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Monday, November 5, 2018

Tomorrow: Vote, Vote, Vote..

~ Get out and vote tomorrow if for no other reason than to nullify all the 'Homer Simpsons' voting in your state

Tomorrow is midterms; Election Day and it seems everyone is very excited

Well Democrats are..

They've been waiting two years for this moment with faces and attitudes similar to standing in a long line to use the bathroom at a rock concert

This is their moment to middle finger Trump and at the very least possibly take back the House
Kinda makes us think how the election might go had the President not been so great and succeeded in so many ways; if he had not constantly pandered to every minority group that by n' large will snub him tomorrow

Makes us think why Trump even bothered to try

Why did he sign so many executive orders to benefit the enemy like extra funding for black colleges, helping music entertainers get larger royalties and work to ensure Trump-hate industries like Hollywood and Silicon Valley protect their intellectual copyright from Chinese piracy?

We would have gone the opposite way..  Would have encouraged it
Who knows how tomorrow night will really turn out - the little we've allowed us to be exposed to seems to indicate the political party of blacken souls will be happy but didn't they say that two years ago as well?

So like everyone else, we wait and see

And of course if Democrats fail again to achieve their goals, they have good ol' scapegoat Russia waiting in the wings

Voting is a funny thing..  Where else does one stand in a long line for 1-2 hours just to get a sticker?
Yours truly absentee voted - spent $1.45 via stamps which is sorta like a poll tax which is supposed to be illegal but if USPS is getting my money, it is somehow OK to charge for the right to vote from afar

But I did it..  Too many have fought and died over our history to preserve that right for us as Americans so I do it - even in primaries

Of course no one ever fought or died to give that right to an illegal which is something Dems are salivating over; just another reason to never vote for one
So is this the most important midterm election ever as Trump says?

No.. Of course not

Every midterm election this nation has ever faced in wartime was more important, especially the ones that took place during the Civil War and WWII

But definitely the most important midterm of all the midterms going on tomorrow.. ~grin
That said, we encourage all of you to vote, assuming its for Republican candidates (you think we want to encourage even more bitter Trump hate liberals?  no no..)

It might be a pain in the rump or feet to stand in line, especially if you live in cold climate or it rains but there's just few opportunities where a person can have some say in their nation and the direction it goes, that you just can not ignore it with a cynical shrug

Some like to say 'what does my vote matter..'..
Well it should matter to you much in the same way you care about how you look in public even if no guy or gal depending on your gender is going to run up to you and compliment your appearance

You do for you..  Same with voting.

Anyways, hope you vote and fingers crossed that bad people with bad intent will not be given the power to Impeach Trump which will be #1 on the list if they win the House.