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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Spineless Sessions & Petulant Press

Busy day yesterday in the nation's capital so let's get into it

The big news item was Trump basically firing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions - the only real surprise being it was done now instead of some point in next couple weeks

Our thoughts?  Good riddance to him

Can't remember an Attorney General in our lifetimes more absolutely weak, inept and impotent as Sessions
Who the hell volunteers to recuse himself from a major investigation into whether or not there was collusion between Trump and the Russians mere Days after being sworn in?!

What kind of timid piece of shit can not or will not look into all the scandals and illegalities involving Hillary Clinton and the Democrats from their Russia ties to the fake-phony 'Foundation' set up as a pay to play assuming she took power?

Sessions also did absolutely Nothing to investigate the criminality of a sitting President illegally spying on and wiretapping private citizen and candidate Trump during the election campaign using phony FISA warrants meant normally to look in on non-Americans
Just a worthless weakling and he should have been gone earlier though politically speaking we understand why the President waited until after midterms

Doesn't change the fact that as much as we support Trump, he deserves 100% of the blame for selecting Sessions in the first place..   Absolute bonehead mistake though he fixed it now

So for the next 7 months or so, there will be a temporary acting Attorney General until Trump appoints a new one and this guy will have the power to end this Mueller investigation farce or force it to curtail if desired so that's a good thing

BTW just as a general rule, the more Democrats are upset by something, the more you know it is a positive for us, the good guys n' gals
The other highlight of yesterday was Trump's press conference which he held about an hour before officially demanding Session's resignation

What a disgusting spectacle it was..  Kinda made us wish a lot of people in that room suffered the same fate as that Saudi

Absolutely horrible..  The press, feeling emboldened by the Dems taking the House decided to act like rotten Ritalin-riddled school children and Trump seemed to have to deal with them more as a school teacher then President

We absolutely do not know why this continues!
Seems the President loves to spar with these maggots and can't tell if Press Secretary Sarah Sanders does to or if she's just completely burnt out from these bitches and bastards

One thing we would have done by now is completely eliminate the Q&A sessions forever and instead the Press Secretary provides information via video posted on Facebook, Twitter and rest of social media so anyone can access it if they so wish but it prevents the press from asking questions

There is no Constitutional right or law that says there must be opportunities for the press to have back n forth with the President or his representatives..  Usually its done because the person in power thinks it benefits him

We'd simply end it
Pretty much everyone knows about that liberal fuck Jim Acosta crossing way over the line in terms of disrespect and rudeness and having his press credentials pulled for being physical with a staffer seeking to take away his microphone

But other lowlights of the conference include:

* A black bitch asking a question that essentially blamed Trump for the racial divide in this nation that was so offensively worded, Trump directly called her out for asking a racist question (being liberal scum, she ignored him and tried to shout out a follow up Q)
* Another liberal scum journalist mentioning two Muslim women won Congressional seats including the first one to wear that pathetic (our words) headscarf and wasn't that a repudiation of all Trump stood for..   Trump basically ignored the loser

* A liberal Jewish reporter (he was wearing a skullcap) asking a question mocking Trump for saying at one point he seeks guidance from God by asking smart-assed what policies and/or decisions did God do in the last two years..

* Another liberal asshole reporter asked a question about Trump's rhetoric essentially connecting the deaths of those Jewish people in Pittsburgh last week to the President as if he's at fault.. Ugh!
Pretty much one putrid, disrespectful question after another and Trump seeming to enjoy the sparring for some reason allowed these vermin to ask 86 question in total in about 90 minutes

Some people may wonder why does the press hate Trump so deeply which does beyond ideology or public policy?

It's very simple - he basically called the major players in establishment media over to Trump Tower after the 2016 for a sit-down and told them to their faces they were liars and fake and basically pieces of shit - all truthful statements but still a bit brazen
It's like a very wise person once told us - 'You can call a stupid person just about any synonym of stupid to his/her face and will have no clue what you are talking about, but do not Ever tell a stupid person directly he/she is stupid..  Then you have a mortal enemy'

Guess the President was never told that..

So today in many ways is a microcosm of the next two years up to the 2020 election - everyone particularly Democrats acting like rancid rats with pure black soul evil in their hearts toward Trump and a President who we do not believe still gets how dangerous these entities are to the stability of the nation
It's like expressed in Oliver Stone's film "Nixon":  Washington DC is like a tiger and you have to approach it as such and viciously grab it and contain it or it will scratch, bite and devour its prey

It took Nixon about his entire first term in office to realize this.. 

Hopefully Trump will sincerely get it and deal appropriately much sooner.