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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hoping 'Trump the Strong' Does Not Turn Into 'Trump the Naive'

Yours truly was thinking about this new Trump over the last couple weeks..  Kind, courteous and considerate toward Democrats; very respectful and compassionate toward the suffering of hardcore Democrat Californians in a deep-blue liberal state...

Then I glanced at a brief news item that Congressional Democrats plan to look into Ivanka Trump's possible use of a private email server once they are in power in two months..

It made me laugh in one of those general 'I give up' expressions though obviously this is about them and not I, you or us..
But its all worthy of an incredulous laugh because how can someone so intelligent as to graduate from Wharton at U of Penn, one of the top Business schools in the country and someone who has amassed such a fortune over his life, be such a naive simp when it comes to politics

Certainly he's had to deal with plenty of politicians from Federal to state to local over his career to get projects approved, etc and plenty of 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine'

And let in spite of all the very good things overall Trump has done in the past two years, he just seems like a rube when it comes to dealing with Democrats; the term which is short for rhubarb was a popular term back in the day for someone very simple-minded who another felt could easily be duped
If we at A&G correctly criticized Obama for wanting to interact and deal with foreign enemies like Iran and Cuba, we are just as correct to criticize Trump for wanting to interact and deal for domestic Enemies to the State which liberals are

Admittedly so frustrating that neither he or most others really understand but since most including him get their news from mainstream sources, its not all that surprising

The President may get a daily briefing about all the dangers around the globe which we as everyday folk do not, but has expressed he reads the NY Times and Washington Post and watches CNN and MSNBC among other leftist media

And if he can not understand how deeply evil to the core liberals are after that smorgasbord of sewage and not figure out some way to legally go after them,  we have to assume he'll never get it
Trump really is apolitical..  When you go back over the years and watch YouTube and listen to him speak on issues this is how he viewed past Presidents:

Trump loved Reagan, constantly criticized Bush 41, happily supported his friend Bill Clinton in '92 and '96..  Did not like W Bush all that much, financially contributed to Hillary's 2008 campaign in the Dem primaries and could not stand Obama

So he's Republican at the moment (for the most part) and has done very good things thus far but his past shows politically he's all over the place with no real ideology other than whoever is good for business, he'll support
It can get frustrating to write on Trump because he is so different than yours truly and I do not speak of obvious things like wealth, luxury, fame and all that superficiality which you can not take with you when you die..

The main difference I've observed over the last few years is he is very scatter brained, almost like someone with ADD and can not focus on one thing for too long a period without being completely distracted by something else

Easier to picture it as a table covered with endless crap..  papers and folders and stacked upon itself - Trump will address whatever is needing addressing at the top of the 'desk' and not bother to delve to see what's underneath so its all feels like fly by the seat of his pants leadership.
Not to make this about myself but honestly I wish Trump was more like me; To be singularly focused on problems, issues or goals until fully resolved and not to be so easily distracted on everything and nothing as he seems to be

I don't believe Trump is capable of it - most achievements and successes in his life are not hands-on but through the success of skilled delegation of competent people who do the work for him

And that's why often his Presidency feels needlessly chaotic which only empowers the terrible 'humans' who work in the media
Another big difference between him and myself which as one of the contributors here at A&G is so frustrating to follow him is he does not know how to fight back against enemies and those who attack him

We certainly are not talking of physical confrontations - mature adults don't engage in that and would be supremely undignified for Trump to grab say Pelosi in the air and snap her down upon his leg like a Slim Jim (funny thought though)

We mean verbal sparring which Trump is terrible - his grasp of the English language in his very simple and repetitive word choices hurts the brains of anyone who has to hear it

From evil Democrats - 'They're obstructionists.. All they do is obstruct'  to CNN's Jim Acosta - 'You are a terrible person'...  like scratches from a tiger Beanie Baby
If I was President and possessed the bully pulpit, I'd have continually referred to Democrats as 'Despicables' or 'The Black-Rot Soul Party'..

Something.. Anything that was mean and hurtful and escalate the tension as necessary..  I don't like Democrats.. Don't respect them and if I was President I'd know none of them would vote for me so why pander? 

It's very freeing actually

And to Acosta I'd have expressed something like 'Jim's a nice first name but a more appropriate one for you would be Dick'
Politics.. Ehh..

It's Thanksgiving soon upon us so no need to continue other to re-emphasize that Trump for all his good policy and tough talk to this point, seems to be shifting into someone kind, caring and moderate liberal which is scary as hell

The enemy will want to eviscerate him even more for it and his base will be so turned off by 2020, the Reps could easily lose the Presidency and Senate

Hope someone splashes some water on Trump (figuratively) and wakes him up and/or comes up with a more realistic strategy for dealing with the liberal scourge