many think it and keep it to themselves or express among trusted friends

But it really has gotten Horrible this need to reinvent and redefine what a normal family or a normal relationship is

We said it before.. Say it again.. Only 14% of the population is black..  

That is Only 1 in 7! 
If you believe advertisements as accurate statistical barometer of race for this nation, you'd think 75% of this nation were colored

Britain and France are even worse.. Only 4% of Britons are black and only 2% of those who live in France yet both counties like here in the US like to Pretend through their movies, TV and advertising that colored people there represent 25-50% of their nation's population

Makes them feel better about themselves there like here and whites don't seem to mind the patronizing or are just scared to speak truthfully
Only 15% of all marriages in the US were interracial and only 7% of children born annually are mulatto..  If you believed advertising, you'd think it was 50% to 60%

Why do liberals especially white guilt pieces of crap keep pushing this?   

Now That would be newsworthy!
Every day we all are bombarded with useless pieces of non-news, irrelevant trivia and propaganda which does nothing for our lives and has no resonance to our day to day

Understanding the evil of liberalism, social-progressivism and this never-ending push by the entertainment industry, the business community and Madison Avenue to alter our perception of the world and each other IS important..

So of course its ignored even on conservative media outlets like FoxNews
If something of genuine importance occurs, don't worry - you will know of it..

Otherwise do your best to tune as much of it out as you can and enjoy this Hanukkah & Christmas season, which frankly are the only two holidays worth a damn in December.

Monday, November 26, 2018

True Feminism vs PC Liberal 'Feminism'

It's Monday, we're back..

Hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving and onward we go in the never-ending fight to present blunt honesty in a world of increasing lies and never-ending mind-altering propaganda

For today's post I felt it important to present some female perspective on feminism and not that fake political correct liberal feminist nonsense you see and read about constantly

No, I'm speaking of True feminism which is in many ways the direct opposite of liberal feminism which is shoved in everyone's faces daily in movies, TV, advertising and social media
True feminism is about choice - not pro-choice which is just an excuse some women use to kill the baby inside them for expedience or the desire to find a career to rebel and reject traditional female roles as if they were domestic slavery

A true feminist can make the choice to go to work Or to happily stay at home and be a housewife and raise the children and feel completely fulfilled and happy in that role

A true feminist can feel accomplishment climbing an endless career ladder or decide she is going to bake cookies, join the PTA and watch soap operas while folding clothes
A true feminist likes looking and dressing sexy, enjoys when a man tells her so and can handle an off-color joke without having a complete mental freakout

A true feminist is not afraid to be herself and not seeking to conform to others' demands of how she should think and act

It's not about what a woman does with her life - it is about what a woman desires doing and that its her decision rather than being told or ordered

Perhaps there was a time long long ago when men did that..  Now its liberal women seeking to control other women
Liberal feminists look down on the domesticated woman - they think of it as servitude and daily degrading at the hands of a patriarchal boss

A domesticated woman is not full of anger for men and seeking to destroy the society construct so liberal feminists think that type of female worthless and mock/degrade them at every turn

So much for gender solidarity
Yes, much better to wake up every morning at 6a, drive an hour in congested traffic to work, wear clothes and park in a space which a company tells you do to, then sit in a dreary cubicle for 8 hours a day while a male boss gives you constant orders and practically every aspect of your life controlled including when to eat lunch or take a break, just to make some money which 25% to 37% goes to the government

And if its a female boss being a total cunt to you, all the better yes?

So much more fulfilling working hard to solve others' problems who don't care about you and will fire you the first opportunity it saves them $1 vs than someone who loves and adores you asking if you ironed his shirt or 'when's dinner?'
Liberal feminism has done great damage to society since the 1970s especially to women and most don't even realize how much so..

