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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Winner to Whiner.. One Tweet At a Time

Have you ever known or been around someone who constantly complained about things he/she was fully capable of fixing or had the power to change on their own without assistance?

We don't mean long term goals like a good job or a better mate

We mean more practical things like say bitching and complaining that one's dress shirt is wrinkled as if that person was incapable of getting up off his/her ass, opening up the ironing board, retrieving the iron and doing what was necessary to get the shirt looking nice n' pressed..
Absolutely hate people like that; whiny wimps

No wonder we hate going to restaurants..  Pretending we're powerless to get up and reach for that extra napkin or straw or walk toward the soda refill machine while complaining endlessly where is the waitress

Much better to take control then sit and stew
Unfortunately Trump seems to be that way often or at least embrace a role that is most unbecoming of a President

Yesterday he made even more complaints on Twitter about the Mueller investigation and how its cost taxpayers $30 million thus far and how they should be investigating Hillary and her 'Foundation' and the missing emails from her server 

And to the simple minded supporter, the reaction we guess is supposed to be something like 'Yeah! Lock her up!  Lock her up!'

But here's the truth of things which make tweets like that so G-D insipid:

1)  Trump has the power to stop the Mueller probe instantly.. Now. This moment if he wished

He possessed the legal power yesterday.. last week.. last month.. last year..  In fact he could have ended it before it began

But of course he doesn't -  
Why?  Simple..  Figures he's innocent and there was no collusion so ultimately what does it matter, he wanted someone else in Justice Dept to do it for him and has found its a good rally cry for a lot of his base to come to his defense

Always funny when a powerful, strong, confident billionaire plays the role of 'victim' for political or strategic purposes

2)  Trump has the power and always possessed the power to demand the Justice Dept launch a separate investigation into Hillary's illegalities and if whoever was acting head refused, to fire him and keep doing so until that new head agreed
The last two years we could have had a detailed investigation where at the very least, everyone around Hillary gets taken down but of course we didn't

Why?  Because in a post-2016 election interview on 60 Minutes ,Trump was genuinely honest and expressed he would Not go after Hillary (the wife of his good friend Bill) for any criminality she did during the election

So once again all the complaints about Hillary breaking the law are bullshit and Hillary knows nothing will be done to her which is why she is so confident and continually arrogant
Now if yours truly was President, I would have allowed the investigation into Russian election meddling but make sure the Attorney General put a very narrow scope to only investigate that, be given a time restraint of 12 calendar months and a different investigator to lead it

In the case of Hillary, I would direct investigations of that rancid cunt into everything from her political corruption to her finances to getting out in the open once and for all she's a closet dyke..  I'd make her life daily hell

And after the midterms, I'd have demand investigations of Russian meddling and voter fraud in every district where a Democrat won a House seat and make the lives of every Democrat Representative as uncomfortable as possible
But we're not like Trump - we're not politically naive and unable to identify the difference between ideological opponent and true enemy

Once one does us wrong and crosses the line, they are sincerely hated forever and thoughts of revenge never far behind

It used to be Trump tweeted information to followers which allowed people to know his opinions and where he stood on issues

Now its mostly complaining and victim venting which even to most loyal supporters get tiring
We voted for him to act, not react; to attack, not defend

We voted for him because liberals are bastards and need to be confronted to their faces both literally and figuratively at every given opportunity how rotten they are

No more whining and bitching Sir..  

Now you need to start taking control of your Presidency or you will not have a second term.