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Monday, December 17, 2018

Cutting to the Quick: Trump, Cohen, Mueller, Etc..

In the news, the pre-Christmas focus is on Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen and payoffs to Stormy Daniels and General Michael Flynn lying allegedly under oath and Bugs Bunny harassing Elmer Fudd and..

Just checking to see if you've fallen asleep because we sure feel it every time we make an attempt to cover any of this absolute bullshit

So much drivel.. So much nonsense to fill a genuine non-news period as we get close to the 25th, so we're going to do our best to cut to the quick with some Q&A and this time we're not limiting ourselves to 25 words or less in our responses
Q:  Was Trump involved in any way with so-called Russian meddling in the 2016 election?

A:  As of this moment, No.. None.. Zero

How do we know for certain?

Simple - if there was any real evidence of any kind, the soulless Democrats would have already impeached, convicted and pulled out the President's entrails
From here, they would have then tied his limbs to horses running in four different directions, then burnt him at the stake and whatever else deeply barbaric hate-filled monsters used to do in history's past

Since Trump is alive and breathing (Thank God), one can easily assume those liberal fucks have found nothing which is why they're going after anyone over anything to justify the years and taxpayer dollars Wasted
Q:  Next..  Did Trump do anything illegal involving the payoff of hush money to his whore Daniels during the campaign and if so, is it impeachable

Unethical - perhaps..  Illegal - no

The reason for this is because the money Trump used to pay Daniels which came out of his campaign fund was money he actually put in so the payment is really his personal money which as we said unethically he used to keep her quiet instead of lets say a personal check

If 100% of the fund came from contributions or let's say Trump donated $10k into his campaign and took out $20k to shut up his play-thing, then that would be illegal which is what that black bastard Obama did with Reverend Wright in 2008
He and his campaign were thoroughly embarrassed by Wright's statements of 'God Damn America' and 9/11 being deserved as 'chickens coming home to roost'

So Obama went directly to Wright and told him to basically shut up and Wright replied essentially 'fine but I need to feed my family' and ultimately someone from his campaign wrote the 'Reverend' a check for $150k from his campaign which Obama contributed nothing of his own money toward

But he's Democrat and black so ehh, no biggie

Trump.. He's Republican and white and says blunt things so let's destroy..
Q:  Does any of this really matter?

A:  Honestly... No it does not for one simple reason.. 

Democrats are not looking for truth and certainly not interested in protecting the Constitution (anyone who saw them rally around Bill Clinton and his perjury in 1998 knows that)

It's a witch hunt so in situations like that, all that matters to the mindless mass is to 'kill'..  How you get one tied up to the stake is of no concern as long as the wood burns slow

Remember, vicious bitter cunts like brillo-pad head Maxine Waters demanded impeachment of Trump even Before he was inaugurated, which is like someone demanding divorce, division of assets and alimony before the 'I Do's'
So with mindsets like that, you know the whole process will be tainted from the start

But remember, a President can be impeached and it absolutely does not matter..

The House decides by majority vote and then the Senate must agree by 2/3rds and with Republicans in control, don't ever expect Trump to be removed unless something happens information wise which completely changes the dynamics

If you may be thinking of Nixon, he was not removed..  He was not even impeached but rather chose to leave because he knew he had no chance to survive, everyone around him was pressuring Nixon hard to go and a backdoor promise was made if he left, Ford would pardon him
Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 because he hd dared to try to replace members of his Cabinet who were appointed by Lincoln before he was killed

The Senate by one vote decided not to remove him and Johnson quietly finished his term

And we all of Clinton and the sexual harassment and perjury and cumming on his intern's blue dress and getting blow jobs while in the Oval Office..  You know.. all that stuff that liberals thought was so Awesome 'n Cool
Q:  Last question - if it really doesn't matter, why all the coverage and everyone so focused on it?

A:  You pretty much know the answers don't you?

In addition, it is a nice distraction from hearings going on that really matter such as the Clinton Foundation set up as a charity front to take in donations and illicit bribes and former FBI Director James Comey's refusal to seriously investigate that rancid bitch Hillary's deleting of tens of thousands of emails off her private server as Secretary of State
When we think of politics, we often think of rats climbing up upon each other to see who is going to be top vermin

Maybe Democrats should consider changing their animal mascot.