The big thing of course is prior to the bra-burning 'I am woman- I am invincible' bullshit, a woman who entered the work force most likely did so because she Chose to

Single women of course needed an income but if a woman was married, often it was something optional because a husband's income was enough to comfortably support a family

Even the Archie Bunker economic class back then could do so (on 'All in the Family', Archie supported 3 other adults who did not work or contribute to the budget and that was realistic for the times)
Now pretty much all women Have to work - How lovely and progressive

No choice anymore since women's flow into the workforce depressed wages to such an extent over time that now the average family needs two parents working and in some cases, one of the adults working a second job to make ends meet

Its a very basic economic principle of supply - demand...  An employer has 10 people to choose from to fill a job slot all asking for about $20hr and he's forced to pay that wage..  If 20 people are seeking the job, most likely one or more will ask for $16/hr as they compete with one another

So nice job on that - I'm now forced to work even if my choice is to do something more productive and spiritually more fulfilling with my days
Yesterday I was reading a cooking magazine called AllRecipes to check out different things to possibly cook and bake during the upcoming Christmas season (they call it 'holiday' season but I'll save my rage on that for another time)

And on page 4, right smack at the beginning, they push a liberal political social media movement called #SeeHer

So basically the magazine's publisher needs to manipulate how women are to be perceived in society to fit their personal ideology so they have "created an initiative in an effort to more authentically represent women and girls in advertising, media and programming" to increase realistic portrayals of females by 20% by 2020
Hmm.  So its not 15% or 25%..  just 20% more realistic.. Ugh!

#SeeHer..  #MeToo..  Such absolute Bullshit propaganda indoctrination and liberal women never stop as they create a phony narrative that we are always degraded and sexually assaulted by those evil men

We can imagine how a typical ad would run..
Wife:   (walks into the kitchen) Hi everyone.. I'm home from a long day of work to support the family.. What's for dinner?

Husband:  (cooking as he talks) Hi hunny.. As you can see from my messy apron, tonight is fried chicken night

Kids:  Fried chicken.. Yayyy!

Wife:  That's great but remember I find 'hunny' to be sexist and patronizing.. Anyways, I hope you used Nesson oil - it has 5% less saturated fat then that other brand'

Husband:  Sure did.. You are right as always.. Couldn't survive without you..  This Nesson cooks so fast I had plenty of time to mop the floor And do the dishes!

Wife:  You're such a great guy.. So emasculated and trained. Maybe later tonight I will let you touch me..  Maybe

Announcer:  Nesson Oil.. Perfect for the 21st century family
What I read annoyed me so much yesterday, for some perspective I decided to go on YouTube and watch commercials from the 1970s to see if women were really depicted that horribly as liberal feminists love to complain

There were typical commercials where women were looking attractive and being smiled at and flirted with by guys - unless you looked like a fugly butch like most bitter liberal feminists, what woman hasn't experienced and enjoyed receiving that kind of attention?

Sincerely.. Notice how liberal feminists and I mean the zealots who pinned all their hopes and dreams on Hillary in 2016 are the most ugly, nasty-looking physical specimens who seem to have given up proper grooming decades ago?
Then there were some ads where the woman is in the kitchen talking on different products she liked to use for cooking, etc

What is wrong with a woman enjoying making her family happy with a wholesome meal at the dinner table or a tasty snack?  Or is it preferable everyone just eat microwave meals in front of the TV with the look of 'I'm tired..don't talk to me'?

One ad stood out in my mind - it was for a perfume which based on its advertising campaign, thank goodness isn't around anymore..  It was a woman in a business suit driving in her car at night as if she's on her way to another one night stand as the music lyrics in the background express that she's liberated and no man can tell her what to do

Really pathetic
You want to know what a True feminist is - She is strong, confident, knows what she wants and is Not in your face about it because she is content and self-assured inside

You don't like her life choices to be domesticated, cook/bake, knit or cross stitch or let the man take the lead in the relationship?   She'll just give you a very quiet smile and 'fuck you' eyes because you and your views or judgments do not matter in determining what gives her happiness and joy

Her life.. her life choices and none of them to make a theatrical stand or prove some point

That's a True feminist - not a deeply insecure liberal 'feminist' fake