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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Happy Conservative is One Who Does Not Associate With Liberals

Yours truly was on an establishment news site reading about the wildfires sweeping through Malibu, destroying homes, taking lives and causing misery for so many people in California

It made me feel sad to see so many suffer

Then I did a stupid thing - I read the comments section
One fucking liberal asshole after another injecting Trump hate and disrespectful digs wherever they could - from blaming the President for the fires to  imbecile-like statements that if California wasn't a blue state, Trump and the government would do more..

A lot of thoughts just shot into my mind at once about how worthless the left is and how many Democrats deserve a good kick to the butt and to the face for being so politically petty at a time like this

People losing everything in their world including wedding mementos and baby photos; things one can not replace and in some cases their lives and these Fucking liberals want to make it about Trump

Then I thought about Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and how these despicable leftist niggers called Antifa went to his home when he was not there and harassed & terrorized his wife and children

And how Glenn Beck expressed a similar story of he and his family attending a movie in Central Park and how leftist pieces of shit threw wine in his wife's face and bullied them mercilessly until they finally decided it got so dangerous they had to leave

And thought of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family being denied service at a restaurant while the liberal patrons cheered a few months ago

Suddenly the thought of imagining kicking in the teeth of every liberal didn't seem harsh enough
Had to take in some deep breaths so my thoughts didn't go further down the path of the dark side, to paraphrase a once popular children's movie about wars in the stars

Now to the putrid liberal media, they will ignore all this and have the audacity to say the feelings of aggression and violence in people is caused by Trump's rhetoric and take absolutely no blame for being the true instigators

So really the question is 'what to do'?
We as conservatives basically sit in complete powerless silence when a Democrat is President, working daily to destroy everything good about this nation with focused precision

And when we get someone in office who is 'our guy', it still feels like we're impotent because for whatever reason, Trump does not see or wish to publicly acknowledge the threat

Trump simply does Nothing to use law enforcement and other avenues at his legal disposal to Hurt the enemy..   For all his good, he just will not go on the attack and instead tells us lies that we need to come together as a nation
Reminds me of immediately after 9/11 - Every single person responsible for the deaths of Thousands of innocent people in NYC, Washington DC and rural Pa were Muslim; devout believers of that bullshit cult of anti-Christianity, anti Antisemitism and murder called Islam

So what did W Bush do?  Did he go after Muslims in this country or allow us to take it upon ourselves to get revenge for killings which their holy book directs toward 'Infidels'?

Nope.. Extra police were sent to protect heavily Muslim populated areas and he secretly flew the bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia in safety
W Bush then told us this complete absolute Bullshit that to fight terrorism and to 'win', you go on with your lives as normal; keep shopping and travelling and eating Big Macs an watching porn and whatever else one does in the triviality of their daily lives

It's been over 17 years since 9/11 and terrorism still occurs globally so that wasn't a winning strategy was it?

Liberals are such a danger to this nation and few people see it or believe it because they think today's Democrat is the same as Democrats of past generations which it is not
Take the absolute worst aspects of the 1960s radical liberal, mix in the Marxist-Socialist Communist liberals of the 1930's to 1950's, add the liberal Anarchists of the turn of the 20th century and multiply by 50 and you have the 2018 liberal

And they are like the Terminator - they will not stop...   They Will Not Stop

They will harass, threaten, use violence if need be..
They will hijack and manipulate elections and destroy lives and reputations of innocent people as collateral damage to push their political agendas and because they control establishment news, entertainment and Madison Avenue, anyone who disagrees is powerless to stop them

So what can we do if anything to stop this scourge

First you have to see the enemy for who they are - they may be good friends, co-workers or be great whores in the bedroom but when it comes to politics, by and large they Hate you, think you're backward white trash (why don't people ever say 'black trash'?)
They also believe when you present your point of view, you're only regurgitating Fox News spin when of course they just vomit out what they heard on CNN or MSNBC

Second, you have to make the conscious decision not to be around them or know any liberal for one second more than you absolutely have to, unless you enjoy getting ulcers or surrounding yourself with idiots

As best you can, don't date one or hire one or socialize with one.. Treat liberals like the ideological inferiors that they are and keep them away from you and your family as best you can
Third, when there's an election - Presidential, midterm, primary or just to pick your local dog catcher, you have to get your ass out of your seat, go to your local polling place and Vote! 

No more slacking off - you saw what happened last Tuesday?!

Fourth, in social media like chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper comment sections, etc when you read someone make a statement that offends your political sensibilities, you need to fight back and attack, attack, attack

Do not let liberal minded people control social media any more than they already do..  Besides, it feels good to viciously vent
So many other things one can do at their own discretion but for now, four is plenty...

We are not one America.. united and strong;  perhaps we once were or perhaps we never were

But in this politically toxic climate started by Bill Clinton, exasperated by W Bush hate, then ignorant white-guilt/shame love for that black bastard Obama and now mentally insane hatred for Trump, we are two Americas forced to live together under the same territorial 'roof'
Will it ever be fixed? 

Doubt it..  Everyone thinks their right and liberals never admit their wrong

Best we can hope for on the side of good is that Trump understands truly who the Enemy of the State is and go after them accordingly