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Friday, November 2, 2018

Mailbag Q&A: 11/2/18

It's Friday and so time for another Mailbag Q&A..  

Question:  I'm concerned that the Democrats are going to do very well this coming Tuesday and I don't understand why this can be based on all Trump's done and what this will mean in the future if so?

It is honestly difficult to assess midterms because one is talking about 33 Senate Seats and all 435 Representative seats up for grabs though the vast majority always end up voting the same people or stay in control of the same party.
Also it is difficult to really figure out what is going on since 95% of the mainstream media is just so God Damn liberal and every single minute of every day injects propaganda and spin and withholds information to skew the information to present their side winning

Remember ABC News two years back had a poll out a week before the election that stated Trump was trailing Hillary by 12% which had it been accurate, is an insurmountable deficit

So we don't trust polls or pundits or anything and will not allow anyone or anything to discourage us from voting for Conservative candidates and we hope you the reader if you support Trump, will do the same
Now as to what will happen if let's say the Dems take over the House and/or Senate is this

Massive political gridlock..  Absolutely nothing gets done and if those soulless people deserving of collective slaps to their rotten faces take the House, they will impeach Trump because he's breathing

If the Dems take the Senate and despicable Ruth Bader Ginsberg drops dead, then it will be impossible for Trump to select a Justice to replace her; Democrats will block everyone he nominates
Lastly, as to why so many Dems are so hateful to Trump and so loyal to their rotten, evil party even with all the President has done, it is because most Democrats are rotten, evil people 

We don't care what your inter-personal relationships are with them..  Some may be good friends or really fun in the sack but at their core, when it comes to their beliefs and convictions, especially that of secularism, globalism, social-progressivism and desire to turn America into something Marxist-Socialist, they are deeply dangerous people

They hate Trump, hate that he is getting credit for the successes and by and large hate America as it is so they concoct this vision of how it should be which would ultimately destroy the country economically and socially

Rot Rotten people and we say this from observation and direct interaction
Question:  Any thoughts on the Migrant Army heading to the border, particularly what Trump expressed about treating rock throwers the same as if they possessed rifles?

Well we Hope he is sincere in that statement/sentiment

So many times he says bombastic things and never follows through but we do hope those people are met with a violent, aggressive response at the border if they won't go away or be allowed to be detained peaceably

Why so harsh a sentiment?      

Simple:  If they succeed in entering the country, America is for all intent and purposes destroyed much like the Roman Empire had its destruction point except while they were invaded by Germanic tribes, our country will be decimated by Hispanics
If they succeed, other waves will follow..  Could be something on a monthly basis..  20,000 people.. 50,000 monthly..  All from impoverished backward Hispanic hovel countries like Honduras and Guatemala

Add that to the numbers that already pour in and you have a nation completely drained financially and with absolutely no identity

Then once those evil to their soul Democrats give illegals the right to vote which is what they desperately want, they will sincerely have their 1,000 year Reich of total power and the Republican Party will ultimately cease to be much like the Whig Party disappeared in 1852

In other words, the results would be catastrophic
So if these brown mutt people have to be beaten or shot or whatever it takes from our military to respond to their violence (which they displayed to the Mexican military who seemed too afraid to fight back) then so be it..

You have to look at and treat this army of migrant mutt people like any other army marching across 
territory to cross illegally into other's sovereign territory

We'll see if Trump truly has the stomach for this threat

Last question..
Question:  Yesterday you mentioned the only way to resist is to not pay taxes but as you said, obviously there are legal consequences for that.. Is there any way a person can resist a sitting President?  

Well we hope you don't expect us to give you advice how to protest Trump..  Plenty of other places you can go for that

But really no - unless you are extremely wealthy, the only way you can resist a sitting President or Congress since they're the ones the deal with money, is to not pay taxes

In the case of the super-rich, they have the option to take their wealth out of US banks and put into foreign accounts especially if they relocate so that is less money circulating in the US economy

Then again, we just print our own money so the affect is quite minimal on a macro level
But let's get back to how the individual can protest in this society

Let's pretend we are living in the late 1960s for this example:

Terrible LBJ is in office, the Vietnam war is raging, the 'Great Society' is in full effect as government is throwing away hundreds of millions of tax dollars annually to only make black lives better, money being wasted to expand the nuclear arsenal so the world can be blown up 1000 times, etc...
OK so what can you do as a citizen to take control when you see you disagree completely with the policies of the Administration and other than one vote among tens of millions every 4 years, you have no genuine say in the decision making?

You can march.. hold picket signs..  Sing protest songs..  

Violence is never the answer so don't even think that route

What can you really do?   
Simple.. You withhold your taxes so that even though what you pay really isn't a lot in grand scheme and based on this example the war still rages, blacks get preferential treatment and more bombs are being built, you can at least feel with clear conscious that you did not contribute a penny towards any of it

It all depends how much you value symbolic actions of dissent.

Now there are consequences - if you earn a living and withhold, then the government will ultimately know and do everything to crush you and if you consciously choose not to work so you don't earn income that can be taxed, then you will need to learn to live a more spartan existence
But if one really has convictions that are Deep and where Principle matters above all others like in the case of Thoreau, that is your only route to protest where it has any meaning..

You won't change what happens or decisions made but if your beliefs are that strong, you can look at yourself in the mirror 

That is a choice you make on your own though.

Enjoy your weekend..