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Monday, November 19, 2018

Is It Possible Trump will Turn Left (Again) in 2019?

Yours truly was having a discussion with friends about what the two years will look like for the President

Most things expressed seemed to be in agreement by all except one thing I believe will happen

I said that I predict Trump will start conducting policy and express himself more like a moderate-liberal then the conservative he's been thus far and in the process alienate enough of his base that by 2020, other Republicans will challenge him in the primaries to the point of winning or at least draining Trump's campaign resources
Then one friend asked why I felt that way..

I expressed that seeing how the President has acted in the last week or so, it should not come as any surprise when the hard-shift to the center-left occurs

He wants so desperately to be liked by Democrats that not only does he go out of his way to pander to minorities to the utter nauseousness of his base but now says very complimentary and nice things about California Governor Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi among other Democrats
Even went out of his way to publicly throw his support for her to once again hold the Majority Leader position in the House and said if she needs support, he will basically do all he can

If that is not a 'What the Fuck?!!' moment, what is?

Some I spoke with expressed they believed it was simply a sound strategy to soften them up or some assumption that Trump has a method to his madness

Maybe.. Maybe not..  But he's been quite complimentary and softened dramatically since the midterms
~ Trump and JFK. Jr

It is my belief Trump feels let down and perhaps a bit betrayed by the Republican Party for not doing more to drum up voter turnout, especially with the President making speech after speech as he criss-crossed the nation, including 12 speeches in 12 states in the last 6 days before election

So this feeling of betrayal is now quiet seething resentment and since he was never a granite-red Republican in his history, it is not so difficult for him to cozy up to the enemy as it would be for myself and so many others

Of course they'll see right through it but I just sense this will be the new strategy for 2019 - show the left he's nothing like the rotten bastard they see him as and if he pisses off his loyal supporters, well who cares - not like they're going to vote Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders in 2020
The more my friends thought on what I expressed, the more sickened their faces became which still couldn't have matched mine in expressing it

Trump wants to get things done in the final couple years of this term in office and feels he needs Democrat support; something few to none ever gave him for any meaningful policy decision

Hope he quickly realizes it is not coming unless its something they can arm-twist Trump to agree upon which will be to his detriment much like how Democrats in 1991 after the 1990 mid-terms, brilliantly got Bush 41 to go back on his word of 'read my lips- no new taxes' and depict him to the public as a total liar
~ Ivanka and Chelsea - two very good friends and spoiled rotten bitches

We at A&G hate politics..  We really do..   We cover it but..  You know..

If yours truly was President, first thing I'd do is demand from the Justice Dept a special prosecutor to look into the 2018 midterm focusing on every single Congressional district won by a liberal to investigate if Russia meddled and/or if the Democrat was aware of it

One big long-drawn affair that causes as much irritation and distraction as possible to every single Democrat who will serve in the House in 2019 just like the Mueller 'investigation' to Trump..

It would be a total spite move.  Everyone.. Everything gets investigated.. subpoenas.. indictments...

Make those terrible people's lives a living hell
~ Trump, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Clinton, Joe Torre & Billy Crystal enjoying each other's company 

Then I would issue one hundred million executive orders if necessary to push my agenda and take the power from the House to have input on anything

Everything the House passes, big or small, even if deep down I agree with, if it landed on my desk, I veto

As President I would show them open disrespect and disdain with language more vicious, cruel and targeted than Trump seems capable of expressing
~ Trump donated $100k to that rancid dyke's Hillary's 'Foundation' in 2009 and to every one of her NY Senate campaigns (pic above is not Hillary obviously)

Then again I've never been Democrat or donated to Democrat candidates or attended Democrat gala ball fundraisers in my past or sought the advice of the husband of the woman I'd be running for President against

From Washington Post 8/5/15  "Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House, according to associates of both men.

Four Trump allies and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape."
~ One does not normally shake hands with enemies unless of course they never were enemies to begin with..

Overall we at A&G have supported Trump quite a bit but there is genuine concern we have that we are starting to see a different President than the one we've actively supported and God we hope we're wrong

Three types of people in this world when it comes to politics:  Those who really don't give a damn, those who see it as one big game, and those who are very emotionally invested and see the other side as true enemies

Trump is the second..  A&G is the third and oh what a 2019 of tension and aggravation we all have in store if my hunch is correct