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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

From A&G - A Message of Deeply Sincere Thanks to You

With today being our last posting before the Thanksgiving weekend, we thought we'd give Thanks

Obviously we give thanks to God, our families, friends, loved ones, President Trump and so on..

We even give thanks that some people we once knew and turned into rancid apples are no longer in our lives

But our biggest and most sincere thanks is reserved for you, the loyal reader who have not only stayed with us over the years but allowed us to grow in readership simply through your kind word of mouth
We don't accept advertisements nor self-advertise so to see how many of you visit here and how much A&G has grown in 8 years, we express our deepest, most appreciative thanks

We started with just a handful of daily views then it got to be 100 or so and kept growing

 Now its over 10,000 a day and encompassing over a dozen nations besides the US - Absolutely wonderful and we couldn't be more appreciative that so many desire reading points of view that are sincere, non-PC and blunt even if one may not always agree with us.

Our goal has always been to provide information and stimulate thought in our readership..  Never to sway
America is a wonderful beautiful country..  Always has been and always shall be no matter how often liberals say otherwise and seek to destroy this amazing nation.

It's withstood a lot over the centuries and America will withstand the next two years of truly despicable people retaining control of the House

As long as people like you and we who represent the side of Good stay aware, stay true to our convictions and stand up to the liberal bullies who poison every environment they are present in by expressing their views and Trump-hate, Democrat Evil can never win.

So have a happy blessed Thanksgiving and we will be back on Monday Nov. 26th unless something major happens worth writing about..