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Friday, November 9, 2018

Detailed A's to Simple Q's - 25 words or less

~ Trump and Democrats -  'True Grit' vs Dog shit

Today's post title is what we're going to do..  We're going to ask a lot of relevant Q's about what's going on in America socially, economically & politically, and answer with as much detail as possible in our own uniquely blunt way

Yet for brevity sake and to challenge ourselves, each answer will be no more than 25 words..

Let's see if we can do it. 
And the first question is:

Q:  Why do so many on the left hate Trump so deep?

A:  Trump does not hide that he hates them; Refuses to be phony and simply 'take it' like is political norm

Q:  There must be more to it than that?  Why it is so personal especially with the media?

A:  Media are Democrat operatives; they work in concert.  Also press are elitist and have fragile egos; Used to attacking, not being attacked
Q:  Was Trump right to revoke press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta?

A:  Absolutely.  Put physical altercation aside, his job is to ask questions, not debate/harass President or give personal opinion

Q: With Jeff Sessions gone, what will happen if anything with Mueller probe?

A:  We believe it continues since Trump expressed he would not end it since he thinks he can benefit politically from the farce
Q:  Should Trump be worried about being impeached in 2019?

A: Unless there is new revelations, no.  Oh he will be impeached but as Bill Clinton proved, it means nothing.  Senate will never remove him

Q:  If Trump will never be removed, why bother with impeaching?

A: Democrats are spiteful, malicious little turds who feel their anointment of Hillary as Queen of America was stolen by Trump so they want blood
Q:  Do you see any positives politically in 2019?

A:  We predict an opportunity for Trump to replace Justice Ginsburg; She is weak, old and broke 3 ribs the other day so fingers crossed

Q:  As the mud colored migrant Army of possible illegals continues its march up from Mexico to our border, what do you see happening?

A:  It will be stopped - peaceably or via aggressive force, it will be stopped.
Q:  Why do Democrats support illegals and criminality to such an extent

A:  They want illegals pouring in then giving them the power to vote so it will be Democrat control of everything forever; power over public safety

Q:  What can be done to unite this nation which is so bitterly divided?

A:  Nothing.  Absolutely Nothing because it starts with Democrats apologizing for their childish reaction to Trump winning and showing him respect; Never will happen
Q:  Short of that, can anything be done?

A:  Nope - Hate on the left toward Trump is too deep and irrational, and the hate they provoke in decent Conservatives is growing by the day

Q:  Sorry to belabor the point but if the nation came together after the Civil War, certainly it can ultimately come together in 2018, yes?

A: Are we really 'united'?  Can not display Confederate flag.. Monuments and statues of heroes desecrated..  Blacks and white guilters still want South to howl
Q:  Anything that can be done to curb all the violence and fear and hate, especially what we've seen the last couple weeks?

A:  Nope because media who has the power to curb the panic rhetoric do not wish to; they fan it. Helps boost ratings

Q: What do you wish Trump would do in 2019 now that Dems control the House?

A:  Treat Democrats as the Enemy of the State which they are!  Less rhetoric and more actual governance and executive orders to Hurt them legally
Q:  Do you think Trump is aware of them as a sincere threat?

A:  Nope. Look at history -  When Socialist-Communists want to take over/control a nation, they never stop until they win.. It often gets bloody

Q: Any last words as we head into another weekend

A:  Enjoy life.. Be as Happy & Joyful as one can be and do not let any putrid liberal ruin your day