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Thursday, November 29, 2018

What Was the Last News Story That Actually Mattered? (Midterms Excluded)

So much non-news in the world -it really hurts the brain to try to follow it

We at A&G were sitting around the office table today and trying to figure out what was the last truly newsworthy event in the nation, not counting midterm elections on November 6th

The Kavanaugh hearings?  Yes and no
Yes in that his confirmation was an important story because a Supreme Court justice can sit on the bench for many decades and have great influence for better or worse

But the whole nonsense with that deeply ugly Liar of a woman Christine Ford who falsely accused Kavanaugh then profited by nearly a million dollars through her 'GoFundMe' donation page and all the #MeToo slags..

Absolutely Not newsworthy at all unless one enjoys tabloid journalism
So what has been reported in the news that mattered to the nation as a whole?

The California wildfires?

No.. Its a regional issue - no different than a hurricane or snowstorm and the only reason its gotten so much attention is because its happening Malibu where all the super-wealthy, ignorant liberal celebrities live

Since we live in a fame-obsessed culture it gets far more coverage than when massive fires affect Oregon or Arizona or parts of California where normal people live
Is the killing of that journalist by the Saudis an important news story?

Nope..   Only if Trump caved in and issued sanctions

Media only cares because the Muslim wrote occasional op-eds in the liberal Washington Post so whatever affects the media, is blown out of proportion
Do you think any of those terrible people would care if the dead guy was a carpenter or plumber?

They want sanctions because media members feel their the most important profession on earth and know the repercussions against Trump would be severe, so they demand it constantly

It's not an important news item and personally we're glad there were no sanctions because you do not alter foreign policy and risk plunging the nation into a recession which would affect hundreds of millions of people based on one individual - Harsh but that's the truth
What else..  the farce called the Mueller Investigation

It keeps going n going and has accomplished nothing -  If Trump colluded with the Russians, then after nearly two years, that bastard Mueller should have said so by now..  And if he didn't, then what is the point of this witchhunt?

The only news that can come out of this big expensive Nothing is that Trump broke the law or an admittance that he did not; everything else is noise
The Hispanic migrants at the border - Is that news?

As we said before, unless Trump orders them shot or those backward people successfully enter the nation en masse, it is not a real news story..  Just sensationalism

Some will care for one reason or another but its not a continual news story
How about wondering who will run on the Democrat side in 2020 - is that news on November 29, 2018

Cable news thinks so.. constant chatter over whether this person will run or that person or will that elderly bag of spit Hillary will try again..

How about Melania displaying blood red Christmas trees - News?

Whatever crap they need to put on to keep eyeballs glued and justify their existence to advertisers, that's what they will do
So really, what has been the last news item of genuine importance to the nation other than midterms and a Kavanaugh approval which really should have been a formality if not for soulless liberals plotting and scheming to destroy a good man?

The big on-going news story which that wretched media refuse to cover is the incredible continued success of the US economy.

And why would these parasites cover it?  It would only make Trump look good and what member of the media wants that?
Unemployment is at 3.7%..  Do you realize how Great a figure that is?!

Last year at this time it was at 4.2% and when that piece of feces Obama was President in his last year of doing absolutely nothing, the unemployment rate was 5%

It has been at 3.7% for two straight months, its been under 4.5% for the last 19 straight months and overall in the last 10 years, it has not been any lower then at present.

Even liberal states like Hawaii are benefiting - they announced their current unemployment rate is an astounding 2.7%, lowest since it became a US state
So of course you've heard little to nothing on this from the fucks at CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, est..

Sorry to keep cussing but the hate is strong and they keep getting away with lies and intentional withholding of information like you'd expect in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia

Trust us - If liberals particularly in the media could cause 50% unemployment, the Dow dropping to 3000 and tens upon tens of millions of people's financial lives irrevocably destroyed forever so Trump would look bad and they could get a God-Damn social progressive white man-hating liberal elected in 2020,  they would do so

That's how Evil liberals are..  Every single one..  Ideologue Trash.
A long time ago we used to think people who didn't watch or read news were not all that learned

The last few years, we've realized that those who mostly turn it all out, are among the most brilliant minds alive.