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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How Trump Views Democrats & Why He is Naive

The other day we expressed in the clearest and unapologetic of terms how we see liberals

Today we're going to try to figure out how Trump sees them because it certainly is not a viewpoint he and we both share

When its time to get people motivated to vote or to deflect blame for any legislation he pushes not ultimately passing, he likes to constantly blame liberals using rather weak words like 'obstructionist' which is about one degree of aggressive above calling them fuddy-duddies
Let's just say in the days of code duello pistol dueling, no one would slap another's cheek with their glove over the term 'obstructionist' and seek satisfaction

But overall its clear Trump does not hold any genuine negative feelings toward any liberal(s) which ultimately will be his downfall because they sure as shit would love to roast him on a spit

Love thy enemy is lovely in a church but not in politics
Today he was so proud of a bill he supports in Congress that will give ex-cons more and more opportunities to find work when released from incarceration and what he gleamed about most was that it had bi-partisan support

And if one goes on YouTube and hear the President speak while closing one's eyes,  the words would sound eerily reminiscent of something a shitty Democrat would utter

Average citizens always say they want the two parties to work together to get things done but its really a disingenuous comment with no sincere meaning behind it
As an example, let us say that you are pro-choice..  You possess no conscious or morality and thus believe babies should be killed inside the womb if the mother wishes, even if she is underage and its no one's business - parents, the father, government, etc.. how she expunges it

You believe this so much, you even go so far to donate to candidates  and campaign for those who embrace your views as deep as you hold them..

OK, now imagine the person you donated to and voted for into Congress now says something to the effect that 'my views on pro-choice are too rigid and I need to work a compromise with my pro-life colleagues..'
Would that be what you really desired?

Of course not and no one who believes strongly on any issue wants their representative conceding or capitulating for the so-called 'greater good' of compromise

Dems hate Reps and Reps hate Dems and that's how it should be and if you are running for office as someone who will bring America together, then that should be your goal..

But..  If you ran for President basically saying liberals are rotten (which they are) then you better damn well stay consistent and on-point once in office
Trump tweeted something yesterday about thinking of those suffering in Malibu and such

We'll wager a couple vanilla pudding cups that the vast majority of those living in very opulent Malibu who lost their homes think Trump is a piece of shit and wishes him in a box

California is an extreme liberal state, most people who live there are extremely wealthy celebrities and/or work in Hollywood and we all know what a social progressive cesspool that industry is

So connect the dots..
We don't care how callous it sounds..

We unlike most are honest to a fault and while if President we wouldn't gloat that despicable liberals by and large are suffering over there, we sure as the shore would not be phony and offer empathy in a tweet

We'd keep our mouths shut and our grubby little fingers far away from a texting device; something someone needs to tell the President
Trump's main fault i.e. his Achilles heel as it were is he truly sees this country as 'one nation under God' when he's sadly mistaken

America is many little 'nations' with most under God

You have a liberal 'nation' and a conservative one.. and a cesspool 'nation' of white guilt and shame losers and a 'nation' of people of color and people who are sexually perverse and regional 'nations' and sectional 'nations' and instead of a melting pot, America is really nothing more than a salad bowl
And the Civil War is the best example of this - 4 bloody years of needless fighting so one section of the nation could force by shotgun marriage to keep another section tied forever to them while forcing them to dramatically alter every aspect of their way of life to the bully's desire

After many generations of educational indoctrination, the South for the most part looks at the North in a positive way which if they really understood the war and how the North treated their civilian population, would rightly despise them as much today as 155 years ago

Deep down we are not one nation.. We just fake it on the outside like everything else that is politically correct
So when a Conservative Republican is elected President, he should look to see who exactly supported him and make sure his policies are tailored to Only benefit those people just like Democrats constantly do every time one is in power

No pandering.. no constant uttering of hyphenated names.. no official honoring of every holiday of every group that 99% of those outside the group being feted has ever heard of..

If fact if we were President, we'd instruct the Justice Department to investigate the Congressional midterms to make sure there was no Russian meddling to help Democrats re-take the House and cause as much aggravation and stress and wasted time/money on Democrats who won seats as Mueller has done the past two years..
Asshole ass-donkey Democrats starting with Michelle Obama liked saying the phrase 'When they go low, we go high' to refer to Republicans in 2016 and in the present.. 

That is because they as a group of people are so lowly to begin with, there's only one direction they can go..

We don't see politics as a game and don't see the 2018 Democrat as loyal opposition..

Opponent sure..  loyal - nope
Wish to God Trump would wake the hell up and see liberals for what they are and act accordingly but we just hold no hope that he will..

He at one time was a Democrat who financially supported Bill Clinton for President in 1992 and 1996 as well as Hillary's NY Senate elections

So as good as he's been in some areas, we don't see this leopard fully changing his spots

And because of it, he will never be a truly Great President which is a shame.