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Friday, November 16, 2018

What Really is 'Fascism' and Why Dems Are So Despicable

Sometimes writing this blog can get a bit mentally draining especially after 8+ years of pointing out the hypocrisy and all around disingenuous nature of the Enemy of the State -- liberals

It often feels like a cyber version of screaming into a pillow because those in positions of power and authority who should be aggressively fighting various domestic enemies such as the establishment media and liberals in general really do little to nothing

But we continue in an 'Onward, Christian soldiers' mindset because few others in the conservative media zeitgeist are willing to fight the good fight instead choosing to exaggerate headers so people will 'click' and they can get more ad revenue (something we at A&G never ever do)
So many examples but we will focus on an article in the putrid New York Times from yesterday where the writer says that Trump is the worst President ever and more fascist than Nixon 'if that's possible'

Now all the despicables who call themselves liberal will read the article and feel happy and conservatives will either not read it or ignore it

Few to none directly challenge the empty non-intellectual sewage this paper and other media report for one reason or another

But we will
So the ethically bankrupt NY Times says Trump is the most fascist President ever..   OK, lets first look at the definition of the term:

Fascism - A form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy

Now since liberal fucks like equating Trump to Hitler, let's break the definition down to see how it applies to Trump and what are the similarities if any or difference between the two

The first part is 'radical authoritarian'
Both men came to power by popular election but in the case of Hitler, he was not the #1 power in Germany when he became Chancellor..

Over time through treachery like burning down the Reichstag, Germany's Parliament and physical threats, intimidation and murder, Hitler and his Nazi party ultimately took complete control of Germany with Hitler as supreme ruler

Now how is any of this like Trump?
The bastard and bitch Democrats love to pretend that Trump's election victory was invalid and continue to push the lie that Russia infiltrated our democracy and placed Trump in office as their puppet but any free-thinking person knows it is not true

So what did Trump do that was 'authoritarian'? 

Did he suppress the 2018 midterms, place any piece of shit liberal in prison or prevent those vile people from taking control of the House starting in January 2019?
Some would say he was authoritarian because he's used many executive orders to push his political agenda through but that is a Presidential privilege

The Democrats' boy Obama issued a whopping 923 executive orders, many of which gave the government unprecedented power to take over control of civilian institutions.

Not one of those rancid people on the left complained
Now let's go to the next part of the definition - 'ultra-nationalism'

Trump is very nationalistic which we believe is a Very good thing especially when the rest of the world is so keen to give up their sovereignty for globalist one-world control

The difference between Trump and Hitler obviously is that Trump is not racially or ethnically nationalist..  He sees all American born and legal American immigrants as One people under God
Hitler had very specific notions of what constituted a German and if one did not fit, they were deported or murdered

Name one person Trump has killed or sent to his/her death because that individual didn't fit Trump's definition of American?

Nationalism in Trump's sense means he wants Americans to succeed and prosper and better the lives of themselves and their families..  France should worry about French; Russia should worry about Russians, etc
Problem is the mentally sick poison-hate from these liberal snowflakes is so intense, none of them want to bother to see things through reality-tinted glasses; makes them feel better to just label the President and all his supporters in red state 'fly over country' as racist inbred white trash (as if there's no such thing as racist backwards black trash.. ya, right)

To liberals if you love your country and feel patriotic and wave the beautiful flag, you're a culturally backwards, nationalist fascist and no different than a Nazi -  try talking to one of those scum about their definition of 'nationalist' and you will understand

Hitler attached Nationalism to blood and bloodlines.. At the beginning of his territorial conquest, he acquired Austria, the Sudetenland and Alsace-Lorraine because there were Germans living there and to him, all should be united as one Deutschland

Does that sound like Trump in any way?
Next part of the definition regards 'dictatorial power' and forcible suppression of opposition

The left will site many bogus examples with the most recent one being the White House preventing CNN's rot-rotten Jim Acosta from setting foot on White House grounds as he's barred from the press corp

Had Trump banned CNN, he would have crossed the line..  But he didn't - he banned one extremely rude obnoxious grandstander who rarely asked real questions, only sought to agitate and disrespect and treated Q&A as if he was the President, not Trump

CNN could have replaced him.. Instead they went to court on 1st Amendment grounds
See how its all about perception - if one wants to see Trump as a rotten piece of shit who doesn't deserve to be President and is a threat to democracy then no facts will sway that idiot otherwise

We've always felt Trump could do far more to suppress those god-awful Democrats and legally really hurt them bad as people and a party, but chooses not to for reasons we will never know

Victimization means you think in victim terms and since their party is a collection of secondary minority groups who refuse to accept or believe they're equal and no one is out to get them, it makes sense the party's political leadership and media would embrace that tactic as well
Hitler dealt with his opposition by having them executed or sent to work camps which eventually became concentration camps as we know it; sometimes he would have the deaths of political enemies recorded by camera so he could enjoy home movies of them being shot or strung up by piano wire at his leisure

Does that sound like Trump?

The last part deals with strong regimentation of society and economy which really is how liberals act
They want to suppress and wipe out all dissent and do everything possible to punish and destroy white Conservative heterosexual males who don't feel shame or guilt

Speak out of turn?  'Racist!'..  Defend yourself..  Destroy..Destroy..

They want to take away the livelihood and shit on the reputation of anyone who questions them or speaks honest on issues like society and race, gender & sexual orientation
Liberals also want a million-billion government regulations to control and suppress business and free enterprise since they see Capitalism as evil and there always is a need to keep businesses' growth in check

Trump has done everything he can to let business and industry grow while cutting regulations and taking a hands-off posture to the economy except to help it expand further

So you see Every single aspect of Fascism does not apply to Trump
Yet that horrible newspaper not worth urinating on gets away with an article stating Trump is the most fascist President ever because the editors and those that run the paper deeply Hate the President so to them, why not post it..

And no one on the right fights back

So tiring..  But we keep plugging along and hopefully in time more n' more people will see liberals for who they really are and not how they wish others to see them