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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Breaking News: Non-News Upon More Non-News

When one really thinks about it, there's so much non-news that fills up a typical 24 hour news cycle that its really not worth the bother of watching or reading, much less thinking about

Just a continuous stress inducer

Look at what is considered 'newsworthy' at present:
First, there's a caravan of a few thousand dirty, smelly ignorant Central American and Mexican people heavily funded by liberals who want to embarrass Trump heading to the border if not there already

Sorry - not newsworthy until they successfully infest our nation or the US military is provoked to shoot them.. Until either happens, its just one long endless fake 'debate' about border security and illegal immigration which few to none of us have the power to solve one way or another

It is also a lot of sensationalist photos and video of poor children being ripped apart from their crying mothers' arms because of that heartless, soulless Trump  - That's how the liberal fuckers who work for establishment news decide to portray it from their production meetings to their on-air presence
Since most people are genuinely not very intelligent and most of them happen to vote Democrat, it just feeds upon itself like a brainwash indoctrination circle jerk 

So unless/until they provoke violence from our military, it is not really newsworthy - just something to fill blank newspaper pages and endless hours of cable news time

Another non-news story involves the despicable Democrats and what they plan to do once in power in the House and will that vile bitch Nancy Pelosi continue to be in control of her rabble
First of all, its not even December, much less Christmas so why the hell should I or anyone else care about something that will take place in January?

It will come soon enough.. The calendar says so.

As for that putrid fake feminist Pelosi, its really simple..  She will be elected by her peers as House Majority Leader or she won't..  And if she's not, some other rotten, horrible monster will run things and seek to make Trump's life miserable
By the way, did you know that liberal piece of shit Pelosi has a net worth of $125 million?  To give perspective, that wretched liberal piece of trash Senator Dianne Feinstein has a net worth of $80 million

How do elected officials amass that much money?

Also, why wouldn't old, dried up post-menopausal women like the two of them just simply enjoy their last few years of life in pampered relaxation and blissful happiness vs constantly running for public office as if without the power to ruin the nation, these ultra-wealthy Losers would have no reason to get out of bed?!
Then there's all this 'Will Hillary run in 2020?' bullshit which is really desperate for any media outlet to discuss..  Whether the rancid cunt chose to or not, the whole process of who will run and who won't doesn't begin to pick up steam until late spring at earliest

Who gives a damn in late November?!

So much non-news, it really hurts the brain to watch or read of it even for a couple moments
The real 'news' going on is its another Christmas holiday where for the next 4-5 weeks, its about everything But Christmas 

Secularism and the need for increased profit once again hijacks the holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Christ in order to sell a bunch of overpriced crap at fake sale prices while insulting shoppers with constant 'Seasons Greetings' as if publicly displaying the Nativity or saying Christmas or Jesus is as offensive as saying 'Nigger'

And why is it now commonplace that Every Single ad circular in every newspaper and every commercial Has to have people of color dominate especially bi-racial couples and mulattoes?
No one publicly has the courage to express how Sickening this is but privately many think it and keep it to themselves or express among trusted friends

But it really has gotten Horrible this need to reinvent and redefine what a normal family or a normal relationship is

We said it before.. Say it again.. Only 14% of the population is black..  

That is Only 1 in 7! 
If you believe advertisements as accurate statistical barometer of race for this nation, you'd think 75% of this nation were colored

Britain and France are even worse.. Only 4% of Britons are black and only 2% of those who live in France yet both counties like here in the US like to Pretend through their movies, TV and advertising that colored people there represent 25-50% of their nation's population

Makes them feel better about themselves there like here and whites don't seem to mind the patronizing or are just scared to speak truthfully
Only 15% of all marriages in the US were interracial and only 7% of children born annually are mulatto..  If you believed advertising, you'd think it was 50% to 60%

Why do liberals especially white guilt pieces of crap keep pushing this?   

Now That would be newsworthy!
Every day we all are bombarded with useless pieces of non-news, irrelevant trivia and propaganda which does nothing for our lives and has no resonance to our day to day

Understanding the evil of liberalism, social-progressivism and this never-ending push by the entertainment industry, the business community and Madison Avenue to alter our perception of the world and each other IS important..

So of course its ignored even on conservative media outlets like FoxNews
If something of genuine importance occurs, don't worry - you will know of it..

Otherwise do your best to tune as much of it out as you can and enjoy this Hanukkah & Christmas season, which frankly are the only two holidays worth a damn in December.