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Friday, November 30, 2018

Economic Positives Upon Positives

~ We all have jobs...  Yayyy!!    Thanks President Trump! 

For today's post, we wanted to end the week on a big positive yet written short and succinct

And no better way to do that then to expand on what we wrote about yesterday i.e. how genuinely Great the economy is right now thanks to Trump

We mentioned the unemployment rate has been at 3.4% for two straight months which is the best it has been in 10 years but doing more research, its actually the best its been for an even longer period of time
The last time it was lower than 3.4% was October, 2000 - 18 full years from the last Bureau of Labor Statistics figures (November's unemployment will be released next week)

Prior to that, the last time it was under 3.4% was back in December, 1969 when it was 2.9% unemployment  (Source:  St Louis Fed)

Do you realize how absolutely amazing that is?  Only once in 49 years has this nation's unemployment been so low and that was October, 2000 as we mentioned previous.
The maggot media Refuses to cover it because it helps someone they despise and informing the public on this like everything else, comes secondary to getting their guy or gal elected in 2020

Now let's look at US States..

We mentioned yesterday Hawaii's unemployment rate at 2.7% is the best in its history and right now the best among all states

Currently only 8 states have unemployment rates at or above 4.5% (D.C. is above 4.5% too but they don't count)  and the highest rate is Alaska at 6.4% with West Virginia second highest at 5.2%
Exactly 24 months prior, during the last year of that black licorice stick Obama, there were 14 states with unemployment at 5.5% or higher

Just yesterday BLS announced "Jobless rates were lower in October than a year earlier in 272 of the 388 metropolitan areas"

Earnings have gone up as have payroll and productivity
One positive after another that feces liberals refuse to acknowledge or pretends that Obama gets the credit as they even more delusionally through news stories and magazine covers, keep pretending Michelle Obama is still First Lady for some fucked up reason

But today is all about positives and these stats show why Trump has to this point been a great President

Now if he'd only stop the identity politics pandering and sincerely try to put Hillary behind bars or off to the guillotine, then he would indeed be Mount Rushmore worthy