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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Why Trump Is Not Sincerely Bothered by Left-Hate

Sometimes it seems we who support the President get more upset and angered by the rottenness of liberals than Trump does even though he's the target of the idiocy and not us as individuals

Obviously we are indirect targets because we rally behind him but its not like our physical likeness is being mocked constantly as well as our physical mannerisms, way we talk, etc..

So why does Trump basically not care?
One could argue its a New York thing and by and large they like people from Philly or Boston have very thick skins; in political and business circles, those who thrive in NYC are used to assholes and a rotten local press that in some cases can be tougher than nationally

Trump has been dealing with haters for decades and over time it really hardens a person to getting all bothered and flustered every time someone criticizes or lampoons

Also Trump was schooled by Roy Cohn who was one tough son of a bitch and we express that term adoringly - Wikipedia him if you never heard of the guy

Prior to meeting him, if you look at old YouTube clips of Trump from the 1980s, he's very soft spoken, reserved, almost shy so we believe Cohn as Trump's attorney, friend and mentor influenced him greatly
We also think there's a third reason Trump really does not care and it goes beyond ego, self-confidence and the reaction of 'I just don't care..'

Trump is the first President to come from a business background and in business especially at the level he was dealing with, there is a motto:

'No such thing as bad press' which can be reworded to say 'All press is good press' which we always took to mean 'Say what you want about me, just spell my name correct'

Sarah Palin is like that too which is why the left hates her and why we always admired her
Trump is one of those people and he sees America as a business so pretty much all his decisions in office especially when it comes to growing this amazing economy is geared toward that

Plus when you really think about it, Trump is a genius because he knows no matter what crap is written or said about him, it makes the nation more profitable and his economic legacy stronger.. 

Here's an example - one of many..

The other day on FoxNews we heard that ultra-liberal pricks Ben and Jerry of the aforementioned ice cream company came out with a new flavor called 'Resist'
It was their way of middle-fingering Trump with a full market campaign to get liberal idiots, especially millennials to think they're making a statement by eating very high-calorie food

We're sure Trump was not only not upset by this, but pleased - Why?

Because Ben and Jerry pay income taxes like every other business and the more money they make selling product through meaningless political drivel, the more tax revenue the government will get
So in a way one can argue, every pint of 'Resist' a liberal purchases, besides money going to organizations via donation aimed at fighting Trump, a larger percentage called income tax is going to pay to build the wall and the tent cities he plans on building to detain all those putrid migrants marching up through Mexico

Delicious irony, eh?

In this nation there's only one way a person or business can resist a sitting President in any meaningful way and that is to make the conscious decision not to pay taxes
There's consequences of course but if one has true conviction, he/she can say none of their money went to pay for things they did not believe in

This is why Henry David Thoreau is so amazing and strong in a way that goes far beyond lifting weights and other shallow barometers we judge today

He didn't support the Mexican War, wasn't going to pay taxes to go toward it so refused and was jailed for a brief period before a friend paid it for him even though Thoreau did not wish him to do so

That is how you resist if one is so inclined.. Anything less and one is just the adult equivalent of a little child holding his breath and having a tantrum
So you see, when liberal media's ratings are up or circulation increased because a classless segment of society gravitates to news and buys papers and/or advertisers spend more to sell their products on air, it means more tax revenue

And when these ethically bankrupt entities make more money and hire more employees and expand their empires, it means more people working which makes Trump look great and they pay more taxes which the President and Congress can spend as they wish

This is why when Trump keeps calling the media 'fake' while it is true they are biased and agenda driven, he really does not feel any sincere emotion behind the words
So in a way, we see Trump as the ultimate Teflon president, a term originally given to Reagan by an opponent who commented nothing bothered him and nothing seemed to stick.

The Democrats and liberal base are exasperated because they don't know how to act and attack someone who is looking at bigger picture and able to manipulate their hate into something profitable for the nation

People generally speaking used to be more logic and reasoned based creatures before the modernization of advertising to play upon emotions in the 20th century and to the present
To those on the loony left who still feel upset over 2016 and frustrated, they will gravitate to anything that provides a hate release and throw away their money, those who provide it figure how to profit from their misery and Trump sees he i.e. the nation's economy benefiting as he gets the loudest laugh

Really Brilliant..