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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Midterms 2018 - A Summary

The midterms have come and gone and like the cartoon says, what have we learned if anything?

1)  Democrats take back the House of Representatives

Liberals will make a big deal of this but it really is not when the sitting President is Republican

They can't push their warped economic Marxist-Socialist agenda because even if it passes in the House, it will be defeated in the Senate and even if by a freak of nature it passes both Houses, Trump would veto and that would be that

The putrid people we as conservatives are forced to live, work and socialize among will be happy but really they achieved little
To give a historical example, back in 1982, the Democrats who back then already controlled the House, expanded their margin during the first midterms of Reagan's presidency

In 1984, Reagan completely Destroyed the Democrat challenger Walter Mondale and his token woman VP selection, winning 49 of 50 states and gained back the House seats lost two years previous

So any liberal moron who thinks this is a stepping stone to taking back the Presidency - well let the stupid people have their dreams
2)  The Senate remains Republican

This one was much more important because it is the Senate who decides Supreme Court confirmations as well as District and Circuit Judges and we believe Trump will have the opportunity to select at least one more person to the Court before the 2020 election

So this one was big

Plus though the final tallies of various states have not come in, it is possible the Republicans could expand their margin making it not such a nail biter if Trump gets to replace that old decrepit bitch Ruth Bader Ginsberg or the super old Steven Breyer (both liberal)
So let's move beyond what one could easily find out on FoxNews and answer the big question:

How is it that Trump with all his successes as President find his party losing the House?

The common answers are that it traditionally happens that the party of the President in power loses seats in the upcoming midterm and there is the anger factor among the Loser liberal population who were determined to middle finger Trump last night

Remember, people vote based on fear and/or anger and most Trump supporters felt neither since he's doing overall a great job
But here's something few to no one talks about..

The reason Trump beat that rancid dyke Hillary was he was able to motivate millions of people who normally do not bother to vote or had never bothered to before, to get off their asses, register then go to the polls in 2016

This was a big reason why all the polling was so screwed up beside their pro-Hillary bias

Every election, only about 50% of all adult US citizens vote and Trump touched a nerve to get many of the ignored excited and hopeful about him and while at the polls they voted the Republican congressional candidates
When they did not bother to go last night because by and large they still do not believe their representatives and local officials care about them, so went the votes many needed to retain their House seats

We expect the Trump loyalists who didn't care about midterms to be excited and galvanized to vote for him and with it, whoever is the Republican on the congressional ballots

In other words, it could may well mean that Republicans take back the House in 2020 in addition to re-electing Trump, but this is a ways off.. 

Gotta live in the present because life is too short to rush 24 months
So one last question on many people's minds - Does this mean Trump will now be impeached?

Um, Yep

We absolutely definitely believe at some point the despicable Democrats will try - people like black tar Maxine Waters and the ignorant Hispanic Communist idiot who got elected in NYC will scream for it

Maybe it will be successful.. Maybe it won't..

It probably will because liberals hate Trump so much, they'd impeach him for his hair if they could
But as we learned with scumbag Bill Clinton, impeachment means absolutely Nothing to anyone without Senate voting to remove which is just another reason why it was so important the GOP keep control

So it will happen we're sure and it will be 100% political and an endless distraction

Ultimately it will mean absolutely nothing because those who hate Trump, will always do so as long he breathes and those loyal to the President will defend him as passionately as the Democrat parasites defended and rallied behind Clinton in the late 1990s
So after months n' months of campaigning and billions upon billions of dollars Wasted on ads which collectively speaking could have been used to feed and shelter the poor, this is what you got

Ain't democracy grand?