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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bush 41: Honoring Someone Not Really Worth It

Well it looks like the week of Dec 3-7th is going to be 'Bush 41 week' and we will say very directly that he does not deserve it

No President unless truly Great i.e. Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, FDR, etc deserves this pomp and attention..

But it goes on and on while the scummy liberals in the media keep hyping a man they deeply disliked as President as the greatest human being to ever live
Everyone knows it is mostly to middle finger Trump at every opportunity even though the current President is far Superior and got Far more accomplished thus far than Bush 41 did...

As we said before about these parasites, if you thought Bush was such a great man, why did you vote for the piece of scum Democrat in 1992 who wanted to put his cock in every female hole he found while his closet dyke wife stood by her man for political power expedience?

People will speak fondly of the Gulf War because it was quick, relatively bloodless and decisive

Well sure.. most military engagements that are extremely limited in scope and don't truly deal with the main threat(s) are as such
What we've always hated about that mini-conflict wasn't so much we spent billions and sent in hundreds of thousands of troops to liberate a very wealthy oil-rich nation of Muslim Arabs not worth helping, and it did not translate to saving a single penny on fill-ups for our cars..

We hate that it represented the absolute Worst in Bush at his core - a globalist.

We could have sent in the troops on our own after negotiating permission for the Saudis to allow us to use their desert as our military launching pad but instead Bush also felt the need to set a horrible precedent of getting the world on board
So we had this 'coalition of the willing' where the rest of the world gave their consent and blessing First and only Then did we the US, the greatest nation and most powerful military in the world act

Sorry but who gives a shit what Britain and France and Denmark and Japan and Togo think?!

This is why the United Nations is so Horrible - it gives every nothing nation the feeling they have a say in matters of nations that are vastly superior
When Bush 43 wanted to go into Iraq to do to Saddam what his daddy should have done 2 decades prior everyone attacked him because the same nations didn't go along;  Bush Jr was right to ignore their feelings

Remember, the invasion of Iraq under Bush 43 and toppling of Saddam was a great Success and Mission was Accomplished;  the failure was in preparation and execution of what to do Afterwards but since this post is not about Bush the younger, we'll expand on this another time

Also to be clear, Bush 41 wanted to topple Saddam but the Saudis told him not to because they like Hussein were Sunnis and the Saudis did not want a Shia Muslims coming in and controlling Iraq

Bush 41 took his marching orders from the Crown Prince
So we deeply resent Bush 41's existence for pushing the US closer and closer to nothing more than a part of a globalist-controlled New World Order which was the complete opposite of what Reagan stood for

Also it was Bush, not Clinton who was responsible for that economically destructive treaty called NAFTA which Trump has had to fix

Bush's economic team with his blessing set up the parameters of the deal where Canada and Mexico would benefit far more than the US and cause thousands of factories to close in the following two decades to relocate south of the Rio Grande

Also as a response to that awful treaty, continental Europe responded with the European Union, a most horrible economic entity run by Germany which is Bush's fault they unified.
Control upon control until we're all one world.. 

Here's how the slippery slope works over time

It starts with total individual freedom..  No one tells a person what to do on anything

Then for one reason or another, individuals willingly give up their freedom to form families then tribes and then communities and agree to give powers to others - Chiefs, Kings, etc to control them
Then multiple communities get together by peace or war and form a borough or town which ultimately becomes a city with more rules and controls and taxes

Cities then converge and then you have an umbrella of control called 'state'.. and states form through peace or war into nations..

This is how the US was born - 13 autonomous colonies decided they wanted someone ruling over them and became states as part of a nation without ever explicitly addressing if one ever had the right to leave it later on
Then nations enter treaties and form coalitions and Unions and obligated to help one another even at their detriment - This why tens of millions died needlessly in World War 1 (1914-1918)

From all this, ultimately comes a borderless society where anyone can travel and relocate anywhere to suck the resources of those living a better life (those God Damn illegals trying to enter the US as example)

And from this, everything from laws to currency to interest rates to taxation is globalized, controlled by the UN and you are no longer a true individual or identify yourself as a New Yorker or from Illinois or an American

You're just one of 7+ billion on planet Earth - everyone 50 shades of mulatto.
And thanks to Bush, his fucked up worldview and his policies, he expedited this truly horrible present and near-future dystopia

So really,  we're honoring Bush this week, why?!