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Monday, November 12, 2018

Nationalism Must Always Trump Globalism

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI and many leaders from around the world including Trump went to France to pay tribute to the fallen and to remember

The absolute feces-ridden liberal press, needing to come up with some hook to attack the President on this solemn occasion, decided to latch on to words that French President Macron spoke at the ceremony where he decried nationalism

The media of course took it as an attack on Trump so let's really go beyond the spoon-fed propaganda which they feed to loser liberals on a daily basis
First let's focus on the context of the word as Macron really meant

When he used the term nationalism, he wrongly was implying that was what got the world into war and caused all the death and destruction globally between 1914-1918

Yes it was Serbian nationalism which sparked WWI - the need by secondary backwards Slavic people to not accept their status in the social order which was then the Austria-Hungarian empire,

So a young warped nationalist named Gavrilo Princip, with mindset reminiscent of many Trump-hating liberals in the US today, decided violence was the solution and assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his wife on June 28, 1914
But nationalism did not bring about war inself..  It was treaties; nations obligated to intervene at other nations' behalf instead of minding their business and letting Austria-Hungary punish Serbia appropriately.

So 40 million soldiers and civilians combined on all sides had to die because countries had to come to the aid of others instead of just embracing true nationalism where one only gets involved militarily if attacked or in their interests, not being dragged in through obligation

Second, let's focus on what those liberal media vermin mean when they support Macron's statements
They have believed for decades in globalism; a one world New Order where nationality like race, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation mean nothing..

Just a global melting pot of shit where every person in the world uses a standard global currency, pays a global tax(es), looks to the UN to solve all world's problems with the US secondary and everyone waves the powder blue and white flag of the United Nations

They want a border-less world where the 'have not' can take from the parts of the world that have (i.e. us) and no one can stop them because we're all one people and one society.

Trump wants the opposite and thank God he's our President and not someone with Macron's mindset
Nationalism is actually a very good thing..   Just think what would have happened during WWI if then President Woodrow Wilson was nationalist, had minded his business and kept his 1916 campaign promise to not involve the US in Europe's war

For one thing 115,000 Americans would not have died in only 9 months of fighting..  We entered the war in 1917 but didn't get involved militarily until early 1918 so 12,777 Americans died per month

During Vietnam which lasted 11 years, a total of 60,000 died which was about half WWI's totals
And of course not fighting in the fields of France for nothing would have meant untold hundreds of thousands of American troops would not have come back with missing limbs and/or reconstructed faces

Wilson got us into the war because bloodsucker American bankers told him they had lent France and Britain so much money that had they lost, the banks would never get paid back

THAT was why we entered WWI.. not bullshit like 'making the world safe for democracy'
So we sent our boys to fight and die and the banks then doubled down on the foreign loans while profiteering off the war back at home

Ultimately after the war, the US was in a recession for a couple years and when all was said and done, only Finland ever fully paid back their debts

The only thing we got out of WWI was the League of Nations that Republicans back in 1919 saw as so dangerous to American sovereignty and independence that we never ratified entry into it

It was a failure and the predecessor of the current waste of time and resources called the United Nations.
Now let's take things a few steps further..

No US involvement meant in all likelihood Germany would have won the war about a year before it did ultimately end sparing countless lives who died in 1918 from perishing

And because Germany of WWI was not Nazi and being the winning side, it would have had political stability, there would have been no Hitler coming into power and thus no Holocaust

England and France were not the 'good guys' in WWI - they were just as rotten and arrogant as Germany but as said before, we were very fearful we'd never get our debts repaid so we sided with them

American Nationalism always needs to Trump the needs of the world and if we are going to be the global policemen, then the nations we protect better start paying their damn fair share
We Hate liberals..  Deep, unwavering Hatred..

Every single belief, value, conviction, worldview..  Everything that makes up the thoughts of the common liberal is 100% Wrong and ultimately dangerous for the nation

Problem few have the courage to directly say as such to their faces and so many do not truly understand how warped their thinking is on social issues, the economy, and global issues
We at A&G are proud Nationalists as Trump defines it

America must come first and any policies we enact must be to the betterment of our people First

Or else its simply not worth doing.

And if Macron doesn't like it, let him sit in a bistro wearing a beret, and eat croissants, drink wine and snort Haw Haw Haw the day away